Part Three.

A/N: Yes this fic is mostly about lustful relationships. But there is sort of a plot to it and it will be more apparent eventually. Just thought I'd say that.

"Do you want to see him or not," Asami said followed by a giggle. She had asked this several times already and Korra still had not given a solid answer. "Just say the word and I'll drive us over to his place." It seemed that her best friend was interested in seeing the man again as well. But Korra couldn't help but be nervous, what if he didn't even want to see the two of them again? It was very much possible that he viewed them as nothing more than a one night stand.

"Asami, we can't just show up randomly," Korra concluded as she swung her legs over the side of the bed, "he'd probably want us to call ahead of time or something and we don't even has his number."

"Those are just excuses Korra and you know it," Asami replied as she scooted next to her friend, "c'mon you're supposed to be the impulsive one here."

There was truth to what Asami had said. Korra had softened up considerably over the years especially recently. As well as became more cautious about her actions. She truly didn't think it was a matter of simply growing up either. "It seems like you want to go more than me," she mumbled.

"Well I'd rather be gone before my dad gets here anyway," her friend said with a shrug, "and it will probably be fun."

Korra let out a heavy sigh but then smiled, "Fine let's go."

In response her friend beamed in triumph, immediately standing up from the bed. "That's a girl!" Asami teasingly pinched her cheek and was elated to hear the giggle that came from the other girl.


So many unexpected visitors tonight, was what Amon thought when he opened his door to find the two young women he had been with the other night. Lin Beifong had left merely hours ago and he had thought that would be all the excitement he would have today. It was quite a pleasant surprise for him to find that he had miscalculated. "Hello ladies," he said calmly.

"Hi...again," Asami said with a smile. "Mind if we hang out with you tonight?" He looked back and forth at the two of them then returned the smile. He could tell that Korra was more nervous than she had been previously and this fact slightly amused him.

"Of course come in and have a seat," he replied, "you're welcome here anytime."

"Really?" Korra said incredulously as she and Asami walked into the apartment.

"Yes. Didn't I say that before?"

"I don't think so." Asami replied. Before sitting down the two girls took a quick look around at the apartment. It was much neater than the bedroom had been. The two of them smiled at one another approvingly and then sat down on the couch. Although there was enough room for him, Amon decided that he would remain standing for now.

He enjoyed seeing the two of them sitting so close together. Yes his thoughts came from a licentious standpoint but there was also a sweetness factor that even he could appreciate. "Well I apologize for not making it clear," he tells them, "You are welcome at any time, unless of course I'm busy."

"Well that's refreshing to know." Asami said. "Don't you think so Korra?"

"It sure is," she replied in agreement.

"So I've heard Mako's been giving you girls some trouble." Amon stated in a calm tone. He wasn't trying to ruin the moment. Although he would not admit it, he was somewhat flattered that the two girls still sought him out despite having their social reputations in jeopardy. "Miss Beifong tells me he's talking about our encounter all over the campus. Which is strange since he doesn't even know the full extent of it."

Korra rolled her eyes, "He saw us leave with you and the rest of the details he just made up in that little brain of his. I can't believe even Professor Beifong is talking about this!"

Asami frowned and patted her friend's knee, "Don't worry we'll get back at him."

"Just let him talk." Amon advised them with a shrug. "His words can only hurt if you let them."

"I guess that's true but it might be fun to get him back." Korra said with a little smile.

"Yeah it just might be," Asami agreed. "Hey Amon, are you good friends with Miss Beifong?"

He smiled, the girl's expression made her implications very clear. It didn't surprise him. "We know each other quite well." he replied truthfully.

Simultaneously they chuckled it was obvious that they thought of impure things. Lin would most likely be very upset if she found out that he had put such things in their heads. Oh well, he thought. If she did find out it will just give her another reason to come and visit him, which could possibly just be more fun for him.

"Have you two been really close?" Korra asked, obviously she was eager for more details.

"I've fucked her." he replied with that shameless bluntness. Their eyes widened and they looked at one another to take in each others reactions. They were both blushing, he couldn't help but be amused by their sudden discomfiture. They had wanted to tease him, make him feel awkward but he knew how to win in their little games. "That's what you wanted me to say, isn't it?"

"It's nice to have a guy that's honest," Korra replied.

"And I can't say I blame you." Asami said suddenly, "I hope I look that good when I'm her age."

"Let's talk about the two of you for now," Amon stated, "did both of you miss me?"

"Well Korra did mostly."

