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Hanon mentally groaned as she saw the time. It was only eleven in the morning and she had already finished her stupid exam and she had a lot of time left.

Well, she was on the last question so she was seconds away from finishing.

Even though, English wasn't her best subject, she had studied long and hard and was passing the paper in a breeze. But she had no idea what to do after she would have finished.

I mean, she had a whole hour left!

Hanon started to read the question silently.

"In the space below please write any overall comments about this course or instructor not covered above." She sighed silently and asked herself, "What kind of question is that?"

But then she remembered something that Lucia had told her.

'If you don't know the answer, make it up OR just write what you're feeling right now.'

Sure Lucia wasn't the smartest person she met but at least she was optimistic. An optimistic friend was better than nothing right?

Hanon thought about it and her mind agreed on the feeling thing.

Grudgingly she moved her hand and started to write whatever was on her mind.

She smirked as she finished the answer.

'If I had only one hour to live, I would spend it in this classroom because it feels like eternity.'

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