The Party

Part One

"This party isn't really as great as I thought it would be." Korra said to Asami, who nodded in agreement. The two girls were standing at the end of the large room, observing all the party guests. Mako's parties were practically legendary, everyone in college talked about them. Korra and Asami had been ecstatic about being invited, but now that they were there they found themselves rather bored. Nothing they found exciting had happened so far. However, all the other guests appeared happy.

"Hey Korra, do you know who that is?" Asami asked, pointing over to an unfamiliar older man she had spotted. He was standing on the other side of the room, alone and observing the surroundings. Asami was instantly finding herself drawn to him. Yes, he was considerable attractive, and obviously older than the other party goers, but there was something else about him that made her curious, she herself didn't understand this feeling.

"No I don't, I've never seen him before." Korra said, looking over at the man as well. Her eyes narrowed as she tried to observe the man from the distance. She soon began to feel the same way as Asami. He definitely seemed more interesting then everyone else in the room. "Maybe we should go over and say hi, he looks lonesome." she said, eager to learn more about the mysterious man. "Probably bored like us."

"Okay, lets go." Asami replied.

The two girls then began making their way over to the man, with each step they felt a burning desire. They ignored each person they passed, focusing only on the stranger. It wasn't long before the man looked and saw the two of them approaching him. He smiled at them and with pleasure, the two of them smiled back.

"Hi there." they said, almost in unison.

"Hello, I never thought two beautiful ladies would approach me tonight," He said, his voice seemed confident and dominating, much like his presence.

"Well you seemed lonely over here," Asami said, "And we've never seen you on campus before so we were curious."

"I'm Mako's tutor," the man told them. "So what are your names?"

"I'm Korra and this is Asami." Korra replied, smiling. "And yours?"

"Amon," he said, "I'll assume you two are friends?"

"Yes we are. Best friends to be exact." Korra said proudly, placing her arm around Asami.

"Lovely, now ladies I'm going to get right to the point," Amon said, "I could stand here, pretending to be only interested in small talk but no. I'm interested in some fun with the two of you, sexual fun."

Korra's arm moved off of Asami and they looked at one another in disbelief. Their eyes wide and both of them blushing. They had never encountered a man that was so blunt, surprisingly neither of them felt offended or disgusted. He was just being honest after all. "Well, it only seems right to get to know each other first." Asami told him. She looked at his white shirt with a bit too many buttons undone, just the slight peek at his bare chest made her body feel a burning desire.

"Does it really?" Amon said calmly, "I'm sure seeing one another unclothed among other things is the perfect way to get to know each other."

Asami blushed even darker, looking at Korra once again. They both were considering it, and because of that they felt ashamed. "What do you think Korra?" she mumbled.

"I's time we try something new, Asami." Korra replied softly, "It couldn't hurt, could it?"

Asami smiled, "No it couldn't." They both knew that they wanted Amon, they weren't going to pass up the opportunity. They never thought they would be able to share a guy but in this case things were different.

"And listen here Amon, don't think you can do anything really creepy. Asami and I can put up a fight if we have to." Korra told him.

Amon chuckled, "Don't worry, I won't do anything that you won't enjoy."

He was so confident and the two girls admired that, Asami placed her arm around Korra's waist. "We'll be just fine," she whispered to the other girl. She felt sure of it and so did Korra.

"My apartment's not far from here," Amon said, "We can go there if you girls don't mind."

Korra smirked, "That sounds just fine."


Korra's heart beat faster and faster when Amon opened the door to his apartment. Back at the party she had been so sure about doing this, but right now she was having doubts. She looked to Asami to see if she was also having second thoughts. Looking to her friend, it sure didn't seem like that was the case. In fact, Asami was smiling as the three of them walked into the apartment.

"Sorry, it's not the most put together place." Amon said. They didn't even have time to look around, since he immediately gestured them towards the bedroom. Asami and Korra looked at each other for a moment, before heading in. Asami seemed so sure that she wanted to do this, Korra took a deep breath trying to get that same confidence.

"You seem nervous, Korra." Amon said, when he closed the door behind him. "Just relax, it's going to be just fine." He placed a comforting hand on her shoulder and smiled warmly. She smiled back at him and then looked over to Asami who was sitting herself down on the unmade bed. It surprised her how eager her friend was.

