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Maria's POV

"Goodnight Ms. Heliotrope." I waved her off before shutting my bedroom door and locking it. I moved to the fireplace to pull the stone horsehead down and let Robin in. He crawled out of the tiny alcove to greet me with a kiss. I was in my new night gown, covering it with my robe; he was wearing his usual leathers.

"Good evening love." He smiled against my mouth. He had his arms wrapped around my waist tightly as he held me to his chest.

"How are you Bird Boy?" I asked grinning back at him.

"Mm much better now." He replied kissing me once more.

I had shown Robin the secret hallway a few months ago. More often than not he'd sneak up here and hide until Ms. Heliotrope retired for bed and spend the night with me. At first he'd insist on sleeping on the floor like a good gentleman. Eventually I persuaded him to join me in the bed as it was much more comfortable than the wooden floors. Still he'd sleep on top of the covers complaining how improper our sleeping arrangements were. Never, though, would he leave. I thought of my plans for tonight, how I wanted to change that and instantly blushed crimson.

"Maria, you're blushing." He noticed stroking my ever so red cheek with his first finger.

"It's warm in here is all." I lied looking down at my feet.

"You're a horrible liar and you know it. Out with the truth." He commanded pulling my chin up to look at him.

"I was just, thinking." I admitted lamely. I glanced over at the door, to the mirror on the wall; anything to keep from staring at his hypnotic eyes. I knew if I looked into them long enough I'd tell him everything and my plan would be ruined. I also knew if I wanted to get my way tonight I'd have to trick him, catch him while his guard was down. And right now, he was on full alert.

"What were you thinking about?" he questioned while tucking a stray curl behind my ear.

"You." I answered somewhat honestly.

"Silly girl." He grinned. "That's nothing to be embarrassed about." He assured me, holding me tighter. He pressed his lips to my ear before adding, "I think about you all the time princess."

I relaxed, suddenly feeling very confident about my intentions for the evening. I took his hand in mine, ready to pull him to my bed when he stopped me.

"What is it?" I asked, looking up at him confused.

"Dance with me." He insisted pulling me close to him once more.

"But, Robin, there isn't any music." I protested. He began humming a tune as he spun me around my room. He had one hand intertwined with mine as the other positioned itself on my lower back. My free hand rested on his shoulder as I gazed up at him.

"Have you gone mad?" I laughed as he twirled me under one arm. His romantic gesture seemed fitting for a night like tonight. It made me think I wasn't that far off with what I wanted accomplished by morning.

"Maria, Maria, Maria." He smiled down at me, stopping our spontaneous dance. At first I thought he had read my mind and panicked. Yet he didn't let go so I felt relieved. If he knew what I wanted he would've released me as if I stuck him with my needle point again.

"Yes Robin?" I giggled at his use of my name so many times feeling at ease once more.

"I love you, that's all." He replied. The easy, fun being atmosphere that filled the room earlier was gone. In its place was a more serious, more genuine vibe.

"I love you too." I reacted, attacking his lips with my own. He opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out to lick my lips seeking entrance. With my approval granted he slipped his tongue inside to play with mine. I was tingling all over as passion flowed through the two of us. I walked backwards until my knees buckled against the bed. I fell to the mattress dragging Robin down on top of me. I managed to get his feathers, scarf, and jacket off before he stopped me.

"What are you doing?" He asked leaning hesitantly over me.

"Getting you ready for bed." I replied. It wasn't a lie, but it wasn't the full truth either. He seemed content with my answer, but he rolled off of me anyway. I rolled over so that I was on top of him then not happy with the last arrangement.

"Maria." He said my name as a warning.

"Yes Robin?" I grinned, not taking him serious. So much so that I took his bowler hat off of his head and placed it on my own.

"Didn't Ms. Heliotrope teach you stealing is never a good idea?" He chastised, plucking the hat from my head to put it back in its rightful place atop his.

"Yes but it looks so much better on me." I grinned snatching it back, once again wearing it on my head.

