Nocte Entitae Rasvim - Our First Halloween

Nocte Entitae Rasvim, one of the leaders of my clan, tells of the halloween happenings around the clan camp and territory.

Written 10/25/12.

Halloween approaches. I know this to be a fact.

How do I know? Everyone insists on telling me so. After all, I am one of the leaders of the over 200 dragons that make up my clan. Somebody was bound to tell me of the news. Just a few minutes ago Midnight Jubilante, another one of the clan leaders, stopped by to wish me a "Scary Halloween, Nocte Entitae!"

But there is another way that I know. I know because of the abandoned pile. I have been there countless of times, but not recently. Back when the clan was young, when it was only old Isendae, Albastre, and I, I was in charge of getting eggs from the abandoned pile. Not now. We have snatchers now. Brave dragons they are, venturing to the abandoned pile and diving right in to get us rare eggs. I admire their spirit, their resolve, how they do not hesitate to enter the dangerous conditions to take eggs. When you're trying to grab rare eggs and there are up to a hundred other snatchers, it's no easy task. It might even be dangerous. I speak from a first-hand experience. Once, I was pinned under a bloated balloon dragon. The fellow thought it would be smart of him to rise up and dive-bomb the pile. Needless to say, it was very uncomfortable being pinned under his huge mass for a few minutes until he realized I was stuck down there, choking and gasping for air.

As for the abandoned pile, my snatchers report that halloween eggs have been dropping by the masses. Paragon II and the others were the first of our clan to see a black marrow egg. It was snatched away before he could touch it. Later, he admitted it was because he was so shocked at the sight of the egg that he didn't notice a quick, nimble pygmy dragon dart under him and take it out from right under his wings. But Paragon II is an excellent snatcher. Of course he didn't take defeat for an answer! He managed to snag us another black marrow egg. It was my clan's first halloween egg. I was so proud...and a bit disgusted by the horrific, dead-decaying-body-mixed-with-swamp-waste smell the egg gave off.

Eventually, the snatcher team came back in glory. They had snatched a pumpkin egg, a half-transparent shadow walker egg (which kept disappearing, much to the annoyance of the snatcher carrying it), and another black marrow egg, which I immediately ordered to be abandoned. The putrid smell of one of those vile eggs was bad enough, not to mention three (yes, Paragon II brought back three. I still have no idea why). Besides, I did not want to be like those snobby gold-trophy users, stuffing themselves silly with eggs and leaving none for the others. Pah. One of each kind is good enough. Perhaps maybe two of those nice looking shadow-walkers, but no more than two. Those eggs disappear too much for their own good.

The whole clan crowded around the eggs, fighting to look at them. This was, indeed, our first holiday. Isendae Anamatus, Albastre Mere, and I had, unfortunately, banded together and formed a clan four days after valentine's day, and we were unable to snatch eggs, since only clans were granted portals to the abandoned pile. Eventually, fearing that someone would break the eggs, Beacker1160, Albastre Mere, and Violet Dawn (a vivacious purple dragon who had quite the reputation for being foster mother for abandoned eggs) shooed everyone away and carried the halloween eggs to the leader's cave to be kept safe. Imagine that! I protested to the best of my ability, not wanting that stinking, vile marrow egg next to where I slept, but Albastre Mere and Beacker1160 shushed me up. I guess I will just have to resort to sleeping somewhere else until that egg hatches. Oh, I will miss my cave! Even after that marrow grows up, it'll take forever for the stink to recede and fade away. I will probably have to sleep with the rest of the adults in the massive adult cave for a few weeks. Sigh.

Speaking of caves, several of my clan's dragons have decided to spruce up the adult cave, medicine cavern, nursery, and the camp in general. Witewing, one of the eldest dragons of the clan, put pumpkins up all around his medicine cavern. I never knew my dear friend Witewing liked pumpkins. Now I know. He isn't the only one, however. All of the pymy dragons have joined forces, invading all sorts of places and decorating them with multitudes assorted pumpkins, carved, uncarved, or somewhere in between. One even had a flaming candle in it (I have a feeling it was stolen from Beacker1160's pockets by our resident misfit pymgies). Ariele the Pumpkin Expert, a pygmy hatchling, has been generously donating her pumpkins to our food storage, though not many dragons would want to eat them (the pymies mainly launch giant raids on the undefended food storage cave and steal them for their said decoration campaign). Just today I nearly tripped over a very nicely carved pumpkin that vaguely resembled my face, but with a disgusted sort of look. I carried it to the leader's den and put it there as a reminder to the others that I seriously do not approve of that marrow egg and its horrific stench in my cave.

Another thing I have found to be very funny and interesting are the constumes that have magically appeared on the dragons a few days ago. Midnight Jubilante awoke with some sort of red leather cowl and cloak. Isendae Anamatus laughed and laughed until she pointed out that he had cobwebs all over him. After spending several hours attempting to remove them with various methods (including, or so as it was rumored, lighting them on fire), Isendae finally admitted defeat and conceded that for some reason, these magical halloween costumes could not be removed.

