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At the hospital...

The braxton family were waiting on news it seemed like they had been waiting hours...

Heath had been pacing the floor, Brax was standing leaning against the wall staring at the floor, Natalie was sitting next to Darcy , who was cuddled into Lola who gripped tightly onto her, and Casey with his arm around Lola as he just stared in to space.
"Whats taking them so long" Heath asked as he stopped and looked around the room he sighed in frustration. "CAN YOU GET IN THERE AND FIND OUT WHAT'S GOING ON PLEASE...". Heath said as he tried to get the nurses attention.." OI OI shouting at them isn't gonna help...". Brax said pulling Heath's arm to face him. "Brax". Natalie called as Sid was walking towards them, every one stood to there feet.
"Sid what's going on are they ok?". Heath said as Casey and Brax stood at the side of him and Darcy still holding Lola and Natalie standing at the other side of Darcy. "well we have delivered the baby Congratulations he's doing really well the nurse is just cleaning him up". "He" Heath said to Sid, Sid just nodded and shock his hand "yes Heath you have a very healthy son"everyone breathed a sigh of relief. "And Tegan...". Heath asked as he looked down at Darcy who was smiley up at him. " Yeah is she ok...". Brax asked as every one was smiling at Sid but Sid was saying something different ." Tegan did really well..". Sid started but Heath jumped in. " So she's ok,she just needs to rest...right..." Heath said looking at everyone's worried expressions but not wanting to think to much into it. Brax put his hand on the back his neck as Casey put his hand on Heath's shoulder. "Heath... You have to remember... Tegan's injuries from the car crash meant her body was under a lot of pressure she was losing blood.. bleed out heavily.. Her injuries were putting extra pressure on her heart... I'm sorry ...Tegan passed away 10 minutes ago...". Sid said as he watched for the reaction of Heath more importantly.
The room was filled with Darcy's little cries as she sobbed into Lola, as Lola had tears steaming down her face, Natalie had tears her eyes as she rubbed Lola's arm look up at the Braxton brothers who were just standing there in shock.
"I'm sorry". That was all Sid could say, his pager went off. "I'll be back soon". And with that Sid left.
Brax and Casey didn't know what to do or say. Casey went and sat on the chair with head in his hands, Heath was just standing there everything was blurred and moving slowly, he didn't think it was real it didn't feel sound of Brax's voice made everything clear. "Heath...mate...". Before Brax Could finish Heath was running down the hall way. "HE-ATH ...HEATH". Brax shouted as he chased after him.

Heath's POV

I heard Brax calling my name I was just running had to get out of there.
How could she could they say she's gone... We just had a baby boy.. It wasn't meant to be like this..I thought that I could get out of this nightmare but as soon as I got outside it hit me... Like it was going to smash through my chest I couldn't breath... I felt sick.. What was I gonna do now... How am I meant to live without the women I love,or even raise a new born... And do the right thing for Darcy... As soon as I got outside and the air hit me it all became real...

Brax's POV
Heath just kept going until he was outside I followed him... Where was he I couldn't see him until I heard something round the corner. It was Heath being sick...I walked up behind him he was coughing...he caught his breath and then punched the wall and let out a angry...hurt...upset...scream.. As he slid down the wall with his head in his hands shaking and crying,I sat down beside him, "Heath...". I said,Seeing him like this was killing me.

Heath's POV

"Heath...". I heard Brax say quietly in my ear as he put his arm around me and pulled me into him where I didn't have the energy to pull away or fight him off I just lost it and sobbed into his shirt it felt like someone took out my heart and life and was ripping it apart right in front of me... I know riverboys meant to be strong... But my family had just been torn apart.

Brax's POV

I know I am meant to know everything,or so people think,but this was something I never thought we have to get through,here I was sitting outside the hospital with my younger brother in my arms,while he was crying his heart out... How is this ever gonna get any better everyone in pain we all love Tegan.

"Heath ...mate ...Darcy and your son...they need you..."I said into his ear,his cries got softer till it stopped his face and eyes were red and puff as he sniffed,he took in a deep breath and stood up and looked at me and nodded,thankfully I put my hand on his shoulder, walking back the hospital.

Back inside the hospital...

