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13. Song For Catherine

Faith could hear Anya complaining from several graves back. She knew that if she could hear her complaining any vampires out and about certainly would be able to too. What really annoyed her though was the fact that Anya's complaints made sense. She didn't know why Anya and Xander had come along either, she was a perfectly capable slayer and even though Buffy was away in the desert with Giles that shouldn't have to interrupt their night of sex. Faith shuddered. She hated how much Anya spoke about sex with Xander. She knew far too much about sex with Xander already, she didn't need more details.

She knew that Xander had come on patrol with her, not at Buffy's request, but because she'd told him about Angel attending Mrs Summer's funeral. She was grateful that he was concerned about her, however, she didn't need to be babysat while Buffy was away. She especially didn't need to be babysat by him and Anya.

She spun round and smiled at the bickering couple.

"Okay kiddies," she sighed, "its really time to be quiet now."

"Why?" Anya questioned.

"So we can hear if people, demons, vampires sneak up on us." Faith explained.

"Hey there!" She spun back around and found Buffy staring at her, the broadest smile across her face than Faith had seen for a while.

"Like that?" Anya questioned. "Now Buffy's back can we go have sex?" She asked Xander.

"Anya," Buffy smiled at her. "How's your money?"

"Fine! Thank you for asking."


"Faith." Buffy nodded at her after a pause. "You smell. And you have wonky tits." Faith folded her arms over her chest instinctively. She could think of absolutely nothing to say as a retort. "Isn't it a beautiful night for killing evil things?" Buffy continued blissfully unaware of how angry Faith had become.

"I guess." Xander looked between the two girls trying to work out if Faith was going to punch her.

"You're back very early." Anya pointed out.

"Yeah, how was the whole visio-" he cut himself off, he knew that Giles taking Buffy first was another thorn in Faith's side. "You're back early." He simply reiterated.

"I don't understand that question, but thank you for asking! You're my friend and a carpenter."

"You alright? You're all…" Faith trailed off. "I've not seen you in that skirt before?"

"Hey there!" Spike ran up to them. "Wait up!"

"Spike!" Buffy beamed at him. "It's Spike!" She smiled at the others. "And he's wearing the coat!"

"What do you want Billy?" Faith asked, her arms still folded across her chest.

"Billy?" Buffy frowned at her. "Who's Billy? This is Spike. He has a very nice chest."

"Oh for love of…" She threw her hands up into the air and stormed off. "When my mom died…" She shouted back. "Yes… well, I…" there were not enough words for her anger. "VAMPIRES!" she roared. "ITS ALWAYS ABOUT THE VAMPS WITH YOU, ISN'T IT?"

Xander and Anya found her on a bench at the entrance of the cemetery. She looked up at them expectantly while she waited for them to catch their breath.

"I didn't dust Angel, can I kill him?" She asked them pleadingly.

"She. Didn't. Ask. About. Dawn." Xander managed out, his hand on his side. "Ow. Stitch."

Anya slapped him across the shoulder. "Quit being such a baby." She turned back to Faith. "But yes, I would say you can kill Spike."

"No…" she sighed. "If I kill Spike…" she paused and thought about it. "I don't know why I can't kill Spike but I know that I can't. Shouldn't." She shook her head. "She didn't ask about Dawn!" Xander simply pointed at her as he tried to recover. "Something's wrong."

She stood up and walked back with them through the graves.

"I think this is where we were." Anya pointed to a grave she recognised.

"I guess she went-" Xander stopped talking when Faith put a finger across his lips and mouthed Quiet to him.

"I heard something." Anya nodded, negating Faith's request for silence.

They listened again and heard moaning from within the trees.

Faith motioned for Anya to be quiet and indicated for the pair of them to follow her. She walked slowly around one of the trees and found Buffy.

Her skirt was pooled around them as she straddled the vampire. Neither spotted their three onlookers.

"You're the Big Bad!" Buffy simply repeated over and over again.

It was all Faith could hear as she ran in the opposite direction.

Xander and Anya found Faith back at her house with one of Giles' bottles of whiskey in her hand. She was drinking straight out of the bottle. It took Xander 30 minutes to persuade Faith to put down the drink and come with him and Anya back to his apartment. 30 minutes of yelling, swearing and death threats. 30 minutes of him flinching fearing Faith was going to do all she promised to him as well as Spike.

"Where's Dawn?" Xander asked walking through his apartment door.

"She's in the bedroom." Tara explained as Willow turned off the television. "She fell asleep."

"Good." He nodded, stepping into the hallway and brining Faith in after him.

"She's a fun drunk." Anya smiled pointing at the bottle still firmly in Faith's hand. "And I don't think he breasts are wonky at all."

"Thank you." Faith smiled victoriously. "Tits." She scoffed. "Tits." She giggled. "Tits are fun."

"Why is Faith giggling about boobs?" Willow asked Xander.

"Buffy's gone insane." He sighed. "And apparently Faith's are wonky."