"Asami!" the darker girl cried as she blushed madly and gave her snickering friend a light hit on the shoulder. So it seemed Korra held more feelings for him than her best friend did, he had expected this. He rarely picked favorites, if she wanted to be special to him then she would have to prove herself a lot more.

"Come here...Korra," he whispered and her blue eyes darted over to him.


A surge of excitement went through her body as she stood up from the couch. She took a glance at Asami who was smiling. Would they be starting the sexual conquests already? She had hoped that she would be able to get to know the man more, at least a little. There was something so mysterious about him, she couldn't help but feel the strong desire to figure him out.

She stood in front of him and looked up into his eyes. The distance between them seemed to be merely inches. "Yes?" she said in a soft voice.

"Tell me what you want," he replied.

Korra felt her body go tense. She tried turning around to look at Asami once again but she was grabbed by the shoulder so she had to face him. "Come on now, don't be childish. Just go ahead and tell me." She wondered why her friend wasn't saying anything that would help her out. Was Asami enjoying the scene between her and the man, eagerly awaiting to see how it would unfold?

"Well I know you said the other time you're only interested in, well, sex." Korra said, trying to contain her nervousness. "But I would like to know more about you is all, you've sort of got me very curious."

"I see," he replied with a smile. "How about this, after tonight you and I have some alone time where we can get to know each other. And the same goes for you, Asami. I'll spend individual time with each of you." Korra smiled, it was nice he was willing to do such a thing for them. Especially since they were just two young girls he had known for a miniscule amount of time. "How does that sound?"

"Sounds just fine to me," Korra said, "what do you think, Asami?"

"Perfectly fine with me but what are we going to do tonight?"

"Well I'd like to have some fun with Korra. If you don't mind, you're more than welcome to watch." he said, his statement causing Korra's face to go hot.

"I don't mind at all." Asami said, matter-of-factly.

"Excellent," Amon said. With that he seized Korra and kissed her full on the lips. Her eyes closed as she accepted his kiss, her arms wrapping around him and her body grinding against his. Her desire for him was immense, it almost caused her body to ache. Soon she felt his hand traveling down the arch of her back to her firm rear. As he clutched her roughly her nails dug into his back. She never wanted to part from him the magnificent effect he had on her almost made her forget about the outside world. Even Asami who was in the very same room as them.

The man did pull away eventually but not for long. Without warning he spun her around and bent her over slightly. "How bad do you want me, Korra?" he asked as he grabbed hold of her pants.

"I want you so much...please have me again." she replied in her state of excitement. Her breathing was heavy and her body almost seemed to shake.

"Oh I will." he said, yanking down her pants.


There was some envy as she watched her friend with Amon, she felt the need to please Korra as well. Even though a part of her felt this way it was overshadowed by her excitement. The sound of her best friend's moans soon filled her ears when the man thrust into her from behind. Asami just couldn't help it, as she watched the two of them her fingers creeped into her panties.

Amon grabbed onto Korra's shoulders and thrust even harder. She rubbed her tender, sweet pearl her own soft moans sounding along with her friend's loud ones. Amon glanced over at her for a brief moment and gave her a smile of approval before plunging deeper within Korra.

The movement of her hand became faster when the man's pace increased. For a moment she wondered if her friend liked Amon more than her or was at least started to like him more. She decided to save such a question for later.


"I'll admit Korra I felt a little jealous when watching you with him but I think he's somehow bringing us closer together." Asami said as she drove towards her friend's place.

Korra smiled, "You don't have to be jealous Asami, we'll always be friends."

"I know. I can tell you like him a lot though."

"Yeah, I can't even explain it but don't worry. Like you said he's only bringing us closer together." Korra assured. "I'm excited about the one-on-one time tomorrow night."

With a smile Asami nodded. Soon she was pulling up into the driveway of Korra's place, she was a little sad about parting for the night. "Wait, won't your dad be home tonight?" Korra said before she got out of the vehicle.

"Yeah but I can handle him. Don't worry." Asami replied, her grip on the steering wheel tightening.

"Are you sure?" Korra said with concern, "You can stay here for awhile if you want, I'm sure my roommates won't mind."

"No, no I have to face him eventually. Whatever Mako might of told him I'll just have to deny."

"Well good luck, I know how overprotective he can be." It was true, her father sometimes forgot she wasn't a little girl any more. As soon as she was done with college, which she needed his financial assistance for, she would definitely move out on her own. "See you Asami." Korra said and got out of the car.

"Love you," Asami said sweetly before the door was closed.