This is a sequel to Blue Fire and Green Ice, could stand alone I suppose but I recommend reading Blue Fire and Green Ice before reading this fic.

Orange and Yellow Roses


A young woman with shoulder-blade length black hair wakes up slowly from her sleep. Yawning tiredly as she allows her bright blue eyes to adjust to the light. Running a hand through her messy hair out of habit, she changes out of her PJs and pulls on her uniform. A pair of black pants along with a black tank. She tops it off with a black wind-breaker that holds the Avengers logo on her left breast. Tying back her hair and pulling on her shoes she makes her way out of her room.


"Hey Alex! Good morning!" she hears a voice call and turns to see Tony.

"Hey Tony, what's up?" Alex replied with a smile.

"Not much. Just working on a new suit. But hey almost forgot, Happy Birthday. You're the big 2 and 1 aren't you?" Tony says as he ruffles her hair.

Alex couldn't help but grin.

It seemed like yesterday when she was so sure that she wouldn't even live to see eighteen. But then it seemed so long ago at the same time.

"Yep, I was going to Asgard to hang out with Loki and then see if him and Thor would like to come down and celebrate with all of us." Alex told Tony as they made their way to the kitchen for breakfast.

"That's cool. I've got everything ready. Your twenty-first is going to be amazing!" Tony said with a bright grin.

Alex gave him a suspicious look, "They're better not be any strippers bursting through the door for this party." Alex said with a serious look.

About a month ago after the group learned her birthday was coming up, Tony took it upon himself to prepare Alex's party. He had suggested everything from strippers, a giant party that would take up a whole stadium or even renting Vegas for the night where they would drink to their hearts content. All of which Alex turned down (well minus the drinking part).

Instead they decided to keep it at Stark tower where everyone lived now and just a fun SMALL party.

"No! Of course not! You said no strippers so no strippers shall appear!" Tony said, still wearing a mischievous grin.

Alex gave him a doubtful look but took him at his word. The two reached the kitchen where Alex was greeted with many happy birthday wishes.

"Thanks guys." Alex said as she pulled some eggos from the freezer.

"So we're all going to party tonight?" Natasha asked as she started cooking eggs.

"Yep, it'll be fun and I'm going to go see if Loki and Thor would like to join us." Alex said as she grabbed her waffles from the toaster.

"Well I'll be in my room when the drinking starts." Bruce mumbled as he dug into a bagel he made.

"Nu-uh, you are so partying with us and that is the birthday girl's wish." Alex said as she proceeded to dump half the syrup in the bottle on her waffles. Bruce gave her a worried look but knew arguing was pointless.

"So I take it there will be no drinking?" Clint asked as he took the eggs Natasha had been cooking for himself.

"No there will be, but not till later." Alex mumbled through a mouth-full of waffle.

"You may be twenty-one now but you still eat like a 10 year old." Tony commented before proceeding to spill some of his lucky charms on himself.

"You're one to talk." Alex said with a smirk as she finished up her meal.

"See you all later tonight! And seriously Tony, there better be no strippers coming through that door when I get back." Alex said as she fixed a cold look on Tony who merely gave a garbled yes through his cereal.


Alex reached the lower level of Tony's lab where it was much safer to teleport and opened the Bifrost to Asgard.

Alex landed in her usual spot, the forest near Asgard. She may have learned to teleport on a whim from dimension to dimension but her landing was still awful.

She made her way to the castle. It had been a year since Alex and Loki and first gotten together. So much had changed. Jane lived on Midgard still, visiting Thor every now and then. Loki had become an adviser to Thor in helping him learn all the skills he would need to be king one day.

Alex visited with Jane frequently to see Loki. The two of them spending their time in Loki's garden or talking about what had been going on. Loki had changed so much. He became warmer, less harsh and cold which was really starting to earn him points with the warriors three. Last time she visited, they had apparently invited Loki with them for drinks instead of Thor.

Alex made her way up the castle steps. The guards letting her pass with ease as they already knew who she was. Alex walked through the doors and was greeted by Loki who had been let known about her visit by Hemidall. He swept her up instantly in a hug and planted a kiss on her lips before pulling away.

"Happy Day of Birth" Loki said with a smile and Alex grinned back at him. She was about to correct him when Thor came running down the hall.

"Lady Nixon it is a pleasure to see you! Happy Day of Birth!" he said as he pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Whoa big guy! Easy, I'd like my spine to stay intact." Alex said with laugh.

"And its Happy Birthday not Happy Day of Birth, sillies." Alex chided as she was set back down on the floor by Thor.

"Well same thing. You are twenty-one and I heard from the man of iron that it is a big thing in your realm!" Thor exclaimed happily and Loki looked curious.

"It's nothing really. It's just the age you get to drink legally. That's about it though no-one even pays attention to that rule once they're eighteen. Which reminds me, would you two like to join the team and I down in Midgard for drinks?" Alex asked.

Loki grinned, "Of course we would Milady." Loki said as he grabbed her hand and planted a kiss on the top of her hand.

