"So i'm finally getting to meet this Matt then." I said, sitting down in the restaurant with my mother.
"Yes." Mum told me. "You don't have to like him, but please don't act up."
"Me? Act up?" I laughed. "Im not the one who ran off with another guy and ditched dad!"
"Jess!" She said, asking me to be quiet. "People are staring."
"Let them stare." I said, looking at her.
"Look, I'm sorry but me and your father didn't work out." She said to me. "This will be better for us, I promise."
"Better for us?" I asked. "More like better for you."
"At least try and give this a go?" She asked, looking into my eyes, which I rolled.
"Ill try." I said. "No promises."
"Thats my girl." She smiled, and looked at the door. "Look, here he comes." I looked around.
"Where? I see no handsome guy there." I said. "You told me he was handsome."
"Behave." She nudged me under the table as I looked down.

I heard him greet her, then I heard them kiss, which I tried not to imagine. I heard my mum talk about me, which made me look up.
"This is my daughter Jess." She said, and tapped me on the shoulder. I shot her a glare.
"Hi." He said to me. "I've heard great things about you."
"Bet you have." I replied coldly, but added a smile as my mum looked at me. "Nice...to meet you." I watched him smile and I sat down again, as did he.

I stared at the menu, already having picked what I wanted but I tried to avert my eyes to something other than his face. He didn't look genuine, but I guess I could see what my mum liked. His bulging wallet.
"So, shall we order then?" Zoe asked, seeing Matt nod and I shrugged. "I take that as a yes." I shrugged again.

She called over the waitor and we ordered the food, and I got out my phone.
"Jess put it away." My mum told me, and I sighed and put it back. I heard her whisper to Matt. "Teenagers." I sighed louder and gave her evils when Matt wasn't looking.

The food soon arrived and I ate in silence, nodding and humming every now and again when they asked me questions that I wasn't willing to answer.

We soon finished, and Mum hugged Matt goodbye and most likely kissed him but I didn't want to look. I knew he was trying to impress me, but my insticts told me different. He was strange. There was something he was hiding...

I sat in the car waiting for my mum to appear, and it took a good ten minutes. I got bored, put on the car radio and sat waiting, and soon enough, she appeared.
"You could have been a bit happier." She sighed as she got into the drivers seat. I just shrugged at her. "I told you that you didn't have to like him."
"I don't." I said to her.
"Why?" She asked, and I sighed.
"One, he took dad away from us, and two, there is something not right." I said.
"What do you mean that there is something not right?" Zoe laughed.
"He's hiding something." I told her. "Don't say I didn't warn you when you find out."
"Don't be stupid." Mum smiled.
"Oh what I'm stupid now?" I said angrily as we pulled out of the car park.
"No I didn't mean that." She said to me.
"Well, what did you mean then?" I asked, feeling a little upset.
"I said don't be stupid." She told me. "Don't say things that aren't true."
"How do you know that its not true?" I said to her.
"Don't judge a book by its cover." She said, changing the topic. I sighed, and decided not to argue. I wasn't in the mood.

(So what do you think so far?)