"Everything looks better on you, you beautiful creature." He sighed, surrendering me the hat. I rested my head on his chest carefully listening to the sound of his steady heartbeat. I noticed it quicken as I started drawing small circles on the bare flesh that could be seen through the long v neck shirt he wore. He began mimicking me, tracing the same design on my back. I dropped beside him, propping myself up on my elbow. He turned his head first to stare at me before his body followed suit. He supported himself on one elbow like me. We layed like that for a few minutes, neither of us making a move; both happy just looking at the other. Finally, when that wasn't enough, I stretched my face towards his needing to feel his lips against mine. He was happy to oblige, leaving a gap between his lips big enough for me to glide my tongue through. I twisted it with his, sucking the pink flesh dry. When we had to pull apart for air, I rolled over on my back to catch my breath. I noticed with great pleasure, that Robin was having just as hard a time breathing as I was.

I decided it was time to reveal my new night dress, having gone out of my way to keep it hidden until the right moment, which I thought was now. I untied the bow that kept my robe on tight and shrugged out of it, throwing it on the floor with his hat. I turned to look at Robin, hoping to catch his reaction. Only, there wasn't one. At least, what I wanted to occur didn't. He layed there with a hand resting on his forehead, his eyes squeezed shut.

"Robin, is everything alright?" I asked him concerned.

"Is everything alright?" He laughed, mimicking me. "Maria, what on earth are you wearing?" He questioned, sitting up in bed. He glanced back at me once with a tortured expression sprawled across his face. I looked down at the night gown I'd bought the last time Ms. Heliotrope and I were in London. It was blue and sleeveless, with a sheer skirt and tight top. I picked it out with Robin in mind. I thought for sure he'd like this. It was much more sensual than the childish off white ones I normally wear. I wanted him to think of me as a woman, not a child tonight.

"You don't like it." I realized, feeling like an adolescent putting on their mothers heels.

"Don't like it?" He repeated in disbelief. "I'm afraid I like it too much, that's the problem." He muttered, resting his head in his palms.

"Why is that a problem?" I asked reaching out to touch his shoulder.

"Did I do something to upset you?" He turned around to ask.

"Of course not! Whatever made you think that?" I questioned the turn of conversation.

"Then why are you teasing me so?" He asked back, gesturing towards my outfit.

"Teasing you? I thought you would like this dress, I meant nothing cruel by wearing it." I replied, getting off the bed to kneel in front of him; to make him look at me.

"Maria, how am I supposed to treat you like the lady you are when you dress like this?" He responded, trying to keep his eyes from straying lower than my face.

"What do you mean?" I asked, a small smile forming on my face. My plan just may be working after all.

"This," He said, holding up the fabric to my skirt. "Is not something a woman of your status should be wearing." He scolded.

"But you like it?" I grinned. Now, if only he'd stop resisting.

"You little minx. If I didn't know any better I'd think you planned this." He accused. Then, as if realization dawned on him he gasped. "Maria, tell me you didn't plan this." He demanded.

"I didn't plan this." I told him, referring to his reaction, which wasn't a lie. In my mind things went much, much differently. I blushed then, as images of what I wanted to happen filled my head.

"You did." He said unconvinced. "I should go." He told me as if he was trying to convince himself for this to be true. He started picking up his discarded things from the floor.

"Robin, wait!" I stopped him just as he put his hat back on.

"It isn't a good idea for me to stay." He pointed out. I slapped his hand before he could put his feathers and scarf back on. He grabbed a hold of my wrist. "You have no idea what you're getting yourself into." He tried warning me off. I yanked my arm away angrily. I reached my hand up to his face, he flinched thinking I'd slap him again. Instead I treaded my fingers through his hair, dropping his hat back to the floor, before crashing his lips down to mine. I kissed him passionately, putting all my effort into it. Finally, he responded, letting go of what was in his hands to grab the back of my head and pull me closer towards him. He groaned into my mouth as he slipped his tongue inside to fight for dominance with mine. He moved his hands down to my neck, shoulders, then waist where he kept them resting against the silky fabric.

"No Robin. You're the one with no idea. No idea at all." I said once I was able to get my breathing back somewhat normally. Then, I kissed him again, starting to lose it all over again.


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