Amon leaned in closely, "Go sit there with her and get comfortable." he whispered. Korra shivered slightly from the feeling of his lips so close to her ear. She nodded and walked over to Asami, crawling onto the bed with her. With a giggle, Asami pulled her into an embrace. "Don't worry Korra, we're in this together." she said softly. The two girls looked over to Amon, who sat in a small wooden chair placed against the wall.

"First, I would like to watch the two of you put on a show for me." Amon stated, his eyes gleaming.

Asami nodded then pressed her hand against Korra's breast. She blushed in response but slowly pressed her lips to Asami's. The two of them had experimented with each other before, but had never done anything more than kissing. Korra couldn't help but feel odd about things going further, especially with someone watching.

Their lips moved together softly as Asami reached up and began pulling down the strap of Korra's dress. This caused Korra to tense, she pulled away from her friend so she could look into her eyes. "Asami..." she whispered.

"Come on girls, I want to see you exploring each others bodies." Amon said, causing both of them to jump a little in surprise.

"Amon, please don't rush us," Korra told him, "Neither of us-" The top of her dress was suddenly pulled down by Asami. Her eyes went back to her friend who was now smiling at her, she'd never seen this side of Asami before. Korra wasn't sure how she felt about her friend's lustful behavior.

"Lets put on a real show for him Korra." Asami told her, it was almost like an order. "What do you say?"

"I'll try..." Korra replied, removing her arms from the slipped down straps. She then reached behind and unhooked her bra, Asami eagerly helped her remove it. Korra soon felt the warm touch her friend's small and slender hands rubbing against her exposed breasts. Her head leaned back slightly as she closed her eyes blissfully. Perhaps she could just let Asami take control, but she wasn't so sure about that.

"Like what you see, Amon?" Asami said before pressing her lips to Korra's right breast.

"You're going to have to do more to impress me." Amon replied in a smug tone.

Asami pushed down the bottom half of Korra's dress along with her panties. Korra's face began to feel hot, she was the only one unclothed in the room at the moment. She felt a chill down her spine as if she could almost feel the man of the room's eyes observing her, awaiting to see the things Asami would do with her. Asami's lips soon pressed against her's, her hand moving down her naked flesh and to her lower lips.

She pulled her lips away from Asami's, her heart pounding in her chest, "Wait, Asami not yet." Korra begged, her breathing beginning to quicken. She was so nervous and somewhat frightened, it seemed like things were moving too quickly for her.

"Now Korra, right now." Asami told her. Her fingers parted Korra's folds and she eased one of them inside. Immediately Korra gasped at the invasion, her body shifting. Her friend's lips then pressed roughly against her's. A muffled whimper sounded from Korra, as Asami's digits moved around inside her. With a rough jerk, Korra pulled away and looked intensely into Asami's eyes. She grabbed a hold of the girl's forearm so she could ease out her fingers.

"What's the matter?" Asami asked, worried that she had done something wrong.

"It's just that you're taking over," Korra said, grabbing hold of her friend's dress. "I just can't let you be in charge the whole time." Her eyes darted over to Amon for a moment, who was watching them in silence with a rather strange intensity. Korra then gave Asami's dress a really hard tug, she managed to rip the fabric and tear it from the girl's body.

"Wow Korra," Asami said with a smirk. Quickly she took off her own bra and placed Korra's hand on her left breast. "But I sort of like taking control of you..." she whispered softly, rubbing the other girl's hand on her breast. There was a devious and lustful look in Asami's eyes, something that Korra had never seen from her friend before.

Although in her mind she wasn't completely sure at first, Korra let the tension leave her body as a sign of submission. Asami smiled with triumph and gently pushed Korra back on the bed. Her hands soon began to explore the darker skinned girl's body. Korra's body quivered from Asami's touch, letting out small whimpers when the girl touched her most sensitive areas.

"You like when I touch you here, don't you?" Asami whispered into her friend's ear, her fingers brushing teasingly against Korra's lower lips. Korra felt a shock of excitement go throughout her body, her breathing beginning to quicken. "Y-yes." she whispered. Asami giggled then pulled away so she could slip out of her panties, freeing herself of her final piece of clothing. Feeling the eyes of her best friend gazing at her nude body was an exhilarating feeling.