"Hey," Faith pointed at all of them staring at her chest. "Not for you."

"What?" Willow shook her head turning, from Faith back to Xander. "What did she do?"

"Brace yourself, you're not gonna believe it."

"I can." Faith called from the kitchen as she looked for either something new to drink or some food. She didn't mind which.

"Everyone," Tara soothed, trying to get Faith to rummage a little quieter before she woke up Dawn. "before you jump all over her… people do strange things when someone they love dies. When I lost my mother I did some pretty dumb stuff, lying to

my folks and staying out all night-"

"B's fu-"

"Boinking!" Anya cut in quickly. "Buffy's boinking Spike."

Willow suddenly found herself sat down again. "Oh. Well…" she shook her head. "Tara's right, grief can be powerful and we shouldn't judge-"

"What are you, kidding?" Tara scoffed. "She's nuts!"

"Told you." Faith smiled. "I've always liked you. You're my favourite."

"And you're my favourite too." Tara sighed with a roll of her eyes. "How much is she going to remember when she's sober?"


"My mom was an alcoholic." Faith told them proudly as she sat down on the sofa with a couple of bottles of beer. "And Dad? Well Daddy's Irish." She looked between the two beers trying to decide which one to open first. "We all know how the Irish love to drink."

"Oh good," Xander smiled weakly, "we're into the racist stereotyping portion of the evening." Everyone looked at him blankly. "My family are heavy drinkers too. I find this oddly comforting."

"It's not healthy." Willow said.

"Drinking's perfectly fine. Bet you make a horny drunk!" Faith smiled.

"Not you." Willow waved her away. "Buffy!"

"What can we do?"

"In the movies," Anya chimed in, "when someone goes crazy, they slap 'em."

"Oh I'll find her." Faith was stood again. "I'll slap her..." She wobbled a little and sat back down. "I'll-" but what she'd do the others didn't find out as she passed out.

She clutched her head with one hand and covered her eyes with the other. It was too bright. Far too bright.

She could hear children laughing somewhere vaguely close. It was this laughter that forced her eyes to open quickly.


She looked about the room and found she had a blanket across her. She looked for the source of the laughter and found Dawn had cartoons on. The girl, however, was watching her.

"Tara!" She called, causing Faith to clutch at her head once more. "She's up!"

Faith watched as Tara came out of Xander's bedroom, brush still going through her hair.

"Morning Sweetie," she smiled at her, "how's the head?"

"I think I fought a dragon last night."

"Dragons are real?" Dawn asked, turning back from the television.

"Not in this dimension." Tara explained, causing a disappointed look to form across Dawn's face.

"A dragon would be cool." She sighed.

"How much do you remember?" Tara asked, sitting besides Faith.

Faith thought for a moment before: "Spike!"

"Yeah," Tara sighed once more, "about that - robot."

"Spike's a robot?"

"No Buffy was."

"Buffy's a robot?"

"I have fake memories and a fake sister?" Dawn looked back at them.

"No, Buffy's real," Tara turned back to Faith, "the Buffy you saw with Spike was a robot."

"Why would-"

"I'm going to kill him!" Faith told Tara simply, trying to stand.

Tara simply encouraged her to sit back down, a feat that wasn't too difficult given that Faith's hand was back at her temple and her head was roaring in pain.

"How about... Instead of killing Spike... We, uh, don't." She tried. "The others have gone to rescue him-"

"We're rescuing him now?"

"-and we'll head over to the Magic Box and meet them afterwards."

"How do you know all this?" Dawn suddenly asked her.

"Will called before you woke up." She smiled at Dawn, before turning back to Faith, "So Magic Box?"

"After we've rescued Spike?" Faith questioned, scepticism clearly evident in her tone.

"No, after you've showered and your hangover is a little more over."

Faith, due to the nature of her hangover and her desire not to be seen throwing up again, found following Tara's orders a lot easier than Tara had expected. Tara was relieved that she didn't have to argue with Faith. She'd seen Buffy argue with her, she'd heard Willow talk of fights past and she was thankful she didn't have to face an angry slayer. Mainly she was thankful for Faith's headache; she knew that was the key factor behind the girl's willingness to not go out looking for a battle.

Tara lead the girls to the Magic Box, rolling her eyes every time Dawn asked just how much Faith's head hurt and smiled at Faith's responses. Apparently Dawn was right, drinking heavily was stupid. Only losers drank alcohol.

Faith, dutifully, sat down as instructed and fidgeted until the others started making their way back. Xander came in and dropped the robot down on the table before heading back out with Giles to return Spike back to his crypt. Luckily for the men, Faith was too preoccupied comparing the two Buffy's to realise that Spike was so near by.

"Is it weird?" Tara asked, while Willow tinkered with the machine.

"Oh yeah." Both slayers replied.

"I can't believe you thought that was me." Buffy punched Faith on the arm. "Its not even a good copy."

