Iola is a girl,a rivergirl,who has known Brax,Heath and Casey ever since she was a child,she has lived with them because her father died when she was very young,as a result,her mother could not take care of her and thought it was best if she put her into a care home,Cheryl,the Braxton's mother,took her in and over the time,she grew a special bond with Casey,and Brax thinks of her as a sister/daughter,he'd do anything for her,maybe even die for her,Casey and Iola are together lola is struggling along with brax and Natalie to understand what casey is going through after shooting his dad,little did they know how bad he was taking it and what other shocks are around the comer. Both Tegan and Heath are together with a 3 month old baby named Darcy.

"Come on Cas,come back to bed" Iola says as she pats the bed,Casey after shooting his dad could not sleep.

"No,I wont be able to sleep anyway" Casey said shaking his head

"please babe,you can't stay up forever,can you" Iola pleaded but she knew she couldn't get anywhere with Casey

"NOO.. Iola" Casey, getting frustrated "im fine here you go back to sleep" he kisses Iola's forehead.

The next morning

Lola woke up to a cold,empty side to Casey bed. She sighed put her dressing gown on and went in to the kitchen of the Braxton house where Brax and Natalie were having breakfast.

"morning Lo " Brax said with a concern look on his face." you ok you look pale?" " I'm fine brax" Lola said trying to reasure him "where's Casey?"

"out early for a surf "Brax looked down at the table knowing it wasn't the first time."ha em yeah right whatever"Lola said. Natalie looked at lola and then to brax noticing something wasn't right."lola do you want some breakfast?Lola..." Natalie said trying to break the trance lola was in" "Um what sorry..."Lola said trying to rejoin her minds focus. " Lola whats going on do you know something to do with casey". Brax said trying to work out what was going on. " OH YEAH SILLY ME RIGHT BRAX BECAUSE I KNOW WHATS GOING ON OR WHATS GONNA HAPPEN..." Lola shouted. Lola soon stopped when Natalie came in from the kitchen and put the bacon on the took one look at it and felt all the food content inside her turning around over and over. she tried to compose herself by turning around facing the window and taking deep breaths. Natalie noticed this and went next to her making sure she was ok " Hey you ok,lola" Natalie said." yeah... fine... just give me a minute" lola said in between breaths. Brax was now standing up concerned by lola saw lola hand go over her mouth and tried to rub her back slightly to comfort her. As soon as Natalie started doing this lola pushed past both Natalie and brax and ran straight to the bathroom and throw up everything inside her.. leaving Brax and Natalie standing the worried and confused."im gonna go and check to see if shes ok " brax said walking towards the hall way. "No brax just leave her a minute" Natalie said calmly to Brax who gave her a confused look." Nat dead-set you cant be serious something isn't right..." brax said his voice slightly raised. Natalie stepped in " Brax i know ok just stop calm down leave her " brax came back to the table looked at Natalie with concern and said "something not right aye whats going on?"." i don't know brax but something not right..."

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