Asami positioned herself over top of Korra so that her wet entrance was inches from her friend's face. She had Korra's next to her lips as well, ready and waiting for her. She looked up a moment and smirked at Amon, his gaze unrelenting. "Korra, come on...I want to feel your tongue so bad." Asami said, giving the girl's sweet spot a light lick. Her body beginning to shake, Korra pushed her tongue out . Her head moved up slightly so she could lick deeply within Asami.

A moan escaped Asami as her fingers began rubbing against the darker girl's opening. Korra's tongue moved more deeper and more hungrily. "Oh god yes!" Asami cried, her digits moving in deeper. She rocked her lower body in eagerness, the motions of her slender fingers increasing. "Oh Korra, I'm almost there!" Asami said, thrusting her lower half. With the strong desire to rock her friend's body with pleasure, Korra's tongue moved even more working it as skillfully as she could.

"That's a girl," Asami whispered, moving her hand so she could grab hold of Korra's sensitive little pearl between her fingers. Korra's eyes widened, her tongue giving her friend's inner walls a few more hungry and long licks. A loud cry of ecstasy came from Asami as she reached her peek.

Korra felt triumphant she had gotten her friend to reach such a state of pleasure. Asami soon lifted herself up so she could look to Korra. Their eyes met and soon Asami was upon her, kissing the other girl forcefully. Their bodies grinding together as they shared a kiss that was more passionate than ever before.

"You ladies have done pretty well, I've enjoyed your little show." Amon said as he stood up. The two girls jumped in surprise, they had almost completely forgotten that he was there. Asami gently moved off of a Korra, to look at Amon.

"Get over here now." Asami ordered, her voice had a hint of playfulness. "We both see how excited you are." Korra blushed and leaned against Asami's shoulder. The two naked females were ready for the man, and it was clear that he was ready to play with them. They turned to look at one another and then smiled. The two of them first scooted towards the end of the bed so they could be within Amon's reach. Asami lifted her legs in the air and Korra did the same, offering themselves to the older man.

Without saying a word, Amon moved his hands forward and pressed two fingers in each of them. They both moaned as his fingers moved in and out. "Very nice," he said, then began fiddling with his belt buckle. Once he had his hard member freed he first thrust into Korra, holding her legs he pounded into her roughly. She moaned and gasped in pleasure from the feeling of his thrusts.

Asami was watching the two of them, her tongue moving slowly over her lips. The sight of them only furthered her excitement, the look of pleasure on Korra's face was driving her body wild. "Now it's your turn," Amon said panting. He pulled away from Korra, who was disappointed at the loss of him within her. Without hesitation, the older man pushed himself into Asami.

"Give it to me hard," she told him. He smirked, soon she would feel him thrusting into her relentlessly. Asami's eyes would go to her friend's as she was pounded by the older man. Korra wondered why Asami seemed more interested in her than Amon, although she was clearly enjoying what Amon was giving her.

Amon would soon switch back to Korra, who was happy to have him back inside her. "I'm going to come!" he cried, his pace increasing rapidly. She soon felt him release inside her, reaching her own climax as well. "You girls are amazing." he whispered as he laid over top of her, breathing heavily.

Asami reached over and stroked Korra's hair, a loving smile on her face.


They felt not an ounce of regret the next day, the two girls walked onto campus with their heads held high. However, their good mood was shattered when they ran into Mako by the snack machines. "Hey sluts." he said as soon as they were close enough.

"Who you calling a slut?!" Korra snapped, several of the people around them glanced over.

"The two girls that left with my tutor last night," he grunted, "And I think I'll be telling your dad about this Asami, no more money for you."

Asami scowled, "I'm a grown woman, thank you very much. It's not you or my dad's business what the hell I do." Although she was worried that her dad would cut her off, college wasn't cheap.

"Whatever, god I had a feeling he just went to the party to get with some girls." Mako said, "But I never thought it would be you two...I'm going have to find a new tutor now."

"Mako, no one even cares what you think." Korra said, grabbing her friend's arm. "Let's go Asami." The two of them turned their backs on Mako, he couldn't bring them down for very long.