At First Sight

Hey guys! so it's been exactly 2 months since I left my home in Chile to learn Swedish in Stockholm, Sweden. I miss my family like hell but this time away it's been really inspiring and when I write I kind of feel closer to my family too... it's crazy ! It's the first time I'm going to do a kind of long-not that much- multi chapter story.

It begins after 2x01, as always a lot of Nemily and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it. English is my second language, so sorry if you find any mistake.

pd: Revenge and all it characters belongs to ABC, I'm just borrowing them.

Now, let's bring some Nemily !


Chapter One: Seriously?!

'I am so damn tired of all this!' Emily couldn't help but scream, it turns out Victoria is alive and she and the white haired man are working together to take HER down and, she really doesn't have more energy left to fight back... but she has never been the kind of woman that hides from a fight. 'Once again, this is never going to end right?' She asks to "somebody" that will never give her an answer. She doesn't know what to do...her dad was right, revenge wasn't the answer and it only brings more pain but, she couldn't do anything about it either... so, she has to fight, she has to fight for her family. It seems like now it's time to make another of those life changing decisions... even if she doesn't really like her choices.

'I will be stuck in this damn circle my whole life' Yes, she has to fight. She's not going to give that bitch the pleasure of killing her too. She needs a plan, and that blonde friend of hers. This time the creepy white haired man and the ice queen are going down, forever.

Nolan arrives with a few grocery bags, 'Hey!' He inmediately realises something is wrong. 'Ems? What's going on inside that evil mind of yours?' She chuckles, 'Nothing, I just...I just realised that if I ever want to be truly free I...', Nolan is now really, really worried 'I what? please, talk to me' Emily sighs, 'I have to get rid of them'. He quivers with the frightening resolution in her voice, god forbid he ever becomes one of her enemies...he would be so screwed. 'Then, we will need a hell of a plan' that's all he can say, 'I know' she answers truthfully.

After a very long silence Emily speaks 'I know what I have to do!' She looks so happy that you wouldn't even imagine she's being threatened by a mercenary, 'What?' He says clearly confused and tired. 'First I have to get closer to Victoria, she still sees me as a threat so, we have to distract her for a while... make her think I'm not interested in her life anymore'... Nolan is more confused now 'And how do you plan to do that?' He doesn't understand anything, 'By getting married of course! you see, she thinks I want her money and if I get married to somebody else... well I could earn her trust again' 'Ems, and who is your lucky guy?' Emily smiles...'You, of course'

Nolan doesn't know what to say, but he HAS to say something...'ARE YOU FREAKING NUTS?!' He loves her, he loves her but he would never, ever, imagine something like this could happen, his brain knows it is a very dangerous game but his heart is screaming "go for it!". Emily laughs louder, 'No, I'm not crazy, if I have a man in my life and if we help Charlotte...Victoria would trust me, I would be like a friend in the dark'. He knows he can't win this... she already made up her mind, 'A wedding, seriously?' He asks, 'Seriously, you're the only one I trust that much to ask for something like this...' He decides to go with it, 'Okey then babe, let the show begins'


So? what do you think? I know is a really short chapter but I don't like to spin around so much... and the next one will be up by the end of the week, let me know what you think... I'll leave you the name of the next chapter, to see if you can guess what's happening with these two.

Chapter two: Don't play with fire

Hope you like it as much as I do ! Kisses, Camy