Ok, this is technically fanfiction because it is relating to Catherine(elder) of Wuthering Heights...

Honestly, I love it, not only because I wrote it for my project but also because it is drawn from some experience of my own.

Everybody enjoy, and please leave reviews!

Heavy drops of icy rain

Like crystalline diamonds, pounding on my face

With every bead of liquid I am filled

With my regrets, with the lingering passion

The pounding rain,

the pressure rising,

the power of my love

All of it floods my consciousness

Logic tells me to find shelter from

The raging maelstrom of emotions and

in the dark and distress and

in the blinding rain

Looming above, the flash of lightning illuminates

The wuthering castle overlooking the tumultuous scenery
Alone, the double oaken doors wind me

Of my chilled breath, but still

I push through

Into shelter

Into further darkness

And solitude

My drenched clothes drip on the stone floor




Down onto the stone floor

Where the impact makes a plink!

The sound reverberates through

The hallowed halls filled with silence

Even in the shelter from the rain

Liquid continues to cascade down my pale face

A flash of lightning provides me

With the image of my heart

Of him

He cries in a ghostly wail like the raging wind against the open crevices of the castle

His eyes stare into mine with an intensity I cannot bear to comprehend

His entire being calls out to me in a plea

For forgiveness

For recompense

For a return to the way things were before

The thunder booms and cries with the agony of my soul

It echoes my very heart and calls out in contrast

To forget

To move on

To heal in solitude and peace

Nothing was worth the pain of my love

Being stolen from me, to only be rendered

To nothing but a naive hope

To nothing but a lost dream

To nothing but ashes of its former opulence

The rain comes down,



And logic tells me to listen to the sound

And let it wash away the insecurities

And let its static sound lull me

To a dreamless state of blissful sleep

To wait until the calming of the storm