Many of the other dragons have these ridiculous costumes. I, myself, have not been cursed with them, however. But there are those who are very unlucky. I just walked past Sir Fromage d'Affinois, one of our cheese dragons, and I noted that he looked more like a dalmation than a magical cheese sculpture infused with life. My dear friend Witewing himself looked like a wizard, hat, staff, and all. In fact, all of the white dragons looked like wizards. Now I finally know where they get all their famous healing magic from.

But these are nothing compared to some of the others. Windy Autumn Night and Chilly Autumn Evening, two night glory drakes, both had black hoods and a scythe. They almost emanated death as I passed them. However, the effect was somewhat diminished due to Windy Autumn Night hysterically shrieking that she did not want to look like the grim reaper and Chilly Autumn Evening trying to calm her down. Somehow, I have a feeling that it would be quite a while before I see anything like that again. The pillow, tinsel, and royal blues also have very, very ridiculous looks. Gentle Moonlit Sky, a royal blue and a former assistant, seemed to me like a giant ladybug, while Sir Lucere II, another royal blue, looked suspiciously like a bee. The pillow dragon males continued to sleep right through their costume change, despite the uproar of laughter at their pink clothes and red-dyed wings. The tinsels were also cursed with similar red wings, though they made a joke out of it. Frosty Festive Holidays even decided to hang christmas baubles on his wings, and walked around with them until Albastre Mere kindly reminded him that it was, indeed, not christmas and that he should consider some other halloween-related decoration. Later, I walked by him and noticed miniature hollow pumpkins on his wings. Some of them had pygmies inside, hanging along for the ride. They waved at me as I burst out laughing. The silver tinsel apparently had become the pygmy express.

But the strangest costumes of all were the horse dragons, the water dragons, the balloon dragons and the alt blacks. Earlier during the day I spied The Satellite, a shy and isolated horse dragon. She looked like a neglected dragon. Indeed, she told me, she did feel as if her costume was neglected by whoever drew it, for it was absolutely humiliating. The water dragon males aren't much better. Their scales have magically turned into red and black stripes. Not good if you're looking for a female water dragon to court. Not good at all. The balloon dragons turned into inflatable tigers. Now I am really glad it wasn't halloween when I got stuck under that particular one at the abandoned page. Being sat on by a huge, round inflatable tiger is not a very fun experience.

The black alts have been cursed as well. Frozen Midnight Sky looked like a...combination of several animals and items, respectively. He had a feathered tail decorated with deep cyan plumage, along with a second set of what appears to be papery wings. But the funniest thing of all is his mouth-err, beak. Every time he tries to talk, it comes out as a squawk. Nevertheless, he was at least able to communicate that he absolutely abhorred his costume and that no matter what he tried, he couldn't get the beak off (hopefully he did not try to burn it off, like Isendae Anamatus). In fact, I must remind myself to request that the pygmies carve a pumpkin with a disgusted face for Frozen Midnight Sky, so he can put it on top of his beak to show his disapproval of the recent addition to his body.

All in all, the halloween is progressing nicely. I have the luxury of sitting on top of a tree at the evening, watching the various, ridiculously dressed dragons go about their daily hunting. Midnight Jubilante is brave enough to venture out and lead the clan with Isendae. However, some are not. I have recently found Early Autumn Summerfang, a summer seasonal dragon, hiding at the back of the adult's den, dressed in a grass skirt. He wouldn't come out no matter how hard I tried to persuade him. I don't blame him. If I was forced to wear a grass skirt, I would hide in the back of the leader's cave, too. Wait, no. I'm not getting within a dozen feet of that marrow egg, sitting in my cave. Fortunately, I am not wearing a grass skirt. Otherwise, I would have to commence making a list of possible hiding places far, far away from the other dragons and civilization in general.

With the addition of the new halloween eggs, the clan camp has an excited feeling in the air. I firmly, firmly ordered that no previous eggs shall be abandoned to make room for more halloween eggs. Part of my decision was because it wouldn't be fair for the other, non-halloween eggs. The other reason was because I have a hunch that if the normal eggs were abandoned, Paragon II would continue to torture me by bringing back one marrow egg after another and placing them all around the camp. Maybe I do need to make a list of far, far away sleeping places, so I can evacuate if more marrow eggs invade the camp.

So, the horrific marrow eggs, the curse of the ridiculous costumes, and the pymy pumpkin campaign. All because of the upcoming halloween. You know what? I can't wait for the halloween night. Then, after the crazy grab for halloween eggs, all of this will be over. No more strange costumes. No more tripping over pumpkins in all sorts of strange places. And, of course, no more marrow egg stinking up my leader's den(I shall just have to resort to keeping that marrow adult away from my cave).

Halloween approaches. And I know this to be a fact.