Today was the day. The day our god parents visit us at camp.

Annabeth and I planned for a month on how to tell our parents that we're dating.

That's not very easy if yor dad hates your girlfriends mom. That's not very easy if your girlfriends mom would rip off yor head if she found out. That's not very easy if your girlfriend is an Annabeth and you are a Percy.

"Do we have to?" Annabeth whinned in a childish yet cute, way.

"Yes," I say and give her a smooch on the lips."Be at my cabin at three."

She rolls her eyes and cocks her hip.

"Fine Seaweed Brain," She agrees looking at me. This is the first time I find her hot. I mean, I already find her hot but now with her shrunken CHB shirt(probably the Stoll bros)she

"Love ya," I say as I finally stopped staring. I walked to my cabin as Annabeth walked to hers.

In a few moments my dad will be-

"Hello my boy,"I here a deep, mighty voice say. Ugh.

"Hey dad," I say throwing on a fake smile.

He rested his trident on the doorway and sat on the coch across from me.

He just started talking and talking about meaningless crap. It just went on forever and I swear I almost fell asleep while listening to his boring story about sending a tsunami in Japan just because he was cranky that day.

I glance at the clock. 3:15, she should be here by now.


It's going to take me a whole lot of convincing to get my mom to get to Percy's cabin.

It's gonna take a lot of thinking just to get her out of the cabin without my brothers and sisters questioning. Wait, they hate my mom. Well that's cleared up.

"Hey mom can we play a game?" I ask her with the stupidest but hoping idea ever.

"Okay, how do you play?" My mom asks.

"Well you have to wear a blind fold and umm, I'll ask you some questions. Everytime you get an answer correct you take three steps forward.

"Okay," My mom said. Then took the ribbon out of her hair letting her long golden hair fall free. I quickly get jealous as I help her tie it afound her head. My hair is dirty blonde and is super curly. It's impossible to comb it in the morning and whenever we play capture the flag there's all kinds of things in there.

"Umm, 135 times 73," I say. That should be real simple for her.

"9855," My mom said in seconds. I started spitting out questins and scenarios for her as we got closer and closer to Percy's cabin.

Once we got to the door Percy already saw me through the window.

He quickly got up and opened the door while his dad kept blabbin' about something I don't know.

"You won, congratz," I say removing the blindfold.

"Why are we here?" My mom asked then looked at Posiden.

"Posiden," My mom said in disgust turning away from him.

"Athena," Posiden said in the same way.

I sat on Percy's lap giving him a worried look. He gave me a queasy smile in our parents saw us.

"What's this about?" Posiden asked in a big voice. My heart started beating fast. I intwine my fingers with Percy's.

"We're dating," We both say at the same time.

The just stood there looking at us baffled.