"Uh, yeah." Willow muttered continuing to play with the electronics of the robot.

"Do you think I have wonky boobs?" Faith asked after a while, still looking at the robot.

"You're boobs are-" Buffy suddenly cut herself off very aware that Willow and Tara were both looking at her with arched brows. "Do we have to do this now?" Buffy asked. "In front of my kid sister?"

"Buffy," Dawn looked at her sister incredulously, "I know about lesbians and breasts!"

Faith raised her hand in the air. "Bise-"

"Oh look Giles and Xander are back." Buffy cut her off, "Hi Giles and Xander. You bring a change of subject, yes?"

"We dumped Spike back in his crypt." Xander told the group, dropping down into a seat besides Anya.

"Let that story have a dusty ending." Buffy pleaded.

"We tried to find out if he told her about..." Giles stopped when he noticed he had Dawn's rapt attention too, "anything. He was too badly beaten to make any sense."

"But you found out something, right?" Dawn looked round the group hopefully. "Now you know where Glory lives."

"We know where Glory lives?" Faith questioned.

"You remember where we killed that big snake?" Faith nodded. "That's were she was, but," she turned back to her sister, "she's gotta be long gone by now. Did he tell Glory-"

"We don't know." Xander cut her off. "He was barely conscious."

"If he told her he'd just lie to us about it anyway, right?" Anya shrugged.

"Oh, you can count on that." Buffy spoke over Faith's reply. "But we gotta know. Now. If he did give us up, Dawn and I are gonna have to get out of town, or. I mean, she could be on her way."

"But there's no need to worry." Giles tried to calm an anxious looking Dawn. "I'm sure we're all perfectly safe."

"We're safe. Right." She parroted back to him, sarcasm clear in her tone. "And Spike built a robot Buffy to play checkers with."

"It sounded convincing when I thought it." Tara tried when she found all sets of eyes on her.

"Hey!" Willow looked up from the Buffybot triumphantly. "I think I found something...I found where she's broken. There's some wiring that got fried extra crispy. That's an easy fix-"


"There will be no fixing." Buffy told Willow, but more Faith, sternly.

"-Not that I would." Willow finished quickly.

"God," Xander said sadly, "I feel kinda bad for the guy. Gets all whupped, then his best toy gets taken away."

"Xander," Buffy tried to say with the utmost of patience, "please don't be suggesting what I'd have to kill you for suggesting."

"I would too."

"Or I would let Faith kill you for suggesting." Buffy continued.

"No, no!" He looked between the slayers panicked. "Travesty! Completely on board. It's just. guy was so thrashed… just not his day."

The group fell silent as Faith looked between Buffy, Xander and the robot lying dormant on the table.

"I don't think I like this new plan," she pointed at Buffy, "any more than Xander's suggestion of a suggestion."

"New plan?" Dawn asked around the table. "There's a new plan?"

She found him lying, battered, beaten and defeated on his stone bed. She went to him instantly.

"Spike!" She exclaimed. "You're covered in sexy wounds!"

She waited while he slowly managed to push himself up into a seated position.

"Yeah, they feel real sexy." He sighed. "Where ya been?"

"I fell down and got confused but Willow fixed me. She's gay! Lots of people are gay in Sunnydale. But not me." She smiled proudly. "I felt the pull of your sinister attraction." She leaned in to touch him. "I'll nurse you back to health. I'll wear the nurse outfit!"

"Will fixed you?" He frowned back at her, dodging her touch. "I'd a thought they'd melt you into scrap, or Faith would have beaten me to death with you."

"Faith was confused." She continued to smile. "She's gay too! She's gay for me. Her tits are wonky. I only want you, Big Bad. Do you want to ravage me?"

"Give us a minute." He inched further from her. "I got some bones need mending."

"Why did you let that Glory hurt you?"

"She wanted to know who the Key was."

"I can tell her!" She spun round on her heals and headed straight for the door. "Then you won't-"

"No!" He tried to reach out for her but the pain was too much. She stopped and turned back to him. "You can't ever. Glory never finds out. Full stop."


"Buffy-" he stopped and thought of a way to clarify himself, "the other. the not-as-pleasant Buffy. Something happened to Dawn it'd destroy her. I couldn't live, her being in that much pain. I'd let Glory kill me first... Nearly bloody did." He said softly as she approached him. She leaned in and kissed him. Softly. Affectionately. Unlike all the times before.

He pulled back from her and allowed her to leave.

"And my robot?" He asked, her hand on the door.

"The robot is gone. The robot was gross and obscene. And nearly got you killed by my very angry girlfriend." She told him, not looking at him.

"It wasn't supposed to be-"

"Don't." She cut him off, her hand still on the door, her eyes firmly fixed on the exit. "That thing… it's not even real." She pulled open the door every so slightly before she turned back to face him. "What you did for me, and Dawn, that was real. And I'll never forget it."

Thank you, Circus