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Brax woke up and saw Natalie sleeping peacefully, a little smile came across his face watching her. Brax got up to get some water when he got to kitchen and was shocked to see Casey sitting at the table staring in to space.

"Cas...mate... what you doing up...its 3 in the have school tomorrow?" Brax sighed as he sat down at the table trying to work out all the emotions running through Casey's face."Casey have stop worrying about dad and the stupid games he's been playing need to focus on your HSC" Casey shook his head and took a deep breath trying to get his head around everything that going on. Brax was confused by Casey's reaction,just staring in to space and he could see the fear in his eyes he just thought it was Danny's games. "Casey,I know it's all stressful and everything right now mate...but it will get better and Lola shes worried about you mate.." suddenly Brax stopped when he saw a tear in Casey's eye,he knew something wasn't right." hey...oi...Cas...what the tears for..."Brax said in a calm soft voice. " I..I CAN'T...BRAX I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.."Casey said started sobbing." Cas mate,sshh calm down you need to tell me what's going on or I cant help you" Brax said calmly waiting for Casey to tell him,Brax was rubbing Casey said while more tears ran down his face as he looked away from Brax."Lola...She's...She's pregnant Brax"casey said with a lump in his throat,Brax just stared at the table he didn't realize how fast his baby brother was going to grow up now.

Brax knew that now his brother was going to need him more then ever, so he cleared the lump in his throat and tightened the grip on his brother's shoulder. " Casey,look at me mate,ok you need to talk to Lola about the baby and what your gonna do"Brax told him " we're gonna keep the baby...but I'm scared Brax,we both know what it's like to grow up with out a mum and dad who cares and actually loves them...Im 18 and Lola's only 17 Brax we can't look after a baby,we're about to start the HSC trials...we have no money,we said one day we would always give our kid everything we ever had and now it gonna have the same life and..." Casey said " Casey stop... ok you need to stop and just talk to Lola about what your gonna do... but either way Nat and I will do whatever we can to help you I love you and I love Lola and you to are gonna be amazing maybe now or in the future..."brax said trying to get Casey to slow down his thinking."Brax your not listening I cant look after a baby... i m not like you i wasn't made to be a dad...I'm just like dad I hurt the people I love and care about and Lola she said that she wouldn't want to be anything like her mum... why would we bring an innocent baby into it...I cant give it what it needs..." Brax quickly stepped in "Casey stop first it's a baby not 'it'... half of you and half of Lola...Cas,your gonna be an amazing dad...look at me Casey,dad's in your head Cas,you are nothing like him,EVER". Brax said sternly ."I'm scared Brax.." Casey started to sob Brax pulled him in for a hug,he had watched Tegan and Heath do it and they struggled to cope at first but now look they have Darcy who's amazing,he knew both Lola and Casey were gonna be amazing." it will ok Cas,I promise".

Little did they know that Lola was standing behind the wall at the hall way round the corner from the kitchen with tears streaming down her face, hearing every word, knowing that deep down Casey was right , but not knowing what the right thing to do...thinking back to her mum made more tears run down her face she ll never forget the bad memories and nightmares she has of her... suddenly her thoughts were stopped as she looked up from the stone on the floor she had been staring at to the eyes and the sound of brax...

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