The first image that hovered into my view was a cream ceiling, which seemed odd since I knew my bedroom's ceiling was blue… Horror struck my heart, causing me to quickly stand up, only resulting with my vision nearly blacking out and my head to face plant the floor. This was not my room; I recalled all the events prior to this moment, and the blood in my veins seemed to freeze to -33 degrees. I had been kidnapped by some drop dead gorgeous maniac that chased me, did some sort of magic, and whisked me to God knows where. Oh how bloody brilliant. Woe filled my soul, leaving my body to crumple to the floor with tears pricking my eyes. It was my entire fault I got into this mess; if I hadn't tried to use seduction (which stupid Aphrodite taught me), I would have never ended up this this mess. Mother wouldn't be worried and I would be in my bed, waking up to the exhilarating feeling of the gentle caresses of morning sunlight. Here there was no sun – no heat, no flowers, no happiness. Nothing lived in this place (or so it seemed at the moment). Loud footsteps could be heard down the hallway, which sent my heart on an erratic tempo. Grabbing the nearest object I could find, which was a glass of water, and poised my hand, ready for the imminent attack. The knob painfully opened and, in all his devilish charms, stood the God that kidnapped me. He showed an expression of puzzlement, before I couldn't help but release the glass at full throttle, shattering against his temple, drenching his face in water and trickles of blood. Anger was clearly seen on his face and I knew that I was in for a lot of hell.

'Glad to see you're up, Persephone.' He stated, with a growling pronunciation of my name, which sent pleasurable shivers down my spine. Wait, why did I find that a good thing?

'Nice to see you too – not.' I answered but sarcastically, huffing loudly and crossing my arms. 'So, why did you take me here against my will; and I want to know your name.'

He gave me an odd look before proceeding.

'My name is none of your concern. To answer your other question, I took you here because I wanted to.'

I felt my eye begin to twitch in agitation; all he had done was side-stepped the question.

'That didn't answer my question – WHAT is your name, and WHY am I here.'

'There is no need to answer such a silly question again; I have already answered.'

I wanted to wring this guy's neck, but I started to notice that I really did injure him before. Quite a bit of blood was trickling down his forehead, yet he held such a stoic expression. Getting to my feet, I quickly grabbed a towel from the dresser and walked towards him, noticing the moment of surprise flicker through his eyes. Getting on my tip toes, I started to dab at his wound, surprised that he was already starting to heal.

'I should be mad at you,' I warned with a little agitation, 'but I didn't mean to make you get this injured. You don't seem cruel, and you haven't tried anything yet.'

'It's not the first injury you've implicated.' He muttered, earning a glare from me. 'Also, don't make me sound like a defenceless deer; I am a God, not a man. I can heal from wounds easily.'

This time I just chucked the towel down in frustration; God, I was trying to be considerate of this guy, and all he did was throw insults in return.

'Why don't you at least try to be nice to me? I should be screaming and begging to see my Mother, but I have tried to stay calm.' I shouted at him, with tears starting to stream at this point, 'but no, you have to stand there and ridicule me – don't you think this is hard enough for me, you-you-you, bastard, you kidnapper, you heartless fiend! Go back to the hell pit from whence you came, and LEAVE ME ALONE!'

With that, I stormed out of the room, my anger boiling and with no clue where I was going. Just anywhere away from that jerk.

I stared at the towel, all sorts of thoughts flying through my head. Everything about her was completely unpredictable - one moment she throws a glass in an act of frustration, then tries to repent by cleaning my wound and finally stamps out of the room in tears. Her insults had struck a chord deep within him, but his mask was still set on passive. To show emotion was a sign of weakness – he had learned that long ago. With a turn of his heel, he walked out of the room, deciding that the best thing to do was let the girl have some alone time. And maybe then, would she be inclined to be a little more cooperative.

Due to anger clouding my mind, I had found myself completely lost in an unknown place in an area away from any civilisation. Where was this place anyway? And who was that jerk of a God? Stopping beside an archway, I turned around to see if there was anyone following me. To my pleasure there was no one, yet I couldn't help but sense the feeling of being watched. Great, if I stay any longer, I'll start seeing paraphernalia, I thought with a sigh. When I turned back, I came face to face with a ghost, suspended upside down and staring intensely. I don't know how I didn't collapse on the spot, or scream and run for cover; I just stood there ridged.

