The world outside my window,

Captivates my imagination,

Leaving it to plough,

Through the depredation.

A paradise I cannot reach,

So many innocent beings,

So many I wish to impeach,

All striving for happy endings.

The frame is gruelling to cross,

But shall never stop my attempts,

The other world shall soon be at loss,

Slowly it wimps, and I sneak a glimpse.

Once I pass the barrier,

I stick to the shadows,

Marauding like a harrier,

I prepare the gallows.

Something becomes caught,

In all that is lost,

Someone enticed by a love knot,

Vision shielded by frost.

The knot begins to tighten,

And soon begins to entwine.

They fall deeper into the curse,

And there is no hope of cure,

There is no way of nursing,

This child back to pure.

Feeling proud,

That this is my deed,

I hear the screams aloud,

Knowing this is my creed.

Retreating back to my window,

I observe the torment,

From the safety of my shadow,

The opposing world has finally been introduced to my lament.