Hello Fanfiction readers and Dragcave players alike.

What you are reading now is a collection of my dragcave fanfictions and short stories.

Most of these are not very long, though there are some exceptionally lengthy ones. They are mostly told by my dragcave dragons! My goal is to write one for and in the perspective of every one of my dragons, and I have over 500 (onoz a gold trophy), so I've got a very big task ahead of me. I will finish it some day, however. Some day. :L

Typically, these stories will be in first person, told by the dragon. The dragon who tells the story has their name next to the title. There will also be the date that it was written, along with a short summary at the top, which also tells you, again, which dragon is narrating it.

The dragons may also use unique vocabulary and refer to different dragons. Keep in mind that at the date of the fanfic being written, certain dragons might have not belonged to my clan. Please do not be confused if newer stories reference dragons or breeds that older stories do not recognize. This is because at the time of the writing, that dragon or breed did not belong to my clan and, indeed, did not exist yet.

Please note that these stories are NOT related to each other. Each of them is an independent story. To avoid spamming/flooding the Dragcave fanfiction section full of these small, independent stories, I have decided to group them together into one large collection. Each chapter is a different story that unless otherwise specified, is NOT related to the others (you can consider them one-shots).

But first, before you read, here are some basic facts about my dragons, along with some peculiar vocabulary that they might use.

My Clan's Leaders (along with their birth date):

Isendae Anamatus - Feb 19 2012

Nocte Entitae Rasvim - Feb 19 2012

Midnight Jubilante - May 01 2012


"Clan" = My dragcave scroll, along with the dragons on it. A 'clan member' is one of my dragcave dragons.

"Cave" = Again, my dragcave scroll. Used much less commonly than "Clan". Some of my dragons obstinately insist on using it though.

"Leader" = One of my clan's leaders. They generally lead the clan and direct its activities.

"Snatcher" = These are dragons on my scroll which are assigned to grab eggs from the abandoned page and bring them back to my clan (no, not in real life, but this is my 'explanation' for how I get eggs from the AP). The way the Snatchers get to the eggs is through a portal which takes them to the Abandoned Page, which is realized in my fanfics as a large central cave with a pile of abandoned eggs in the center.

"Protector" = These are dragons on my scroll which are assigned to protect my clan's snatchers (see above) from attacks and other dangerous encounters such as other dragons trying to steal eggs from my Snatchers.

A brief history of my clan:

I started with four dragons in February of 2012, just 4 days after valentine's day. These four dragons were an albino, a guardian, a nocturne, and a balloon which I killed as a test (rest in peace). The original three quickly grew into a dozen, and then two, and then three. Two of the original three became leaders right from the start.

My official policy from the start was simple: name and describe all dragons. Of course I could name easily, but describing was more labor-intensive. Still, I loved my dragons enough to do it. And so my clan grew and grew, past the releases, past the days and weeks and months. I attained the bronze trophy, but was too busy hunting rares with that extra 5th space to really celebrate. There was also another small highlight: the introduction of a third leader, Midnight Jubilante, who would become the dominant backbone of the clan, assisting her senior leaders with her practical, robust, yet intuitive and sensitive leadership.

My other policy was to get rares. Rares, rares. Rares all over. I snatched trios, dinos, papers, everything. Halloween and Christmas were amazing to me. Sadly, after that my participation in Dragcave began to decline. I fell behind in descriptions. When I finally did come back, I had lost my quick touch and couldn't get any more rares for weeks. One highlight brightened my day: I had finally achieved the silver trophy.

At this time, my closely-knit cave slackened as a revolution swept my descriptions: now there were hilarious, odd, and strange descriptions, instead of descriptions that were more integrated with the cave. As a result, there were more dragons living on their own, more strange and funny and insanely weird dragons. My central clan had less power now, as more and more members of my scroll began moving out of the central territory camp. Many of my modern descriptions nowadays do not mention anything about the camp. Perhaps that will change. In the meantime, I must attend to my new shiny golden trophy and my 500+ dragons all wanting descriptions!

I will periodically add more fanfics to this collection! Stay tuned for more fanfics daily!