'It isn't p-p-polite to stare.' I quivered, trying to act tough. The ghost chuckled before leaping from the wall and landing elegantly on the ground. He was at least a head shorter than me, a long silver beard tied like a belt around his waist. A smile creased his cheeks, a few incisors and one canine missing. Though his eyes seemed young, like a cheeky child ready to play a prank.

'I meant no harm my dear,' his unusually high voice replied, 'I presume you are the master's bride?'

My face felt drained, and there was a few seconds where I just stood there in surprised silence – or more like horror.

'WHO'S BLOODY BRIDE!?' I swore so loud that even the ghost winced at the volume.

'Calm down my dear, it was just a simple question of curiosity. Now keep your voice down, or you might bring him right here.'

At that, my mouth slammed shut with embarrassment; I hadn't meant to shout, but I couldn't contain my horror and fury. First he kidnaps me, now he wants to marry me, even when I don't know him? What kind of sadistic God does that - probably because he has an ego the size of Saturn?

To be polite, I asked for his name. He grinned in glee for a change in subject.

'My name is Magnus Flavius; I was a scholar from Alexandria, but died before I could succeed in my work. So, the master allowed me to read from the library, if I recorded all the income in the Underworld.'

'Wait, this is the Underworld?'

'Why yes my dear; Hades is the ruler of the Underworld. Where else did you think this place was…?'

For some reason, my eyes started to water, much to the Magnus' distress. The tears from eyes just wouldn't cease, even if I tried, like a roaring river after breaking a dam. There was no way out of this place; I would never see my Mother again or the light, and I was to be made a bride to the God of the dead, who could strike me down at any moment. What was a Goddess of Spring able to do in this situation? Absolutely nothing at all…

I was striding down the passageway, wondering where the hell Persephone had gone. My patience had worn thin, and the idea of giving her alone time was out of the window; she had just been plain childish since the moment she found out her game of seduction had gone south, and I was going to fix that. Rounding the corner, I saw Persephone with the scholar, and I was pondering what she was doing, before I noticed that tears were streaming from her eyes, while the ghost tried to comfort her. I slipped back round the corner out of sight, and watched them as rage boiled like the pits of hell in my stomach. If that ghost had done something wrong to Persephone, I swear I'd…

'What is wrong my dear?' the ghost asked in a sympathetic tone, concern creased on his ancient face.

'What do YOU think is wrong?!' Persephone sniffed sarcastically, 'I am stuck in this hovel with no way to see my mother, being forced to marry the God of the dead against my will, and I probably won't see the light again. I just want to go home…'

With that, she turned on her heel and charged down the corridor, leaving the ghost beckoning behind her. My heart felt like an elastic band, which was being twisted and pulled to the extreme. I hadn't thought she was that miserable; this palace was comfortable and she had everything she didn't have back on the surface. She had hated her mother, yet when she had finally got her wish, she wanted to see her again. I wasn't forcing her to marry me, so why did she have the absurd idea that she was? Yes, I wanted to marry her eventually, but I preferred to give people a choice rather than being a tyrant. Women, I thought with a scowl, were very confusing beings. Finally, I turned the corner, to the surprised face of my accountant.

'Good afternoon Master.' The ghost said with a low bow. My face stayed indifferent and decided to jump straight to the point.

'Where is Persephone?'

The ancient man raised an eyebrow – guess he wasn't inspecting such an inquiry so soon.

'I do not have the foggiest idea Master; she left in a hurry.'


That made the man tense up; he didn't want to be the individual to tell me the bad news, for he probably presumed that I would go into a full blown rage.

'She was upset from being separated from her mother,' he explained, diverting his gaze warily, 'The young lady believes that you intend to force marriage upon her.'