Darcy was sat there, tears streaming down her face staring at the floor...Lola was the same,Tegan was like a mum to her,Tegan was like lola,a rock when she came in to the Braxton family... Tegan thought of her like a daughter... Natalie was struggling to understand how a normal day had gone this way. Casey was ringing Cheryl to let her know what happened.

Brax and Heath came back just as Sid was coming back...
"Heath...would you like to come and see your son..". Sid said he could see the river boy was crushed.

Heath's POV

I looked at Brax and then back to Sid
"". I said as Sid nodded and pointed the way.. "Darc are you coming to see your baby brother...". I asked her as she looked up at me with tears in her eyes I hated seeing my baby girl so upset.

Darcy's POV

I looked up at dad...
"No I don't I wanna go home..." I said as I got up and walked past them all.

"Darc". Heath started to say but Darcy just walked past him not looking at any of them.
"Me and Lola will take her home ... You guys stay here...". Natalie said as the boys nodded. Casey gave Lola a hug and kissed her head, while Natalie hugged Brax and rubbed his back. Before they left.

Heath's POV

I didn't understand what Darcy had just done,Natalie kept telling me she was in shock,she just needed time.
It felt like me, Brax and Cas had been walking for ages to where my son was but then Sid stopped at a doorway and pointed into the room and through the window he was a "You can go in and give him a cuddle ". Sid said as he saw Heath's eyes locked on to the baby. "Go on mate,meet your son". Casey said as him and Brax were smiling at the new bub.

I walked into the room and took a deep breath, I looked back to see Brax and Casey watching him,he was perfect,...He was all Tegan and it broke my heart that she didn't get to see him...tears were in my eyes.. I was just watching him peacefully looking up at me I put my hand in his cot and he gripped my figure he definitely had the Braxton strength, I was smiling down at him, me,Tegan and Darcy had so many plans as a little family...My thought was paused when Sid came over..."You can pick him up you know.. I sure he will love a cuddle with his dad...". Sid said as watched him hold my finger,looking up at us. "'s..ok...there...

". I said quietly wiping the tears away from my face. Sid nodded.

Outside the room Brax and Casey were watching Heath looking at his perfect son.
"Hey" Casey said surprised as Natalie came towards them. "Where's Lola" Casey said worried. "Relax Cas she's fine, Darcy's asleep on yours and Lola's bed and Lola was lying with her.. So I thought I would bring you guys some clean clothes, food and stuff,I also brought Tegan's hospital bag, with the baby clothes and stuff...". Natalie said as she saw Heath with his son. "Em yeah... I need to put the car seat in Heath's car..." Brax said as he took a deep breath as Natalie's arms wrapped around his waist. "I'm gonna give Lola a call... Be back in a second..".Casey said as he left Brax and Natalie watching Heath and his beautiful son.

"Brax talk to me.." Natalie said as he turned around to face her.
"I don't understand,the car,it was fine we were in it,10 minutes before them...I..I don't know... Aye this doesn't make sense... It shouldn't be like this...". Brax said as he tried to work out what went wrong.

Natalie's POV

Listening to what Brax said and what Danny said earlier it was all starting to make sense but I didn't want to say anything,not now anyway... "Hey don't worry about that,now you need to focus on what we can do to help Heath, Darcy, Lola..".
"Yeah you're right...Tegan had her moments at being a trouble maker but she changed Heath for the better and he changed her from there terrible teen years but what if I done something to the car what if this is my fault I should have never given them the car what if this is my fault Heath won't forgive me no one will,I won't forgive myself ...". Brax said as he tried to remember if it was his fault. " Brax stop ok this isn't your fault..ok I mean it,let's just wait to see what the police have to say...Come here". Natalie said as she wrapped her arms around Brax's neck softly as she felt him put his face in to her neck as they held on tight to each other.

Heath's POV
I couldn't take my eyes of I watched him close his eyes and drift back to sleep I rubbed his soft little cheek as I bent down and kissed the top of his head he had little soft blond colour like Tegan and his hair was fluffy... Tears we rolling down my face..but I didn't care he was perfect in every way just like his beautiful mum. I stroked his hair.
"We'll be okay Rocco I promise".

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