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5. Declarations and a new style


Julius sat on his desk and growled in anger while fixing a clock.

Nightmare who sat in front of a chimney, wailed and his teeth chattered. Two or three blankets covered the shivering man.

"It's cold~ Gray~! Don't make me work! It's cold~!"

Gray sighed. The dark-haired man closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head.

For how long did he try to make Nightmare work?

"Nightmare-sama! Please finish your work!" he said.

Nightmare shook his head huffily.

"But it's cold~! It's too cold, Gray~!"

One of Julius' eyebrows started to twitch. He gritted his teeth and looked up.

"Your mean, Gray~!" the incubus whined. The assistant tried to pull him up and he spat blood.

"Nightmare-sama!" Gray hissed.

The clockmaker huffed annoyed. He stared at the both men and growled, "Can't you stop it? You're annoying!"

He stood up when they ignored him and shouted, "Stop it!"

Finally Nightmare quit whining and Gray looked to him surprised.

Julius sighed in relief.

At this moment the door was opened forcefully and a brown-haired guy walked into the room.

"Hi, Julius! I got some clocks for you!"

The clockmaker faced the knight and huffed again.

"Thanks, Ace," he answered.

Ace put down a bag on his desk and smiled brightly. Then he suddenly went out of the room and pulled Alice into it.

The brunette seemed to be stressed and tired. She smiled a little to Julius and the others.

"Alice," Gray mentioned. "I thought you were at the prison."

Julius frowned. Ace sat down on a couch and said, "I stumbled into her while searching for the tower…"


Get lost, Ace! It took me two hours to show you the right way because you went in the wrong direction! Alice thought and shot a glare to him.

Then she apologized, "I…uhm… I just wanted to get a few things… I'll be gone for a… while."

"Why?" Julius wondered. Ace who seemed to be interested too, blinked.

Alice frowned. The foreigner looked her eyes with Gray's and tilted her head to the side.

"You haven't told them?" she asked and got a head shake.

"I… forgot about it. S-Sorry," the elder said.

The brunette sighed. She had thought that Gray had already told them about her decision. Actually she didn't want to explain everything. She had hoped that she could get some clothes and stuff and went back to the prison. If she hadn't met Ace in the woods, she never would have to explain the situation now. She didn't want to hear the role holder's doubts.


"Alice?" The brunette blinked surprised. She shook her head slightly and looked to Julius who gave her a worried expression.

"Alice wants to leave to Clover Tower?" Ace interjected.

Alice shook her head and bit her bottom lip.

"No… I," she murmured. "I don't want to leave to tower… forever. Just for a… while. I have promised White to take care about Black because he's sick. He offered me… to stay there for a while and I… accepted it. I have told Gray about it before but he had forgotten to tell you. S-Sorry. I don't want to disturb long. I'll get my stuff and then I'll go back to the prison."

The girl gulped when she saw the clockmaker's unbelievable expression. Ace laughed and said, "So Alice wants to stay with the Jokers now? Will we see you as an acrobat or a prisoner then?"

Julius made a grimace and walked to the brunette. He placed his hands on the foreigner's small shoulders and shook his head.

"You're kidding me, right? You can't be serious!"

Alice shrugged her shoulders. She freed herself from the dark-haired man's grip and smiled apologetically. "It's not a joke, Julius. I have offered him my help. I'm sorry. But you don't have to worry… I'll be alright!"

"Hey~! Alice! I want to see you in an act in the circus! It would be fun!" the knight of hearts cried.

Julius gave him a serious glance and hissed, "That's not funny, Ace! It's a bad idea, Alice! You shouldn't stay with the Jokers! They are dangerous!"

Alice turned her head to the side and caught Nightmare's gaze to her. The incubus sat on the floor and shook his head slightly.

You should listen to him, Alice. Being close to the Jokers isn't a right decision. They will have a reason for wanting you there.

The girl heard the words in her head and huffed annoyed. It was like everyone thought about her as a child! As if she couldn't make her own decisions! It was such an annoying feeling for her!

I'm not a child! Don't treat me like one! I said I'll be alright… Stop making a fool out of me! she exclaimed in her thoughts before she left the room.

"Don't worry! Nothing serious will happen," she cried over her shoulder. Then she headed to her room.



"I still don't think that it is a good decision."

Alice rolled her blue eyes and tried to ignore Julius' doubts. The clockmaker stood in her room's entrance and watched her while she searched for some stuff.
"I have said that it will be alright, Julius. Please accept my decision," she murmured. When she had all her things in a small bag, she pushed him gently to the side and left her room.

Suddenly a hand caught one of hers and held her back. The brunette turned her head around in surprise and blinked.

Julius squeezed her hand tightly. He looked hurt. Alice sighed slightly and showed him a kind smile.

"It's not forever, Julius! You don't have to be that protective over me…" she mentioned.

The elder one closed his eyes. He took a deep breath before he suddenly pulled her into a hug.

Alice squealed in surprise. She felt her cheeks flushing and her pulse rose.

"J-Julius," she stuttered while struggling a little.

The clockmaker tightened his hug and the girl could hear his clock ticking.

"Be careful. Promise me to be careful," he murmured and Alice heard the worries in the man's voice.