"Yes! I shall best all of you in a drinking contest!" Thor said with a laugh as Alex just gave him an amused look while Loki just shook his head with a sigh.

"Well enough of this chatter! The warriors three and I have planned a special party as your gift!" Thor exclaimed excitedly as he grabbed Alex's arm and started to drag her along as Loki followed beside them.

"Did you know about this?" Alex asked and Loki smirked.

"Of course." he said with a mischievous glint in his eye and Alex just allowed herself to be dragged along.

The three soon reached the dining hall where a table of food and various drinks were set up. The warriors three along with Sif were there.

"Hello Lady Nixon." Each one greeted her. To her shock and Loki's jealously, Fandral was the one to plant a small kiss on Alex's hand along with a smirk and wink.

Alex pulled away from Fandral with a weirded out look as the blonde warrior continued to stare at her with a smirk. Luckily before Alex could remark about the action, Thor had already poured everyone a drink and was passing out goblets.

"Thank you Thor." Alex said as she took her drink. She kept an eye on Fandral who was now merrily joking with Volstagg.

"Cheers to Lady Nixon on her Day of Birth!" Thor cheered as he took a huge swig from his drink.

"Cheers!" Everyone called. They took huge swigs of their own beverage. Alex took a small sip not wanting to get tipsy so early.

Soon the small party group was just sitting around, telling stories and drinking. The whole time Alex sat with Loki who couldn't help but notice how drunk Fandral was getting. He had been flirting with her all afternoon and it was starting to freak her out. The last straw was when he "accidentally" fell on her and "accidentally" kissed her near the mouth seeing as she turned her head quickly.

Loki was about to perform a "little" trick that would disfigure the blonde but Alex was already on it.

"Watch it!" she growled as she shoved Fandral off her. He gave her a lopsided smile before laughing. Alex quirked an eyebrow at him.

"What is your deal?!" she growled. It had been about a year ago when he made the comment that she wasn't even that pretty but he was trying to get at her now. He smiled.

"You got so pretty by growing out your hair and your breast look bigger." he commented and instantly the room grew cold.

Loki eyes were already red but once again Alex was on it. Alex stood up and grabbed the drunk blonde by his shirt. The others looked on curious and slightly fearful for their friend. Alex stood him up and quietly dusted him off the whole time. He had a triumph look on his face like he thought this was normal. Even Loki couldn't help but stand there wandering what the hell was Alex doing too.

"Well, looks like you realized who the better looking man is." Fandral said with a drunken slur as he laughed. Alex gave him a smirk as she patted his cheek. She turned away from him and before Fandral could even register what had happened, Alex let all her power go to her legs and whirled around landing a bone-shattering quick to his face which sent him flying.

Thor, Volstagg, Hogun and Loki just watched with pained looks as the blonde flew into the wall. Sif looked very impressed.

"You should learn to treat woman with respect. Besides...Loki's way better looking than you and twice the man you are." Alex declared as she took a seat again, the rest followed in suit.

Fandral was left where he crashed as they continued with the merry-making.


Evening fell, Alex bid them farewell and thanked them for the party. Thor finally told the group to take Fandral to the healing room and with that the trio left. They got outside and Loki was about to ask why they had stopped. They still had to get to the observatory so that Hemidall could send them off.

"Don't worry guys! I got this!" Alex declared as she grabbed their wrist and instantly Loki and Thor tried to persuade her out of it. Last time she had offered to take them to Midgard via her Bifrost, both had agreed but quickly realized… via Bifrost la Alex meant a painful fall.

The trio landed painfully in the training hall. "Remind me to give you a lesson on landing." Loki mumbled as he helped her up and Thor stood, slightly dazed.

"I never did get the whole landing thing down." Alex said with a sheepish grin.

Loki snapped his fingers and both him and Thor were suddenly in normal human clothing.

"Impressive brother! I like this shirt very much!" Thor exclaimed as he checked out his new look.

The three made their way up stairs where they found the group there to surprise Alex.

Tony passed around beers to everyone and the party commenced.

Alex leaned over to Steve, "You made sure he didn't get any strippers through the door?" she asked and Steve nodded. "Good." Alex said as she quietly high five him.

For the next hour the Avengers spent their time time drinking, telling stories and finally managed Bruce to down three beers much to the scientist displeasure. Well that was till after the third beer that he was slightly buzzed.

"Now time for some cake!" Tony declared and everyone watched as Tony wheeled in a giant cake that was two times taller than him.

"Damn Stark, what's with the huge cake? We all have to stay in shape you know." Alex said as she eyed the giant dessert.

"Oh don't worry Alex, you'll love it!" he declared and before Alex could say anything else, a muscled cop suddenly busted from the cake.

"Happy Birthday beautiful." the cop drawled before tearing off his shirt and flinging it at her. The shirt smacked her in the face and Steve stood next to her with a mixed expression of "Omg-did-a-cop-just-burst-from-that-cake!?" and "I'm-going-to-kill-Tony".

From there the party just got more wild. One more extremely muscled cop came bursting through the window along with two skimpy dressed female cops.

Alex tore the shirt from her face. "TONY!" She yelled, but the famous play-boy was already getting close and personal with a female cop.

