Minato would always keep this day free.
It didn't matter who asked him out and he would always curse inwardly if something kept him from visiting the shrine.
It didn't matter what everyone thought.
Whether Fuuka now thought he would pray to the gods, Yukari pouted, because she thought he had a girlfriend, or Junpei speculated he would go somewhere else to have some fun alone.
Ts... they were all so wrong...

No... they couldn't know that he would go to meet a young man who was sentenced to death.

Akinari Kamiki.

Minatos heart would always clench together when he saw his dear friend sitting there alone on the bench...
How could someone, who had such a good heart, think he wouldn't deserve to be with the 'living ones'?
But Minato knew how wrong Akinari was.
He knew it.
An Arcana couldn't lie.
And Akinari would always carry the sun inside his heart.

When Akinari heard his footsteps, he looked up and smiled.
Minato immedately felt lighter, but the smile didn't last for long. Akinari was shaken by a coughing fit, wich made it impossibly for him to greet the younger one. So Minato sat himself silently beside his friend, pattet his back comfortingly and waited until Akinari had recovered.
"Thank you, i'm okay now..." murmured the white-haired men, prompting Minato to take his hand off his back.
He smiled again - the smile that Minato always reminded him of the sun.
"So... I'd like you to cangratulate me.", he said happier than normal, "As of today, I am a free individual."
Minato just raised a questioning brow, but Akinari looked determined into the sky.
"Free from the hospital. ...They were going to put me under care, but now I don't have to do it."
Akinari, his sunshine, didn't see his eyes widen in shock, while his smile slowly grew sad.
"...I guess my body is too weak to undergo surgery. So, I refused any medication as well... now I'm just waiting for the end."
"Akinari...", slipped quietly from Minatos lips, while he put a consoling hand on his shoulder.
His sun however turned to him and smiled reassuringly.
"But, I don't feel like I'm the only one being out anymore. Everyone is waiting to die if you think about it. ...Some just have longer to wait than others." He nodded to himself and looked once again into the sky. "But once the time comes, it's the same for us all. ...I'm still a little lonely, but I'm not sad anymore."
A long silence followed, before the elder backed off a little, Minatos hand slipping from his shoulder, to fully face his friend.
He looked straight into Minatos blue eyes, the beautiful smile once again on his lips.
"...I want to remember what you look like, Minato... You are... beautiful... You're like... a pristine lake..."
Minatos eyes widened in surprise and he felt blood rush into his face, but he didn't avert his gaze.
Instead of looking away he stared deep into Akinaris grey eyes.
Eventually Akinari got up and sighned deeply. "I'm... I'm a little bit tired today...The story is almost done, so... I can show it to you soon..."
He took one step and then squirmed a little to send Minato a sad smile over his shoulder.
"Thank you."
Then he left.
Minato just sat there for a moment before heading back to his dorm.
Fuuka sat on the couch, laptop on her lap, and smiled sweetly at him, as he stepped through the door. "Welcome back, Arisato-kun." Koromaru came running down the stairs and barked happily before he stopped and sat right in front of Minato.
Otherwise the Lobby was empty, so he nodded to Fuuka an patted Koro-chans head before climbing up the stairs to the first floor. Junpei was there, along with Ken. Koromaru sat down next to Ken while Junpei enthusiastically raised his hand for a cheerful greeting. "Yo! Whazzup, bro? Where did you've gone?" Ken, who wasn't nearly as talkative as Junpei, just nodded his welcome. Minatos answer stayed short, even through Junpei wouldn't believe him.
"The shrine."
"Stop kidding me! NOBODY goes to stay at a dusty old shrine from early in the morning 'til night!"
Minato just smiled a little, shook his head and headed down the hall to finally get some rest.
But even trough he got to bed early, he couldn't sleep.
His mind was circling around Akinaris words.
He had refused the surgery.
He had refused any further medical care.
Sure, the medical care had limited his life greatly, but it also always maintained it.
If he turned his back on the medicine now, he would leave Minato sooner than hoped for...
Minato buried his face into his pillow and forced himself to think of something else.
Soon the moon would be full again and he should prepare his team for a new strong enemy...

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