Danny Phantom

Danny Phantom: The New Kids

7 months earlier

Though void and empty during the day, the California desert known as Death Valley came to life after the last rays of the sun had disappeared over horizon. Animals that slept during the day now awakened and prowled the cooled sands. Insects hummed with a steady buzzing noise, and the sounds of animal noises echoing across the mesas and dunes could be heard everywhere. There was a bright explosion and loud 'bang' as whatever it was hit the earth with such force that the vibrations could be felt a mile away. There was a cloud of dust that was kicked up several feet in the air, illuminated by an explosion at the crash site. Stepping away from said explosion was a pale green skinned man with black hair that came to a point on two side, and red glowing eyes. He wore a silver and black outfit with a cape and had very sharp teeth that showed in the malicious smile he was smiling. Burning anger filled the man as he looked around at his surroundings.

"It's good to be back home" The man proclaimed as two dark rings appeared at his midsection, one traveling up his body, the other down, transforming the glowing green figure into a middle aged man with gray hair clad in a black business suit. His gray hair was tied in a ponytail and he spoke with a classy British accent. "Best get out of this desert. After all, revenge is a dish best served cold" he thought with smile.

Danny Phantom Theme Music:

He's a phantom

Danny Phan- Danny phan- danny phantom

Yo Danny Phantom he was just 14 when his parents built a very

strange machine

Designed to view a world unseen

(he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom phantom)

When it didnt quite work his

folks they just quit then Danny took a look inside of it

there was a great big flash

every thing just changed

his molecules got all rearranged

(phantom phantom)

When he first woke up he had realized he had snow white hair

and glowin green eyes

he could walk through walls

dissappear and fly

he was much more unique then the other guys

and it was then danny knew what he had to do

he had to stop all the ghosts that were comin through

he's here to fight for me and you

(he's gonna catch em all cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all

cuz he's danny phantom gonna catch em all cuz he's)

Danny Phantom

It was another day at Casper High School in Amity Park. 14 year old Danny Fenton a.k.a half-ghost superhero Danny Phantom, his best friend and mayor of Amity Park Tucker Foley, and girlfriend Samantha "Sam" Manson arrived at school. Ever since revealing his secret identity after saving the earth from the disasteroid, Danny's life had been a lot more hectic. It seemed as if he couldn't even get out of the house without being besieged by thousands of paparazzi.

After dodging tabloid reporters, enemy ghosts, and bloodthirsty fans, Danny and his friends barely made to Mr. Lancer's class on time. Mr. Lancer was introducing 2 new kids, a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes, and a quiet black kid with black hair and dark eyes with a black leather jacket, green leather pants, and blue sneakers who was the girl's boyfriend.

"Class, today we have 2 new students joining us. Please welcome McKenzie, and uh, what's your name?" Mr. Lancer said, before asking the kid with the hoodie his name.

"His name's Eddie" McKenzie said.

Immediately after Eddie's introduction, Danny's ghost sense went off.

"Uh Mr. Lancer?" Danny asked.

"Go ahead" Lancer answered, now used to Danny fighting ghosts during class.

Two rings of light surrounded Danny as he transformed into his ghostly alter ego Danny Phantom. As he flew out of the classroom, he noticed a blue wisp of air similar to his ghost sense coming from the side of Eddie's mouth. He shrugged it off and searched for a ghost, but couldn't find one.

"Stupid ghost sense" Danny said, irritated at the false alarm.

When Danny flew back into the classroom he caught Eddie glaring at him. As their eyes met, Danny noticed Eddie's dark almost black eyes briefly change to orange.

After class, Danny talked to his two friends.

"So, find any ghost?" asked Tucker.

"No, but I'm a little suspicious of that new Eddie kid." Danny answered.

As if on cue, the silent kid and his girlfriend arrived at Eddie's locker, which was right next to Danny's.

"Hi Eddie, my name's Tucker, mayor of Amity Park" Tucker introduced himself raising his hand to hi-5 the new kid.

Eddie responded by hi-5ing Tucker, still silent as ever though.

"C'mon Eddie, you haven't talked since the incident, it wasn't your fault." Said his girlfriend McKenzie, but Eddie still refused to talk.

As this was happening, Danny's ghost sense was going off like crazy.

"What Happened?" asked Sam.

"Eddie doesn't really like to talk about it, in fact he doesn't like to talk at all" McKenzie explained.

At just that moment, Dash Baxter, the school bully jock and football team quarterback, came over and pushed Eddie aside and started flirting with McKenzie.

"Hey hottie, Why not ditch the zero for a hero" Dash said.

Eddie pushed himself to where he was standing face to face with the bully.

"Oh so the geek's trying to stand up to the big dog, well how about I show the nerd the inside of his locker" Dash said, grabbing Eddie by his shirt collar and preparing to throw him into his locker, but Eddie threw Dash up against the locker, rammed his head into it, and punched him in the face, knocking Dash out cold while the whole school looked on.

Eddie then picked up his stuff and left with his girlfriend while Dash came to and groggily tried to figure out what happened. As soon as Eddie left, Danny's ghost sense stopped.

Later that day, Tucker invited Eddie to hang out with them at the Nasty Burger. Eddie nodded his head in agreement and that afternoon, he and his friends arrived at the Nasty Burger. Five minutes after they arrived, Danny's ghost sense went off and he heard a crash outside.

"I'm going ghost!" Danny shouted as he transformed into Phantom and flew outside to fight the threat.

Much to his dismay, the threat he had to face was the Ghost Zone's greatest hunter, Skulker.

"Just in time, child; I've got new weapons and I've been dying to test them out" Skulker snickered, pulling out a weapon modeled after an RPG-7, aimed it at Danny, and fired.

Danny barely managed to dodge the first two rockets. Another rocket exploded next to him, the force of the explosion sending him colliding into a building. Skulker blasted Danny a second time, this one being a direct hit; resulting in Danny reverting back to human form. Just as Skulker went in for the kill, an ectoblast stunned him. He and Danny both looked up to see another ghost. His eyes were fiery orange, he wore a black shirt with an #7 on the front, and had a ghostly tail, and his hair consisted of flaming braids. Save for the flaming hair, he looked like a normal person.

"Who the hell are you?" Skulker asked.

The other ghost remained silent and threw a lightning bolt at Skulker. The bolt sent thousands of volts of electricity through the hunter as he writhed in agony. Finally he collapsed, giving Danny the chance to capture him using the Fenton Thermos. Danny turned to thank the ghost, but he had completely vanished. Shrugging it off, Danny rejoined his friends but noticed Eddie was missing.

"Hey, what happened to Eddie?" he asked.

"We don't know, he disappeared when the crowd gathered around to see you fight" Tucker said.

Just then, Eddie came from behind and tapped Danny on the shoulder.

"Hey man, what happened to you" Danny asked.

Eddie pointed to the bathroom. The five friends went to hang out at the park. As they were leaving, neither of them noticed one of Vlad's spying devices spying on them.

"I ran that mute out of Vice City and now he's in Amity Park with my archenemy. Perfect, now I can crush two birds with one stone" Plasmius smiled wickedly.

Hey Guys, yeah I decided to rewrite this story... again. I didn't think revealing the new ghost's identity in the first chapter was a good idea. That and I decided to try and make Plasmius more ruthless and less comedic. Anyway, R&R, please no flames! By the way, I do not own Danny Phantom, all rights go to Bitch, I mean uh Butch Hartman.