Final Battle & Revenge (aka The Exchange Part 2)

"You sure this is the place?" Danny asked.

Shady nodded. He phased through the door and gestured for Danny to follow him. The inside of the mansion was dark. As they looked around, the duo heard a sinister voice behind them.

"It's about time you two showed up." Vlad snickered. He was sitting back in an armchair, a malicious smirk on his face.

"Look, we brought you the gauntlet now where are Sam and McKenzie?" Danny asked, incredibly irritated.

"Not so fast, toss over the gauntlet" Vlad demanded.

Shady looked at Danny, as if he was unsure of whether or not to trust Vlad.

"Hand it to him" Danny said.

Shady tossed the gauntlet over. Vlad smiled and began chuckling to himself.

"Alright we did your dirty work, now give them back." Danny demanded.

"Well a deal is deal so I'll keep my part" Vlad snickered. "Come on out, girls"

Sam and McKenzie stepped out of the shadows. Their eyes were blood red and they were aiming weapons at the duo.

"Surprised? Your precious girlfriends are on my side now" Vlad sneered as he transformed.

"What the fuck did you do to them?" Danny asked.

"Oh nothing, just a couple thousand volts of electricity. They fought valiantly but in dear time the torture took its toll" Plasmius said, giggling maniacally.

Shady lunged at him, but McKenzie shot him in the shoulder.

"I should've warned you that the weapon can affect halfas" Plasmius laughed.

Shady rolled his eyes and became invisible and was shot again.

"Equipped with thermal vision" Plasmius said. "For once I'm going to just sit back. I want to see you two suffer a painful death at the hands of your beloved"

Danny gritted his teeth in anger.

Sam and McKenzie each raised their weapons and opened fire on them. The duo dodge the shots causing a whole lot of damage. In the midst of the confusion, Plasmius was accidentally shot and knocked out of his chair.

"Hey! Watch where you aim those things" Plasmius growled.

"What do we do now?" Shady asked.

"We have to snap them out of their trance" Danny said.

"How the hell are we going to do that without hurting them or getting shot?"

"I don't know, you're the psychopath shouldn't you be able to think of something"

Shady sat back and started to think suddenly got an idea. Using his shape shifting abilities, he disguised himself as Plasmius.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Shady asked disguised as Plasmius.

The plan worked and the girls ceased fire.

"Don't fall for that phony, I'm the real Vlad and I'm ordering you to destroy them!" Vlad ordered.

Sam and McKenzie nodded and aimed their weapons at Shady again.

"Don't listen to him, that Vlad is an imposter!" Shady argued.

"This is preposterous, he's not even talking; that proves he's a fake; destroy him!" Vlad yelled.

"Don't listen to him, I would never refer to myself in third person" Shady replied.

Vlad snapped and blasted Shady.

"Oh I've been waiting for this" Shady said before bouncing back and throwing a fireball at the villain.

Vlad thudded against the wall. Shady dove onto him, throwing him through the concrete wall into the kitchen. As Plasmius grabbed his ribs, Shady opened the oven, turned it all the way up and tossed him inside and threw a fireball in with him before going intangible. Needless to say, a huge explosion ripped the kitchen apart causing shockwaves to be felt in the other room.

Meanwhile, Danny was in the middle of a standoff with Sam. He was trying to convince Sam to put the gun down.

"Sam, it's me, Danny; remember?" Danny said. "We're lovebirds"

Sam only giggled maniacally and shot at him. Danny barely jumped out the way in time.

"Sam, please stop this, it isn't you." He pleaded.

Sam stopped shooting for a minute, obviously confused. Danny took advantage and overshadowed her or tried to.

"Come on, Sam; snap out of it" Danny begged.

Sam fought him off. Danny managed to disarm her and pinned her against the wall.

"Sam, look it me; it's me Danny. You're my obsession, you've always been there for me; I love you" Danny said, looking directly in her eyes.

"Danny…" she choked out, finally returning to normal."Danny. Danny."

Danny looked down at her, and hugged her tightly to his chest.

"I'm so sorry, Sam…" he whispered holding back tears.

Back with Plasmius and Shady, the explosion had affected both of them. Plasmius took the worst of it while Shady had been flung onto his back. Plasmius shot spikes out of his hands, one of them impaling Shady in the side. Shady ripped it out but was then met with a powerful uppercut. Vlad cloned himself and let them loose on the young halfa. Shady fought hard but was blindsided by the real Vlad who grabbed him, and slammed him into the ground; breaking the floor and sending them both plummeting into the basement. As Shady tried to get up, Vlad kicked him in the gut… hard. Plasmius looked down at him, but Shady blasted him. Vlad flew through the ceiling right to the second floor. Shady grabbed Plasmius by his throat and slammed him against the wall.

"I should break you in two" Shady snarled telepathically.

"You don't have the guts… but I do" Vlad said before unexpectedly stabbed him in the knee and shoved him over the railing. Shady crashed into some crates, reverted to human form, and laid in a heap. "You've lost Cipriani, your dear girl is mine"

Vlad then tossed the gun to McKenzie.

"Now finish him off" he ordered.

McKenzie gave an almost insane smile and aimed the gun at Eddie, laughing madly to herself. Everyone stared in silence, the tension growing with every passing second.

"Well what are you waiting for shoot him." Vlad ordered.

