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2. I'll be his "Supervisor"




Alice still stared a hole inside of the nicer Joker.

She didn't want to play anyone's nurse! She definitely wouldn't do it!

"What the f*** are you saying, Joker? Stop screwing around with me!" Black snapped and glared at his counterpart.

White giggled and held his hands up protectively.

"Who else should treat you, Joker? You can't run the prison in your current state and I have to run the circus and prepare the next show… though I have to run also the prison alone for some time," he explained innocently.

"Are you stupid? Who told you that I need a damn babysitter?" the foul-mouthed Joker snapped.

"But even the prisoners make a fool out of you… let me guess –another prisoner escaped and that's why I had to come here?"

"Tch! I already caught this damn a******! But I can't run around the whole day! This damn headache is making me crazy!"

The young brunette listened to their dispute for some time. Then it was enough for her.

She put her hands on the hips and frowned before she stamped her foot like a little child.

"Joker!" she exclaimed.

The redheads turned their heads to the foreigner.

"Yes, Alice?" White asked nicely.

"What do you want, wh***?" Black snorted.

The brunette glanced to him a short moment.

"My name is Alice and I'm not a wh***!" she hissed before she cleared her throat.

"However! White, I can't be Black's ''Nurse''! How could I ever be something like that for him?" she apologized.

The circus master tilted his head to the side. His single red eye focused the girl.

Alice gulped. She wasn't sure why but she felt uncomfortable when he looked at her that way.

The brunette tried to look somewhere else while she stuttered, "You see, White… I-I didn't think Black could be ill… It's not that I don't want to help… but… I'm not sure if I could play his supervisor…"

White stayed silent for a moment. Then he smiled at her. He offered her a hand and said, "I think I can't change your decision? That's a pity…"

Alice sighed. She felt how guilt spread in her body.

Maybe… I should help him? Black can't stay alone in such a state, right? And White also has some duties…

The brunette refused the redhead's offered hand and turned her head to the prison warden.

If he says that he's fine without me, I'll go back to the Clover Tower! she decided.

"Black? Are you really fine?" she wanted to know.

As she looked at the prison warden interested, she frowned again.



The redhead leaned against a wall and had his eye closed.

Some huffs escaped his lips.

Alice blinked in surprise. It took her a minute to recognize the situation.

She walked to the foul-mouthed Joker and called his name out again.

"Black? Is everything alright?"

The warden opened his eye slowly and glared at her.

He snapped, "I'm okay! Just let me alone!"

The brunette gulped. She raised up an eyebrow and reached out her hand to the redhead's face.

The elder growled when she placed it on his forehead.

She withdrew her hand immediately and gasped.

"You have a bad fever, Black! You should rest instead of walking around here!"

A hand was placed on the girl's shoulder and White placed his lips above her right ear.

"Huh~ I see you care for him, Alice. Do you change your decision?"

Alice shivered because of the breath that tickled her ear.

She struggled and nodded.

"He has to rest! I'll make sure that he doesn't revise himself…"

The jester smiled and pulled away.

"Great! Then I will leave it to you, Alice!" he cheered before he left the prison.

Alice sighed. She smiled a little at the prison warden before her and mentioned, "Come on, Black! Take some rest!"

The foul-mouthed Joker snorted, "Hah! So after all you play my nurse, girlie?!"

The brunette shook her head. She hissed, "My name is not ''Girlie'' and I'm not your nurse! I take care of you because you don't feel very well, got it?"

Black laughed lightly.

"Isn't that the same?" he said.

Alice ignored him and took his hand. She dragged him forwards.

"Don't f****** touch me! I can walk by myself!" the redhead complained. The girl let go of his hand and walked before him.

When they arrived at his room, she opened the door and let him go in.

She remained in the entrance and watched him.

"Go to bed for a while… We should ensure that your fever doesn't get worse. I'll fetch some water and a towel," she ordered and waited for a response.

The warden gritted his teeth and growled.

I'll take this as a yes, she thought and walked away to get water and the towel.



When the foreigner came back, she opened the door forcefully.

She went in and put down the water bowl. Then she turned around to the bed and smiled.

"I'm back! How do you feel?"

The girl blinked when she didn't get an answer.

Curious she looked at the redhead's face.

The warden lay on his bed –still in his uniform- and slept.

So he really has fallen asleep? she wondered.

Alice tilted her head to the side and giggled.

"Poor Black! You don't feel well, am I right?" she said more to herself than to him.

Again she placed her hand on his forehead.

"Your fever hasn't lowered…"

The brunette wanted to withdrew her hand but one of the warden's hands caught it.

Perplexed she looked at it.

"Don't say anything!" he growled.

"My head is aching! You're too loud!"

Alice sighed annoyed.

She mumbled, "Sorry! I didn't mean to wake you…"

The redhead let go of her hand and rolled over to the side.

The brunette shook her head. She took the towel and wet it. Then she dabbed it on the redhead's forehead.

After some minutes she heard quiet snores from him.

It brought a smile to her face. It wouldn't be easy to take care of him but maybe he would be a little bit nicer towards her after it?

At least the foreigner hoped so.




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