Yes, I know, I'm cruel for posting this right before my internet goes on the blink for scheduled maintenance. But you knew I was cruel. Anyway, part one of the sequel to Unexpected, for your reading pleasure.

Disclaimer: None of this is mine but the plot.

He'd been waiting for this moment his whole life. This was what he'd dreamed of ever since he was a kid, and knew nothing about vampires except that they were cool. This was what he'd agreed to – willingly, eagerly even – when he'd got involved with Bertrand, when things had got serious. Ask anyone who knew him well, and they'd all say the same thing: Robin Branagh had always been destined to become a vampire.

So now the time had come, why was he terrified?

"B," he whispered, "I'm scared." Almost before he'd finished speaking, the vampire had moved, cold forehead pressing against Robin's warm one, blue eyes boring into dark.
"Do you want to back out?" The tone of his voice made it clear that he wouldn't judge him if the answer was yes, that he would completely understand… that he would let Robin leave the room alive.

He took a deep breath.

"Robin." Bertrand nudged the boy again, then sighed and trailed a cold hand down his chest until he blinked into consciousness. "You were panicking again." The boy clutched at him in sudden terror, and Bertrand simply eased him into a firm embrace and held him until he calmed down.
"Robin." He dropped a gentle kiss into the boy's messy hair before smoothing it down as best he could. "What's going on?"

Robin swallowed hard, and for a moment he looked as vulnerable as he had that first night, almost five years ago, when Bertrand had suggested they stop pretending they were going to sleep in separate rooms and just get under the blanket, Robin… but then the moment passed, and Robin nodded to himself.
"I think we should start thinking about… I think it's time." It took Bertrand a moment to realise what the breather was getting at. He thought it was time to take away his 'breather' epithet altogether. He studied him carefully for a moment, but Robin seemed pretty certain.
"You do?" The boy nodded. "Then… we'll talk about it when we're awake. Does that sound fair?" Another nod, and Bertrand was off the hook; he still had a few hours to work out how he felt about all this. For now, though, he ran a hand through Robin's hair and kissed him gently.

"Go back to sleep." Robin kissed him back, then curled up against him and drifted obediently back into dreamland.