McKenzie switched targets at the last minute and shot Vlad instead. Vlad collapsed and Shady ran over and hugged McKenzie. Sam and Danny joined them.

The happiness did not last long however as Vlad sent a huge blast at them, knocking the 4 heroes to the ground, stunning them. He then swooped over and grabbed McKenzie by her neck.

"Let her go!" Shady yelled.

"I don't seem to recall you being the one calling the shots here Mr. Cipriani." Vlad said letting out an evil laugh. "Remember your brother"

Shady backed down.

"You two are pathetic. You could have the world under your thumb with the powers you possess but you actually care for these weak mortals. I actually tried to help you… to teach you how to fully and properly utilize your powers but I guess I wasted my time." Plasmius rambled as McKenzie struggled in his grasp.

Having no other option, Eddie dropped to his knees.

"Alright you win Plasmius, I surrender" Shady said.

"I knew you would" Plasmius smiled. "It's a shame this beautiful young lady has die for me to achieve revenge"

McKenzie then kicked Vlad in the shin as hard as she could, causing Plasmius to loosen his grip and allowing her to escape.

"You Die, motherfucker!" Shady yelled, speaking for the second time and doing his best imitation of Tony Montana, blasting Plasmius right in the chest.

"Aye, Shady, why don't we show Plasmius the Sonic Boom?" Danny asked, remembering Scarface Montana's advice.

Shady nodded. Before Plasmius could get up, Danny unleashed the Ghostly Wail while Shady brought down continuous lightning bolts. The result was a second explosion. Vlad reverted back to human and lay convulsing from the continuous shocks, bleeding and covered with cuts and burns. Shady walked over to him and stared into his eyes.

"How does it feel, prick?" he asked, returning to sign language. "How does it feel to be in extreme pain and being unable to stop it; to be helpless while someone puts you through Hell?"

Vlad couldn't respond and spit up blood.

"I've had enough of you, it's time for you to die" Shady said raising his fist to deliver a fatal blow.

"Shady, don't do it" Danny yelled.

"Give me one good reason" Shady asked.

"You kill him, you'll be no better than he is; I mean you're a psychopathic former mafia hit man and all but you have some morals" Danny convinced him.

"Alright, Vladdy, Danny's convinced me not to waste you, but fuck with me or my friends again, I'll won't kill you; I'll murder you" Shady said before knocking Vlad out. "Now let's get out of here"

The mansion started to shake. Danny and Shady scooped an unconscious Sam and McKenzie in their arms bridal style and ran outside. The mansion collapsed on itself and exploded as the duo emerged outside.

Although they managed to get out alive, outside they were surrounded by Guys in White.

"Freeze, you're under arrest!"

"Hey asshole, leave those kids alone." Came a voice.

Danny and Shady turned their attention to a man in his early 60s wearing a blue-green Hawaiian shirt and blue jeans.

"Oh yeah and what are you going to do if we don't" the GIW commander challenged.

The man chuckled.

"You're obviously new to Vice City; this is my town" the man said.

"You're town? Ha! And tell me how this is your town, old man"

"Let's see, I own every 7 major assets, I'm the leader of the most powerful gang in Vice City, and oh yeah every cop, FBI agent, and soldier is on my payroll" the man replied before thousands of cops, gang members, and federal agents surrounded the Guys in White.

"Who are you?" the GIW commander asked.

"I'm Tommy Vercetti, prick and I don't appreciate you fucking with an old associate of mine" Tommy said before kicking the GIW commander in the nuts, causing him to drop to the ground and moan in pain. "Now take these assholes away."

Tommy's men obeyed and arrested every GIW.

"Eddie, nice to see you again" Tommy said, slapping hands with Shady.

"Same here" Eddie signed. "How did you know we were in trouble?"

"Well a couple friends of yours showed up at the Malibu and explained the situation and I decided to help" Tommy said as Jazz, Dani, and Tucker stepped from behind him.

"So is it over?" asked Tucker.

Shady nodded.

"And Plasmius?" Dani asked.

"Presumably dead" Danny explained pointing to the destroyed mansion.

"Well now that everything's taken care of; let's go home" Tucker said.

"How, our jet was destroyed by the Guys in White." Danny reminded him.

"Don't worry about that, I've got a fancy private jet down at Escobar International that I never use. Take that" Tommy offered.

"Alright, thanks" Danny said as they turned to leave.

"Anytime" Tommy replied.

So Danny and his friends flew home.

On the plane, Danny and Shady turned to their girlfriends.

"We're really sorry about" Danny started.

"Letting you get kidnapped and tortured by an evil, insane fruit loop" Shady finished.

"It's OK-" Sam said before Danny interjected.

"No, it's not OK, both of you could've been killed" Danny pointed out.

"We should've came with you to make sure you were safe" Shady said

Sam and McKenzie leaned over and kissed both of them.

"It's OK, you both saved us" McKenzie said.

"Next time though, you won't need saving" Danny said.

"And if Vlad ever hurts you again, I will not hesitate to kill him." Shady added, turning to Danny. "And if I've gotta put you down to, I will because no matter what you will not get in my way"

Danny smiled. Jazz, Dani, and watched the 4 lovebirds while the plane cruised into the sunset. Everyone was glad that the ordeal was over… or was it?

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Plasmius Strikes Back

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