This made me rather surprised. He had side-stepped the question, yet had told the truth, even if it was only vaguely. I nodded in acknowledgement and left, feeling that it was about time I set that girl straight, yet I would have to be careful. She was fragile, like a china doll, so explaining the reason would have to be down with the utmost care.

Tears had finally ceased, but my eyes looked puffy in the mirror down one of the various corridors connected around the castle. I looked pretty awful, which expressed exactly the way I felt. To be honest, I felt childish about running away from the nice gentleman, but I just didn't want more people to see that I was weak. The hall continued on, with various doors on each side. How did anyone find their way around this place without getting lost at least three hundred times? I heard footsteps coming down the passage way, and my mind went into a blind panic. Tugging at the door, I slipped into the room and shut the door as quietly as possible. My breath was completely taken away by what was before me. Plants of all origins sprouted from elegant pots in rows, the sweet aromas hitting my face caused my heart to escalate to another level. Such a variety of colour overpowered my vision; it was so beautiful. Nothing like this existed in Olympus, even if I tried profoundly for days on end. My fingertips brushed the petals, which tickled from their fuzzy hairs. A bunch of white roses caught my vision, and I nearly squealed in delight; they were my favourite flowers. Even though people thought they were plain, and mother always said they were 'drained of colour', I thought they were pure and elegant, shining the brightest out of all others. I lifted a flower to my face, the rose petals caressing my skin and smelling so fresh and yet small so divine.

'Glad to see that the garden is to your satisfaction.'

I nearly fell over in fright, and turned startled to see my captor, leaning against the wall with eyes like a hawk. His face was as stoic as ever, and his façade never seemed to falter, displaying no glimpse of happiness or anger. I found that he was far taller than I was which just intimidated me even more.

'Yes, it is lovely.' I murmured, not quite sure what to say in a situation so awkward. He nodded in response, before to my alarm, moving towards the other row of flowers, just a metre away from me. I concentrated to keep my muscles from displaying any thought of terror, but I failed miserably. His being just set far too many alarm bells inside my head. Yet my curiosity was piqued by this God, and somehow I ended up wanting to talk to him.

'So you're the God of the Underworld?'

He swivelled his eyes to the right, gazing in complete silence, trying to understand my motives.

'So what if I am?'

'How long have you ruled this place?' I continued to ask.

'I'll leave that to your imagination.'

'Why am I here?'

'…because I decided you to be.'

A vein on my temple was starting to throb; why couldn't this guy just give a simple straightforward answer?

'How is it that these plants exist here?'

'They just do, Miss Persephone.'

'FOR GOD DAMN BLOODY SAKE, AT LEST TRY TO ANSWER MY BLOODY QUESTION!' I yelled in frustration, before realizing who I was talking to – damn my red hair, I bet it is the reason I have anger issues. The God blinked in surprise at my outburst, before chuckling darkly, in such a seductive way it caused me to blush profoundly. Why wasn't he mad – and was he actually laughing?

'My, my, what I colourful language you use – such a temper,' he stated as he leaned towards my face, 'quite unbecoming of a young lady. You are as fiery as your hair Miss Persephone – and your face is too.'

I swear he smirked at that comment, causing my face to turn into a darker shade of vermilion Why the hell was my body like this? Damn my teenage hormones to the fiery pits of hell! Then, a devious thought flickered through my mind.

'Well Sir,' I said with a playful glance, 'play with fire and you might get burned.'

With that, I darted out of the room, glad that my comment had been just enough of a distraction to allow me to escape his clutches.

I was surprised at her display of aggression, using such a vulgar use of language that he was rather taken aback. Persephone's embarrassment – well, that had been rather satisfactory. Was she bipolar or something? One moment she cries, next she screams blue murder than tries to play with my mind – a cryptic puzzle to say the least. Her comment had made my heart jolt, for it was a coy side I had last seen on Olympus. It was most likely to distract me, but she had said it all the same. Well Persephone, I thought with a smirk, I can tame even the most furious fires of hell – you shall be an interesting challenge.

Sorry for Persephone's colourful language, but I thought it would be rather amusing to give her a temperamental personality rather than being a winy little girl XD Hope you guys are liking the story. Please R&R!