Just Like the Beauty of Nature

Hinagiku wandered alone in the park, enjoying the beauty of the cherry blossoms.

It was a very beautiful day and Hina felt the cool wind blow past her, the little birds chirping and lovely couples walking…

Her mind moved to a world of imaginations. She imagined herself, walking with the boy- together as a couple- whom she had always wanted. The boy with whom she felt she would be the happiest. And the boy whom she loved as much as her life.

Hinagiku could only think about Hayate, the person she loved, admired and adored.

She had wanted to ask him to come with her for a walk. But was afraid and shy. She had wanted to tell him more than once that she loved him more than her life. But couldn't gather up the courage.

Hayate was standing near a stream, watching the petals of the cherry blossoms fall into the water. He was gazing at the flowing stream, moving his eyes along with the petals.

It was at that moment that he felt like he wanted to be near the girl he loved.

Hayate felt like he needed to see her, to hug her and to tell her that he loved her.

He looked behind him to see lovely couples walking together.

His eyes spotted beautiful pink hair. The love of his life was standing a few feet away from him. She hadn't seen him yet but Hayate stood there watching her for a long time until her eyes met his.

Hina smiled, her eyes sparkling as she sighted him. Hayate moved closer and slipped his hand into hers. Hinagiku walked with him, surprised at how quick her wish had come true. He stopped when they reached the stream. A few petals of cherry blossoms fell on her hair which he took and put in the flowing water.

Hina watched him for a long time. Hayate's eyes were fixed on the stream and then he spoke breaking the silence between them. "Do you realize how beautiful the nature is…the stream…the birds…the cherry blossoms..."

"Yes…they are really beautiful" Hinagiku said with a smile.

"Just like you…very beautiful!" Hayate whispered.

Hinagiku looked at him. She felt like she wanted to tell him that she loved him…but she wasn't sure if she could do it. As Hina fought with her mind, still looking at Hayate, he told her what she wanted to hear "I love you, Hinagiku"