Chapter Two: Playing With Fire

Nolan is wide awake, 'What the hell happened?' He knows this is too dangerous, specially for him...'I am the fool who's already in love with you' but he can't say no to her, he just can't. But since he agreed to "help" her, he will enjoy this as much as he can. and he also has this tiny,tiny feeling that something good will come out of this, so the idea of taking her out on a-fake-date makes him happy.

The next day he chooses a very elegant restaurant, and makes her wear a backless red dress... 'Nolan, how do I look?' She asks, ' look stunning babe' He says grinning like an idiot. Before they get out, he takes her hand and gives a red rose, 'Beautiful and dangerous...just like you' Emily laughs, 'Thanks, but I belive you're taking this too seriously' He doesn't answer.

The first thing they notice when they arrive is Ashley, Daniel and Charlotte's presence but they act like they doesn't. 'Great' thinks Emily. the whole night is really fun, they talk about their past, his karate lessons, her training in Japan...Emily takes the first step this time, on the way out she kisses him and takes his hand. She knows she's playing with fire...and she might get burn.

What they doesn't realise is that someone is watching them...

'It was a great night, baby' Nolan says, 'Don't call me like that!' Emily says pretending to be mad, Nolan chuckles and adds 'Oh, you better get use to it, b-a-b-y'. She rolls her eyes.

In the morning he gets up before her and makes breakfast, 'I'm so getting burn' he thinks while climbing up the stairs. 'Good morning Ems' He says softly and she can't help but smile at him, 'Thanks Nolan', when he leaves she starts thinking about all "this". What was all that "let's get married' crap? She knows she's never going to earn Victoria's trust, she didn't when she was her son's fiancé for god's sake! but, she also has this tiny, tiny feeling that something good could come out of this, she's beggining to see him differently.

Two months goes by, and the plan seems to be forgotten... they act more and more as a real couple, and everyone is aware of it... except them or Emily to be exact, she still reminds him once in a while that this is "just a game" but she also can't denied that she's enjoying too much of Nolan's company. Romantic walks along the beach, watching the stars, they're literally doing everything together and the fact that he's not going to buy a new house doesn't make it easier, but she won't admit that she doesn't want him to move out. 'So this is why parents tell us to not play with fire' She says to herself, 'Thank god Dad never told me anything...'

Victoria smiles watching the pictures in her cellphone, 'What a beautiful couple, isn't my friend?' The white haired man starts laughing with her, 'Don't worry Victoria, they will be gone in no time' 'Ohh no' She suddenly says. 'let them enjoy a little bit longer... it will be more fun to watch them try to save each other'... the guy nods and adds 'That's why you're the ice queen'.


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