Chapter 2: Meet the pups…

Jack Frost and Once-ler were both shocked, just those two werewolves are the parents of all those puppies. Jack Frost punches Once-ler in the arm. "What was that for?" said Once-ler "That's strike 2! Strike 1 was when you spent the money!" Frost answered. "I'll handle this…" said Once-ler "Hey could I have have all you little guys ears for a minute?" asked Once-ler. The pups stopped wrecking the room and saw the two guys and gave then curious looks "Okay, Thank you now you're parents are out for the night and we are here to watch you guys for them until they get back…" said Once-ler. "So since there is two of us and like 20 of you? I'm gonna need you all of you to help us out…" said Once-ler. "There's 26 of us here!" said one of the pups correcting Once-ler. "Well that makes things easier… if you're a boy pup raise your paw!" nearly every pup raises their hands. "Really you're parents didn't have any girls?" said Frost. "There's Winnie, but she's taking a nap." said another Pup. "Frost would you mind waking her up please?" asked Once-ler. "Fine…" Frost replied as he walked over to a small, adorable werewolf pup who looked like her brothers, but she was wearing a pink long-sleeved dress, had pigtails on her head, a pink pacifier in her mouth, a blanket in her hand, and just like her brothers; she had a black dog collar around her neck too. As soon as Winnie wakes up Frost picks her up and once she sees him for the first she starts getting a very love-struck look on her face and she even blushed a little. Winnie just got her first crush, and it was on Jack Frost. Jack Frost had a confused look on his face. "Uhhh… why is she looking at me like that?" asked Frost.

"Hey Kids look! Your baby sister's got a boyfriend!" said Once-ler as he made kissy noises. Some pups went "AWWW…", Others went "EWWWW!" and even one pup said "STAY AWAY FROM MY BABY SISTER!" that one was Wilbur as he immediately switched into protective big brother, ready to fight Jack. "Calm down dude" said Wally, another werewolf pup. Like that, Wilbur was calm enough to not attack Frost anymore. "Well, according to the list your parents gave us, it's dinner time right about now…" Once-ler said. Then all the pups followed Once-ler to the dining room (3 of the pups were only a few months old so three older pups carried them down with them) and Frost, with Winnie hugging his chest ever so tightly was right behind them.

Meanwhile, Wayne and Wanda were at a fancy restaurant place, Wayne seeing a concerned look on his wife's face "Wanda? What's wrong? It's the pups isn't it?" He asked. She nodded, "Look, you're just suffering from a thing called 'separation anxiety' this is what we need, some time to ourselves… and when it's NOT a family vacation" he said comforting his wife. "I guess you're right…" she said. "Still…" "Don't worry, I'll call the house every now and then for you…" he said. This made Wanda feel a bit better, Wayne is normally a very miserable monster that isn't so kind hearted, but for his wife, who was a very sweet, loving, caring monster, and because he loves her more then anything, he'd do anything for her… (A/N: *Holds up a sign the reads 'AWWWWW'*)

Back at the werewolves' cave-house, Once-ler was getting dinner started all he saw was raw sheep-meat in plastic containers and a note on it that reads 'This is their dinner, you don't need to cook it, we like our meat raw, but make sure that everyone gets enough pieces, signed, Wanda and Wayne' "That should be easy enough…" said Once-ler "Jack, you mind helping me pass these out?" he asked "whatever" said Frost signaling he's having a bad time right now "Alright then, One for you, One for you, One for you…" Once-ler said pacing out all the raw meat.

After everyone got a fair mount of raw sheep meat, "Do you guys want anything to drink?" asked Once-ler. "Jyust get some milk for our Winnie and the other three little pups…" said Wilbur. "Okay I'll check the fridge and be right back" Once-ler said.

Then when Once-ler opened the fridge, all he saw was three tiny roaches in the fridge playing poker on an empty, plastic container that they were all using as table, and the roaches started shivering "HEY YA MORON!" Said one roach with a Brooklyn accent "WHAT'S A MATTA WITH YOU? WHERE YA BORN IN A BARN? GET ON OUTTA HERE YOUZE! AND GET SOME MILK!" he said. Then Once-ler closes the Fridge door with a dull look on his face.

Once-ler then resort to the thick list he was given, and said there is some milk in the bottom part of the fridge, and when Once-ler got the milk he went back to the dining room. "Alright I'm back with the… where did they go?" asked Once-ler seeing how all the pups were no longer stting a the table. "They all left while your back was turned…" said Frost. "WHY DIDN'T YOU STOP THEM?" yelled Once-ler. "I have my own issures to deal with…" said Jack as he shows that Winnie is still hugging him in an loving embrace, and she even started whimpering in cute tone. "Okay we need to get them all here and fast!" Once-ler said. "You take upstairs, I'll take downstairs" "No way!" said Jack. "Do you want tickets to THAT THING or not?" said Once-ler. "fine…" Jack said. With that, the search was on…

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