IT'S NEW CHAPTER TIME! (no reference to adventure time, honest!)

Chapter 3: Werewolf Wreckers

Once-ler and Jack (with Winnie still hugging him) we're trying to find the other pups. They succeeded , but when they found them… they were ransacking the whole house like they did with the room earlier.

"I really wish I had shoes on right now…" said Jack as he stepped on a very wet spot on the floor.

Once-ler then sees that some pups are in another room."I have you now!" said Once-ler to four of the pups just then one pup lit a match and threw it down to the furnace room. "NOOOOO!" Once-ler screamed as he runs to get the match. "You little runts, what are you trying to do blow the whole house up? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?!" he said walking his way back up putting out the match. The puppies didn't know what happened but they like seeing Once-ler freak out, so they lit another match and throw it again ."NNOOOOOO!" yelled Once-ler doing what he just did before "Alright that's it! If you little brats do that just ONE MORE TIME! I'm NOT going after it!" he said. Then they did it again, Once-ler stopped himself and looked away, humming a tune tapping his foot, after that playing with a paddle ball, looking at where they threw the match and then discards the paddle ball and plays solitaire with actual playing cards and looking back at the furnace room. "AAHHH YOU TRY TO MAKE A POINT!" he said running to the furnace room. Bad news, he was too late. Good news, the house didn't blow up, but the furnace room was covered in soot, including the Once-ler "You little jerks…" he said to the puppies making his way up from the now covered in soot furnace room.

Meanwhile, "Do I know you from somewhere?" said Scampers, the talking, immortal rabbit. "I've never seen you before in my life" said Wayne " Because I swear I have heard you voice somewhere before…" Scamper said. "Look, I would like to discuss this but I'm on a date with my wife and it's the first time in years" said Wayne. "Alright whatever…" said Scampers as he walked… or hopped… whatever away. "I'll check in on the pups" said Wayne as he just remembered his promise to Wanda. "Thanks sweetie" said Wanda.

"RIDE'EM DONKIES! TOP OF THE WORLD MAAAAAHHHHHH!" yelled one of the puppies that was swinging from the drapes and as soon as he said that he fell of, but Jack frost manage to catch him before anything terrible would happen to the pup.

Then the phone rang, Jack Frost wasn't that far from it, so he picked it up. "Hello?" he said. "Hey, this is Wayne calling in to see how the pups are doing?" Wayne said at the other line. "You have a lot of kids… Reckless kids if I might add" said Jack. "Don't remind me…" whispered Wayne "I use to to have great smelling until I started changing diapers!" he still whispered. "Anyways, other then that… everything seems to be okay, we're wrangling them up as we speak, but do any of them NOT act like this…" said Jack. "Just Winnie… the little girl pup" said Wayne. "Oh, well I think Winnie has a crush on me…" said Jack. "Really?" said Wayne. "What is it?" asked Wanda hearing Wayne. "Winnie has a crush on one of the two sitters" Wayne said. "Awww, is it the boy with the white hair?" she said "I think so" he replied. "Well if you guys are done we'll get back to holding t5he fort down as much as we can" said Jack. "Alright see you when we get back. Just make sure the house isn't as wrecked as when we left it…" said Wayne and the call ended. "How are things?" asked Wanda. "Fine…" answered Wayne. "That's good." she replied. "Is there anything I can get you two?" asked the waiter. "We'll have the beef special and I don't care how it's cooked we'll even eat it raw!" said Wayne. "uhhh… coming right up" said the waiter who was starting to feel uncomfortable.

"Who was that?" asked Once-ler. "It was the werewolf dad who wanted to check up on things…" said Jack. "Does he know about his kids behavior?" asked Once-ler. "Ohhh, yes." replied Jack. They both knew they were in for a long night…

Kinda short, but I hope this was worth the wait for some of you guys. Well… see you all later… yay…