"Hey everybody!" Ariella greeted, "are you ready to get this show on a roll?" The audience grew louder in response.

"Alright! Let's start off with something you all requested: a cover of "You Will Never Be" by Julia Sheer." With another cheer from the crowd she cued the music and began to sing.

"How did we ever come to this

I never though you'd be

Someone I had to miss

Caught in your game

Needing answers

That never came.."


Tora gazed up at the large building. The blaring music seemed to make it shudder.

"This the place?" Sebastin asked curiously.

Tora, at a loss for words, nodded.

"Would you like me to wait?"

"No that won't be necessary. Thank you, Sebastin." Tora thanked him then shut the door and walked toward the entrance.

He made his way through the crowd to the second row. Finally, he looked up and saw the face he feared he would.

They locked eyes, and he felt she was singing directly to him.

"Now I 'm deafened by your silence

And blinded by the tears

If you're looking for forgiveness

You won't find that here

Cause you lied your way to heartbreak

And now it's all too clear

That you will never be.."

Sadness filled her eyes. She broke away and ran off the stage, Eliza and Felix rushing after her. Tora reached out wanted nothing more than to call out to her, but the words stuck in is throat.