Loki just looked around with a growling feeling of confusion that was quickly replaced with jealousy when the cop from the cake started grinding on his fiery-girl, who for the most part was trying very hard to get away but kept getting pulled back towards him.

"Thor, help me punish these fools!" Loki yelled but to his further annoyance Thor was found to be getting close to the other female cop that had came through the window.

Alex finally managed to break away from the stripper (who had began to take off his pants) and over to Tony where she pulled him over to her. "I thought I told you no strippers!" Alex growled and Tony gave her a lazy look.

"You said there better not be any strippers coming through the door. One came out of a cake and the rest came through a window." He pointed out and Alex had to resist burning Tony in the ass.

Alex saw her stripper coming her way and quickly ducked away past Bruce, who was currently dealing with the female stripper that Tony had been occupying. Alex made her way over to the bar where she quickly downed two beers and a shot of vodka.

"I'm not drunk enough for this..." Alex mumbled. Before she could react, her stripper found her, grabbed her from behind the bar and sat her on a stool. He abruptly ripped off his pants leaving him in a skimpy speedo and just his cop hat.

Alex turned her head but let a little nervous "eep" when the cop suddenly started pelvic thrusting near her.

Across the room Bruce was still trying to fight off his stripper. Steve found himself in the awkward position of trying not to faint from all the blood rushing to his face as the stripper Thor had been getting cozy with came after him. Natasha decided to just enjoy the other male stripper that came her way. A now drunk Tony laughed hysterically nearby. And Clint just did what Clint did best and observed the craziness from the safety of the banister.

Loki saw the stripper that currently had Alex cornered and finally lost. He stalked up to the stripper tapped him on the shoulder and landed a direct punch to his face that sent him stumbling. Just as Loki was about to ask Alex if she was alright and just why men were throwing their clothing at her, he was tackled by the stripper. Stripper number two saw his buddy fighting and jumped to help him which caused Thor (who was now drunk by the mead he drank earlier and the beers he had) to join in what he called "a manly fight to remember and that would honor their ancestors". This led Steve to try and break them up which caused him to get sucked in (or more like a certain billionaire genius came behind him and push him into the brawl for his enjoyment).

Natasha had enough and jumped in and with Clint's help, pushed the boys apart. But just as everyone thought things were about to calm down, they turned to see their doctor with anger-issues starting to hulk a bit from the alcohol he drank. From there, it just turned into the wildest brawl ever seen.

Alex swore that when her twenty-fifth rolled around, she was just going to hole up her room with a bottle of wine and some cake.



Alex found herself asleep on the couch. Her eyes slowly opened and she sat up slowly and her head was pounding. She found the place a wreck. There was a giant hole in the wall that resembled the hulk's form. She saw the Iron Man suit laying on the floor, she didn't see Tony so her best guess was that the billionaire was currently asleep in the metal suit.

She turned to see that behind her was Thor who was laying on the bar with his shirt off. A beer clutched in his hand and Mjölner on the floor. She looked down on the floor where Loki laid. He sported a split-lip and bruised eye. She moved and looked at the end of the couch where found Bruce in a pair of torn pants, no shirt and sleeping. When she heard snoring above her, she looked up to see Clint hanging from the banister, alseep.

It took Alex a minute to remember what had happened. The brawl, the strippers running away screaming when Bruce suddenly hulked. Tony getting his Iron Man suit and fighting drunk with hulk. Thor and Loki tried to help but Hulk had smashed a wall. Natasha had just left the room and Clint had tried to help but was thrown up in the ceiling where he knocked out. Alex summoned a huge charge of energy and managed to knock everyone out and send the Hulk back into Bruce. This sent her falling on the couch due to her drinking and overuse of power.

Alex massaged her head as the light made her feel like her head was going to explode.

Ugh... why are there lights!? Why is there a sun!? Light is overrated! Alex thought as she pulled her jacket over head. But just as she was about to resign herself to being a vampire for the rest of her life (or for at least the day), her phone buzzed in her pocket.

"Ugh!" Alex grumbled as she fished her phone out her pocket. She snapped it open, "The hell you want? You're a blocked number so who are you?" Alex growled.

"Alex this is Nick Fury. We need the Avengers help..." Nick said trailing off and Alex felt her head pound harder, anger seeping through her.

"And just why would I help the guy who kicked me from the Avengers and wants me arrested?" Alex snarled, anger and annoyance lacing her words.

"We've located Schmidt and he has stolen the Tessaract."

Alex felt her eyes widened and shot up.

"What?! How?! The Tessaract is on Asgard?!" Alex demanded but all she heard was a sigh from the other end of her phone.

"Please come. I'm sending a car to pick you all up in half an hour. This is serious and can't be discussed over the phone." Nick said and before Alex could argue, he ended the call.

Alex stared at the screen. She flopped back on the couch.

"I thought the day after your twenty-first was suppose to be spent moaning about your hangover. Why am I the only one who has to deal with freaky Germans and stolen Norse relics...?" Alex questioned before pulling herself off the couch to go wake up the rest of the team.


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