Cristina was sitting on the couch lost in thought. It was now week when Owen kicked her out of the firehouse. Cristina felt confused. She had scheduled the abortion for tomorrow.

Meredith noticed her friend deep in thought and she brought her a cup of lemon tea.

"Thank you" Cristina said quietly.

"Are you ok" Meredith asked. She was worried about her. This wasn't the first time she was pregnant. And she was propably going to be the one to hold her hand during the abortion.

"As good as I can be" Cristina answered and took a sip from her tea.

Meredith heard Zola crying so she left the room.

Cristina felt anguished every time she heard Zola. It reminded her of the life what was growing inside of her. Cristina didn't want to think about it. She needed to get over this. She didn't want to think it as a life.

"It's just a cell" she tried to tell herself.

The day when she found out she was pregnant only feeling what she remembered from that day was pure fear. She knew she didn't had what it takes to be a mother. She knew if she had the baby she would love it more than anything else on the world. Especially because it was also Owen's the love of her life. They hadn't talked to each other in a long time. They stole glances to each other at work but didn't have anything to say.

What if she would lose it like last time. What if she would screw up. What if Owen wouldn't think her as a good mother. What if something would happen to the child.

Those were things that Cristina was most afraid of. She had already lost enough. No day would pass that she didn't think of her father. He died in front of her. She watched as he bled out and his heart stopped beating. Her father Charlie was her hero, her support system and one of her best friends.

She didn't remeber much of the time before her father's death. She was just a normal happy kid. She had a lot of friends and they liked to play with their dolls and other toys. She loved the Beverly Hills weather. But everything changed on that day. Cristina insisted to get the new album of her favorite band before the store got closed. Cristina and Charlie both rushed to the car and headed to the store. Charlie drove as fast as the speed limits let him and for one second he focused on what her daughter was doing on backseat and then the other car hit them.

Cristina let few tears as she was remembering the events from that day. She missed her dad so much. Last time she missed her father that much was on her and Owen's wedding day. She was so proud. Cristina was so proud that she had found a good man to marry her. She wanted her father to witness that. Cristina tried slowly to get up because it was time to go to work.

Cristina suddenly felt little dizzy. She thought it was maybe the morning sickness but then she got a really bad headache and yelled Meredith to help her.

Meredith ran to the living room to only find it empty. Meredith was puzzled and checked all the rooms of her house. She was gone. Meredith thought she left work without her. It was little weird because she didn't even have a car.

Cristina felt really dizzy. It felt like that she just hit her head hard. She started slowly open her eyes and she first noticed very bright light. It was sun so it must be a mid-day.

Cristina looked around and she was stunned. She wasn't at Meredith's. She recognized the shopping street. There was Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Dolce and Gabbana shops. As she looked on her right there was big Hollywood sign. She was on Beverly Hills. She couldn't believe it.

"Was she knocked out and brought here" was first thing on her mind but it seemed unlikely.

She hadn't visited there in 7 years. She slowly looked around and spotted a man coming towards here. Cristina was going to ask what the time was but the man just walked past and didn't say anything. She asked other person and then other but anybody didn't notice here. She slowly started to realise that nobody didn't see her. Now she really thought she was on a dream.

Cristina looked straight ahead across the street. There was a big courthouse. There was high stone stairs and Cristina saw someone come out from the building. It was someone she recognized. She walked closer and closer. It was Cristina herself. Cristina felt more confused than ever in her life.

This Cristina had the same long curly hair but with bangs. She was wearing an expensive looking purple suit. She had beautiful make-up on and she looked polished.

If Cristina thought that she was earlier confused she wasn't prepared for this.

Cristina saw herself smiling and wave to someone. There was so much people that she couldn't see who she was waving. Cristina now was walking beside this AU-Cristina and then she saw him. It was her father alive. He looked exactly same as before but much older. Cristina couldn't breath. She felt alive. She was on Beverly Hills watching herself give a hug to her father.

"This can't be true" was Cristina's last thought.


Owen was sitting on the sofa in the firehouse. It was early morning and he didn't get any sleep last night. He missed her wife beside her. It felt so safe to sleep when she was on his arms.

It was now week when he kicked her out of the firehouse.

"Was he too harsh when he kicked her pregnant wife of their house" he thought to himself.

He was hurt. He felt the pain in his hole body. He was losing their baby. He hadn't talk to Cristina in week. He didnt' know was their child even still alive. The abortion could be today. He was hurting.

Owen started to wonder how their child would look like. If it was a girl he would like her to have Cristina's hair. He loved Cristina's wild curly hair. Thought of mini-Cristina wandering around their firehouse warmed his heart. He couldn't understand why Cristina didn't want that. He knew that she was a work-oriented woman but he didn't believe that could stop them of having a child.

"I don't want one" was all he could remember. He needed to know why.

Owen wanted to feel seen. That his opinion would matter. This was their child they were talking about. He thought that they were partnership. He wanted to make this kind of decisions together as partners. He knew that in the end of the day it was her decision but he needed to know that she counted his opinions in. Explain why she made that desicion. She shutted him out. That was the thing that hurt him most.

He watched the clock and it was almost time to head to the work. He went to the kitchen to got some coffee for him. It was going to be a long day again. He was the new chief of surgery and he had so much paper work. He didn't even have a chance to go to the OR. He felt that it was the only place he could escape this. While he was doing his paper work all he could think about was Cristina and their unborn baby.

He thought about visiting her mom because she always listened to him and that was what he needed right now. Someone who could understand his pain.

He was back on the sofa and sipped his coffee. It felt so good. He really needed all the energy he could get. He again needed to go through the day without Cristina. He thought about talking to her but he didn't know what to say.

"Please see me. Please see my pain. Please let's figure this out together" was the things he could say to her.

He felt that he had lost his chance to save their baby.

Owen glanced over the clock and noticed that it was time to go to work. As he stood up he started to feel little weird. Owen thougth it was just something normal. Then the really bad headache started and he felt that he was disappearing.

Next Owen woke up on the cold hard street. There was few people around him so he stood up quickly. He recognized this street. He was still on Seattle. It wasn't even near the firehouse so Owen had no idea why he was here. He felt puzzled.

He saw a chief Webber walking towards him and he waved him and said "hi". He walked right pass him but Webber didn't notice him at all. He felt confused. It felt like he was air to him. Then there was some stranger so he tried to ask the time but he didn't respond to him ether. Owen felt confused. He tried to figure out what was going on.

If Owen thought that he was now feeling confused he didn't have any idea what was about to come.

He looked straight ahead and saw someone really familiar in front of him. He started to run toward the guy and he was stunned. He was watching himself. He looked almost exactly same as now but something was definitely different.

He had two blonde boys with blue eyes with him. Them looked like twins. Other one was on his arms and he held others hand. He had to admit that they looked a lot like him.

"This can't be true" was the last thought on his mind as Owen stared to follow these three.

AN: So now this is my second story. I hope you enjoyed its first chapter. I got this pretty wild idea a long time ago but now I decided to write it on here. Please let me know what you think. It would mean so much to me :)