She nodded after a moment and then Julius let go of her.

Alice cleared her throat and smoothed her apron. "I-I'll go now," she stuttered. Before Julius could give her an answer, she rushed away.


"Alice!" Gray who peeked out of the office, frowned when he saw the girl's red face.

Alice waved and called, "I'll see you at the circus soon! Say ''Goodbye'' to Nightmare and Ace for me, okay?" Then she left the incubus' assistant behind.

Outside the tower she put her hand over her mouth and closed her eyes.

Uwah! The girl shook her head and pushed away the thoughts about Julius' hug.

Forget it! Forget it!

Then she continued walking through the snowy landscape.





Alice crossed her arms before her chest while starring at the uncontaminated meal in the redhead's room. She gritted her teeth and started to search for the foul-mouthed Joker in the prison.

"Haven't I told him that he has to rest?!" she hissed. The girl felt the prisoner's gazes but tried to ignore them. She scanned the area and cried the Joker's nickname.

"Black, where are you?"

The brunette didn't get an answer. It remained silent in the huge building. A growl escaped the girl's lips. Suddenly a voice called out, "Maybe I could help you, miss?!"

Alice turned her head and discovered a prisoner who gave her a sign with his hands. He wore a stuffed rabbit mask and tilted his head to the side.

Alice quit walking and bit her bottom lip. "You know where he is?" she wanted to know.

The prisoner shrugged his shoulders. "Maybe."

The brunette felt uncomfortable but went to the cell. She stared at the man inside it and waited for a hint.

"Where is- Huh?!" One of the man's hands surged through the cell's bars and gripped her right wrist. Alice blinked confused and frowned.

"What?" Then her left wrist was gripped by the prisoner too and he pulled her near to the cell. The brunette screeched. She struggled and tried to withdraw her hands but the man's grip was strong. She felt a sharp pain when the grip was tightened.

"L-Let me go!" she said. "S-Stop it! It hurts!"

The man ignored the foreigner's ailment and growled, "You know the damn warden, right? Then you should know how most of us behave towards a girl like you, right?" The girl's eyes grew wider in shock. She shook her head and struggled again. "L-Let me go!"

"It doesn't matter what I do in here! This damn prison will be the last thing that I'll see on earth! But I don't have anything against some attention from a girl like you…!" he hissed and Alice felt her heart missing a beat. Fear was the only thing she felt right now.

"No! Wait! Stop! B-Black, help! BLACK!" she screamed while shutting her eyes tightly.


"What the f*** do you think are you doing, you filthy son of a b****?" a voice snapped.

The girl opened one eye and glanced to the warden some meters away.

She gasped for air and yelled, "Black!"

Tears filled her blue eyes and she sobbed.

The redhead crossed his arms before his chest and came towards the cell with large steps. His eye screamed ''Danger'' and the prisoner winced but didn't let go of the girl's wrists.

"Are you tired of your damn life, jerk-off? Let her go! Now!" he growled dangerously.

The prisoner hesitated for a moment before he let Alice go. The foreigner stumbled in the redhead's direction and clung on his jacket. She trembled and sniffed. Black glared to her before he stared at the prisoner with the rabbit mask.

"I will enjoy every f****** moment that you'll cry in pain, a******! Just wait!" he hissed. Then he shook Alice off of him and walked away. Alice rushed after him. She wiped away the tears and caught up to him.

"T-Thank you, Black," she whispered. The warden huffed and gritted his teeth.

"You owe me something, b****" he grinned and the foreigner nodded perplexed. "S-Sure. Do you already know something?" The redhead's grin turned into a dark smirk. He pushed her into his room when they arrived there and handed her out a small packet.

"Go changing, w****! Because if you don't wear it… I'm not sure if I'll hear you the next damn time when such a jerk molests you…," he snorted. Alice frowned. She felt quite uncomfortable but went into the bathroom and changed her clothes without paying attention to the dress she put on.

It didn't take long until she stumbled out of the bathroom and screamed, "BLACK! YOU'RE DEAD!"



The foul-mouthed Joker raised up an eyebrow and smirked when he saw the brunette running into his room. She glared at him. Her cheeks were flushed in a deep red and she took several deep breathes before she growled, "What the hell is that?"

Black scanned her appearance and whistled approvingly. Alice gulped in shame. "It suits you better than I thought, s***," the warden grinned. He saw how the girl tried to cover her pale skin and struggled in her new clothes –a white dress which resembled her normal one but shorter. It reached the middle of her tights and a red loop was tied at her hip. It had small red sleeves and a white collar adorned her neck. The girl wore white stocking and her normal red shoes. And a red ribbon was placed on her head.

"That's a joke, right? I don't have to wear that… that thing the whole time, right? Black?" she whined and he didn't answer. He just chuckled darkly.

Alice gulped. She made a grimace and felt how her eyes watered again. That couldn't be true! She didn't want to believe it! Wearing such a dress wasn't what she wanted when she agreed to take care about the foul-mouthed Joker.

It's going to be harder than I have thought, she thought ashamed while watching the redhead who leaned against one of his room's walls. He still chuckled but also sneezed from time to time. Alice made a grimace.

How rude~!




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