This story is a random crossover between 3 movies: Hotel Transylvania, Lorax and Rise of the Guardians. (with a few cameo appearances from different movies, but let's just focus on the three) It's been on my mind for a while and I decided to write it down. ENJOY!

Chapter 1: tickets to 'THAT THING'

There was a pale skinned teen-aged boy with white hair, a blue hoodie, tan pants and no shoes; he was just chilling at his place when suddenly his cell phone rang (A/N: just go with it) The teen's name was Jack Frost, the carefree spirit of winter and he looked at who was calling him "Hello?" Jack said. "Hey Jack it's me" replied the voice of the person who was calling. This person was tall, lanky and had black hair he was wearing a grey fedora, white shirt, grey vest over the shirt, dark jeans with stripes on then and had pointy shoes, this young man was the Once-ler. Once-ler was calling Frost through a payphone.

"Hey Once-ler!" said Jack knowing the voice of his friend "Dude I am so pumped that we get to go get tickets for 'THAT THING' tonight" Once-ler and Frost both manage to get money for tickets to see a band called 'THAT THING' and tonight was the last chance to get any. "Yea… About that…" said Once-ler. "What is it?" said Frost in a semi-shocked tone. Then Once-ler mumbled something "I didn't hear you could you say that again?" asked Frost, Once-ler continued to mumble. "I'm sorry but it sounded like you said you accidentally spend all of the money for the tickets!" said Frost in a somewhat angry tone. "I did…" replied Once-ler in shame. "WHAT HAPPENED!" yelled Frost. "I was at the bar, There were these 2 HOT Swedish girls right next to me, one thing lead to another and it's just complicated from there…" replied the Once-ler. "How are we going to get any money now? Tickets sell out tonight!" said Frost. "Hear me out dude, I know a quick way to get cash! I'll meet you at your place!" said Once-ler.

Later Once-ler told frost his plan to get cash quick. "Babysitting? Really?" replied Jack. "Dude, think about it, kids usually go to bed at 9. So by the time we get payed and go to the stadium to purchase the tickets, we'll be set!" said the Once-ler. "Well I know that dumb pink thing you invented won't get us any cash!" Jack of course was talking about the Thneed, an object with a thousand uses, Once-ler has sold NOT a one. "It's revolutionary!" said Once-ler. "It's just pink pajamas with a big hole in it…" replied Frost. "Still, who's going to need their babysitters this time at night?" asked Once-ler.

Meanwhile, in another part of town there was a cave, thought it was a cave on the outside, it had electricity, plumbing on the inside. In this house was a big, slouched over Werewolf wearing a blue button-up short-sleeved shirt and tie with pants and he was on the phone. "Hello Grieg? It's me Wayne… Werewolf… I live in the cave outside of your neighborhood?… Yea you remember me now… Listen, my wife Wanda and I are going out and we need someone to watch ours kids and…" Long tone is heard "Hello? Hello? Figures…" said Wayne as he hung up the phone knowing that they would hang up. "What's wrong dear?" asked Wayne's wife Wanda, who was also a werewolf but smaller then him, more female looking as well as thin and she was wearing a stretched out yellow dress. "They hung up…" He replied. "Maybe we shouldn't go out…" pondered Wanda. "NO! WE CAN'T! I HAVE WAITED TOO LONG FOR THIS AND I CAN'T WAIT ANYMORE CAUSE IF I DON'T GET ANYTIME AWAY FROM THEM! I'LL GO COMPLETELY INSANE!" Yelled Wayne, shocking his wife. "I'm sorry I went out like that, it's just ever since the kids were born there was never a time where it was just you and me, and the kids weren't there…" said Wayne calming down. "I'm sure someone we'll come up soon…" replied Wanda.

Just a few feet away Jack and Once-ler were on there way to the Werewolves house. "are you sure about this?" asked Frost. "Of course I am." said Once-ler. "Look, we needed someone looking for sitters and people were talking about this place" said Once-ler. "Yea, but don't that it was in a good way." said Frost. "Well, were here" said Once-ler at the front of the cave and then he rang the doorbell that sounded like a howl. Wayne answered the door and both Frost and Once-ler were shocked "What do you want?" asked Wayne. "Uhhh… were here because we heard that you guys needed a sitter…" replied Once-ler trying to not freak out. "You are? OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" said Wayne in relief. "Honey the Suckers… I mean… Sitters are here" Said Wayne to his wife. "Good to meet you two…" said Wanda and Jack and once-ler gave the same reaction to Wanda they did to Wayne. "What?" said Wayne. "It's because we're Werewolves isn't it?" He said. Both Frost and Once-ler nodded nervously. "You know what, since I'm getting into a good mood right now, I'll let you guys off easy…" he said. "Now we need you two to make sure our little pups are feed, played with and in bed by the time we get back" Wanda said. "Here's their schedule and stuff" Wanda said giving Once-ler a very thick bunch of Stapled papers. "It's kind of thick isn't it?" asked Frost. "It's thick enough" said Wayne. "Me and Wayne are going out for the first time since the pups were born." Wanda said cuddling Wayne's arm. "Oh need a jump start on the marriage?" said Once-ler. "Sort of…" said Wayne. "One more thing, When we get back we want this place looking exactly as we left it…" Wayne said. "It looks wrecked" said Once-ler. "It's as nice as it's going to get… and if you do a good job, we'll give you you're pay…" Wayne replied. "The pups are in their bedroom down the hall. Okay goodbye" Wanda said in a nice and motherly like tone. With that both Wayne and Wanda were out for a night on the town. "Bye have fun with you're rest and romance!" said Once-ler as the 2 werewolves drove off.

"Aren't you suspicious Once-ler?" said Frost "About what?" said Once-ler. Both were making their way to the puppies' bedroom "Everything… the dad wanting to leave eagerly, the thick list and the wrecked house." "Will you stop worrying they have to at least like what 7 pups? Come on how many pups can they have" said Once-ler and just as he said that he opened the door to the pups bedroom and saw they had at least 20-something puppies ransacking the whole room in a wild manor the all were small, had black long-sleeved shirts, some of them wore maroon long-sleeved shirts and all had black dog collars on them. "You were saying?" said Frost.

My First Fanfic in a LONG time, so be nice... I might be a little rusty.