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Owen opened his eyes and he was more than suprised to find himself in a place that he knew very well- the firehouse. He was lying in the same spot where he had this weird headache first time and he had left to this dreamlike voyage of discovery. Owen looked around him and everything looked exactly same as he left.

Clock was too same when he left and it was time to go work but work was the last thing in Owen's mind. He had to call Cristina because she was propably at Meredith's. After their journey together Owen felt more hopefull about their situation and he had to smile to that.

Cristina was now back in the Meredith's living room. She still felt little dizzy because the travel was so long.

Cristina felt little strange when she had a new memory in her mind. She remebered how she had a good feeling about the G.I. Joe who she met in the dark night of Seattle because she knew her somewhere deep in her past. She knew that there was something special in that guy.

"Cristina are you okay" Meredith yelled. "Where you were. You said that you had a headache and then you just dissapeared" Meredith said.

"I'm fine now" Cristina said.

"Okay. We should go to work. Wait and I go grab Zozo" Meredit said.

"I think I'm not able to go to work. I still feel little odd" Cristina said and sat down.

"Okay. Well I go and tell Owen that you're feeling sick. He'll understand" Meredith said.

"Ohh Owen" Cristina realised and took her phone and noticed that Owen was already calling her.

"Owen" Cristina said to phone.

"Cristina, where are you" Owen asked.

"I'm at Meredith's. Are you at firehouse" Cristina asked.

"Yes I'm. Come here baby" Owen said.

"Okay" Cristina said and hung up the phone.

She looked at Meredith who looked puzzled. "Are you in speaking terms with Owen. You said that you aren't talking" Meredith asked.

"Well sometimes just things change in an instant" Cristina said smiling. "But I gotta go now. Bye Mer and Zozo" Cristina said and ran from the door.

"Cristina!" Meredith yelled but she ignored her.


Cristina drove at their apartment where she haven't visited in a week when Owen and her weren't in speaking terms. "If this crazy thing wouldn't have happened we still wouldn't be talking" Cristina thought. She was happy that something good came out from their trip.

Cristina reached their apartment door, took a deep breath and she knocked softly and hoped that he would hear. Owen did hear her soft knock because he was anxiously waiting for her to show up.

Owen opened the door and was happy to see Cristina standing there very cute smile on her face. Owen opened his arms and took her in his warm and tight embrace. "We're home" Owen said. "Yes we're home" Cristina answered.

Cristina went to sat on the sofa. The journey took a lot from her and the pregnancy definitely wasn't helping.

Owen walked in to the kitchen. "Do you want something warm to drink" Owen yelled from the kitchen.

"Yes. Do you have that homemade juice that you can warm up" Cristina asked.

"Yeah, I'll make you some" Owen answered. He soon came back to the living room with two cups of warmed juice. They both sat in the sofa sipping their drinks not sure what to say.

"Umm.. definitely an interesting journey" Owen noted.

"Yeahh.." Cristina said. "It was pretty weird to observe ourselves and see my father again" Cristina said somehow sadly. Remembering her father always made her in certain mood. Owen took her hand in his and kissed it.

"It was so odd. To see myself if I wouldn't met you after the war" Owen said. It was hard to imagine himself being married with Teddy and have a family with her. There was a reason that they were best friends not lovers. Cristina felt little wave of jealousy because she didn't want to think of Owen with Teddy and their kids. Owen was hers and only hers.

"It was so strange that I was married to some guy that I don't even know, some investment banker. I was still living in a Beverly Hills. I wasn't even that dark and twisted" Cristina said. Owen had to laugh for that.

"We still seemed to have fun together in that bar" Owen said smiling. It seemed that in any universe they were they seemed to be drawn to each other.

"Yeah we had. It was prettu fun to watch. Damn we should have gone to the hotel room and watch" Cristina said smiling.

"Cristina" Owen said smiling. "Yeah it would have been" Owen admitted.

"We're dirty little cheaters" Cristina said. "Yeah" Owen said. "We still seemed to be meant to be where ever we'll go" Owen said. Cristina looked up to him and smiled.

Then there became a small silence. They knew what they had to talk about next. Subject that they have tried to avoid.

Owen turned around to face her and so did Cristina. Owen slightly touched her belly and it sent a hormonal response in Cristina.

"This is our baby Cristina. Live we created from our love. Why don't you want it" Owen said in a sad voice.

Cristina had hard time to answer. She wasn't 100 percent sure herself. She knew that career was very important to her but it wouldn't prevent her to have a family with Owen. She could be badass hadcore surgeon and still be a mother. Partly she was little scared that she would end up like Ellis but she couldn't believe that she would care so little about her child- Owen's child.

Images of her father without heartbeat, Meredith ice blue and liveless, Owen and Burke shot, George mangled, her lost baby and devastated parent's went flying through her head.

"I think.. I think I'm little scared" Cristina said softly and didn't look Owen in the eyes.

"Ohh.. Cristina, it's perfectly okay to be scared. Don't worry. Meredith was wrong. You're not going to turn Ellis. You'll be great mother. You're more caring than you show" Owen said and lifted her chin so she was looking at him.

"It's not that. Well it's partly that but I'm more scared if something happens. If I miscarry again. If he gets sick. If he gets into an accident. If I mess up somehow. I wouldn't survive. Owen I wouldn't survive" Cristina said crying.

"This is about your dad isn't" Owen asked. Cristina slightly nodded.

"It's alright. I know that there has so many bad things happened to us" Owen said and hugged Cristina.

"But we can't let it hold us back. Of course there is a chance that something bad happens but the thing is that we have each other. We get through everything together. Nothing that bad can happen to us that we wouldn't survive it together" Owen reassured Cristina and stroked her cheek. Cristina's face was full of tears and he wiped them away.

"Don't think this as a bad thing. This is something good. Something good is happening to us finally. We can be happy about this" Owen said with a little more cheerful voice.

Cristina started to smile a little. "Okay" Cristina said softly. "Okay" Owen said.

"Please if you feel unsure in the future talk to me. We'll figure it out together. The worst thing is if we don't talk to each other" Owen said.

"I know. I'm so sorry that I shut you out. I'll never do that again" Cristina said and Owen kissed Cristina on the lips.

"Could we go now to the bedroom. My hormoned are running wild" Cristina said seductively.

"All right baby" Owen said and scooped her up in his arms.

8 Months later

It was a stormy night in Seattle when Cristina gave birth to their son. The pregnancy went very well even in the beginning Cristina was afraid of miscarriage.

Cristina was holding their healthly baby boy. He had Owen's look but Cristina's dark coloring. He was very peaceful and that's why he didn't give Cristina any problems during the pregnancy.

Cristina fell asleep early because giving birth really exhausted her. It was Owen's turn to hold their baby. Owen was unspeakably happy. He never imagined how he could love someone else as much as Cristina. They were a cute little family. They have decided to name their boy Orlando Charlie Hunt. They wanted his first name have the same first letter as his father has and they wanted to honor Cristina's father by giving their boy his name as his second name.

Orlando was yawning so he put him in his crib and Owen sang to him until he fell asleep. After that Owen went to sleep next to Cristina in the hospital bed. The hole family slept safe and sound.

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