Amber: Well it's finally here! After two months of waitng, th sequel to Magic Pains Part 1 is here! Please welcome Magic Pains part 2!

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Amber: *Laughs* Okay, for the newbies, this is a crossover between Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson and Harry Potter.

Bella: It takes place during Marok of Athena/Deathly Hallows.

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No Pov

Everyone shook from the force of the explosion. Bella gasped, and landed on a table, which blew the wind out of her.

"We're here," She breathed, raising a shaky head.

"Well, duh!" Miranda cried, holding onto Leo to regain her balance.

Every camper ran around looking panicked.


Everyone stopped and froze on the spot.

"Will everyone calm down?" Annabeth called, her blonde hair whipping widly. "Now if you all cooperate we can-"


And much to everyone's surprise: A statue of a man appeared on the deck of the Argo II, scowling at every Greek camper in sight.

Bella blinked at the yellow smoke swirled off his shoulders, making everyone else's eyes water.

"I will not have weapons inside the Pomerian Line!" He shrieked in a whiny voice. Emily wrinkled her nose at the fussy teacher voice that reminded her of prison- er, I mean school.

"Jason," Bella accused. "Is he a friend of yours?"

Jason nodded at Bella, and gave Annabeth a look. Jason stepped forward, his features calm and assuring.

"Terminus," he said. "It's me Jason Grace."

Miranda glared at Jason, her blue eyes flaring.

"Oh, I remember you, Jason!" Terminus grumbled. "I thought you had better sense than to consort the enemies of Rome!"

"What?!" Bella said, stepping forward. "Do you not see the 'We come in Peace' flag? We're not here to fight we-"

"Argentum?!" Terminus spluttered. "I havn't seen ya in several millennium! How've you been, girl?!"

Bella blinked, her gray eyes startled. "M-My names not Argentum…"

Terminus squinted, and if possible- paled. "Uh…get back scheving daughter of Athena!"

Jason gave Bella a pleading look, and she stepped back reluctantly. He couldn't help but notice her eyes were red and puffy. As if she had spent the whole night crying.

"They're not eneimes-"

"But that's right," Piper jumped in. "We just want to talk. If we could-"

"Ha!" Terminus yelled. "Don't try that charmspeak on me, young lady. And put down that dagger before I slap it out of your hands!"

Miranda gaped at the statue. "You…you don't know how long I've wanted that to happen!"

Piper glared at the daughter of Poseidon, and re-aressed the statue. "Um…okay," Her eyes flicked to the statue's figure….which had no arms. "But how would you slap it? You don't have any arms."

"IMPERTINCE"! Terminus shrieked.

There was a loud POP, and Piper shrieked as her dagger cluttered to the ground.

Miranda walked up to Terminus. "You are now officially my best friend."

Terminus grumbled, and shook Miranda's hand off his shoulder. "You should be lucky I've just been through battle, or you would totally be in smithereens now, along with this ugly ship."

"Uh-huh," Sam said, rolling her eyes.

"Hold up." Leo stepped forward, brushing past the crowd. He waved his Wii remote comtroller under Termunius's nose. "Did you just call my ship ugy? I know you didn't do that."

"I believe he did," Emily cackled, brushing Sherman against Leo's back. Leo made a face and shook the Lint Roller off him.

"Everyone, please calm down!" Annabeth yelled, raising her hands. She faced the statue. "I take it you're Terminus, the god of boundaries. Jason told me you protect the city of New Rome, right? I'm Annabeth Chase, daughter of-"


Everyone stared at her.

"Sorry,"She winced. "Outburst."

"Oh, I know who you are!" The statue glared at Annabeth. Bella stared at the statue, imagining it without it's head.

"A child of Athena, Minerva's Greek form. Scandalous! You Greeks have no sense of decency! We Romans know the proper place for that goddess!"

"Excuse me?" Bella cried, her temper going into 'danger zone.' "What gives you the right to insult our mother, pebbles?!"

Terminus gaped at her. "How dare-?!"

"Listen!" Bella snarled. "We just came from England, and I've spent the last year-and-a-half at some crazy magic school! Now we're about too find my friends brother, Percy Jackson, and now you're in our way. Move."

Terminus glared at her. Finally he sniffed. "I will not allow weapons within Pomerian line, soiling our Roman….soil."

"The what?" Everyone on the boat, minus Jason asked.

"The city limits," Jason said, shrugging slightly.

"And this entire ship is a weapon!" Terminus continued, annoyingly. "You cannot land!"

"Says who?" Miranda asked wittingly. "It's a free country."


Miranda stared at the statue. "Too shea."

Annabeth rolled her eyes, when suddenly a light bulb went off in her head. "Leo…stop the ship."

"What?" Leo asked, looking at Annabeth as if she were mentally insane.

"There are no rules against hovering the Pomerian line?"

"No…" Terminus said slowly.

"We can keep the ship aloft," Annabeth said. "We'll use a rope ladder to reach the forum. That way, the ship won't be on Roman soil. Not techinally."

Terminus blinked at Annabeth.

Miranda Pov

"I literally thought he was gonna explode!" I roared, clutching my stomach from laughter.

Erin rolled her eyes, looking like a mix of Thalia and Jason. I did hope Jason realized I put Poison Ivy in his undies. Making Jason miserable was my full time job now.

"Is Bella okay?" erin asked, glancing behind us.

I turned and saw a depressed looking Bella behind us.

I shrugged. "She'll get over it. She won't angst over it forever, she's strong that way."

Erin nodded, but her eyes looked hesitant.

I smiled, but on the inside I was hyperventilating. Percy…after months, and months I was finally going to see my brother. I would have seen him earlier…if I hadn't returned to Hogwarts.

I still felt guilty. We had just been outside of Nevada, when I saw that Hades-Hole of a mess. Students scattered everywhere….a huge green light in the sky. I gave up finding my brother to save that stupid school. I don't know why, I hated my time there. Being the oddball Slytherin. I was glad to be rid of my burden.

But it probably was seeing my friends- my second family- being hurt. So, I prayed to Poseidon for transpot. I guess he actually took pity on me. It only took ten miuntes to get to Hogwarts from Nevada. Though, I'm pretty sure the TARDIS could've gotten us there faster….thanks dad.

I followed the idiot- er, I mean Romans into some fancy building. There were many 'Oohs!' and 'Ahh!''s as we entered the hall. Not too bad I guess.

More Romans were lined up, staring at us in wonder. Well, we are awesome! No wonder they were jealous.

I saw Mrs. O'Leary, cute and monstrous as ever, chewing on a bone the size of dino. Tyson looked happy, wearing a giant purple baby bib with S.P.Q.R. embroided on the front.

Then I saw him….

I stopped, and heard Izzy huff angrily. Sorry shortie, but I has having a moment here!

He had grown over the last six months. His arms were…bigger. And he looked tanner. He still had that twinkle in his eyes, when he was happy.

It was when the tears fell on my face I realized how much I missed my brother.

A dark haired girl came. Jason had tolf stories…I think her name was….Penna? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's it.

"Jason Grace, my formor colleague," Penna said.

Dude don't hide it. You're as obvious as Vampires bringing sunscreen to a vampire roadtrip. Honestly! Collegue? More like Guy that I love.

"I welcome you home," Penna said. "And these, your friends-"

Percy and Annabeth ran to each other and started making out.

I felt my heart shatter…Okay, Percy decided to not say hi to his sister….I understand.

I'm gonna kill him….

Percy grinned at Annabeth, pulling away. "Gods, I never thought-"

Annabeth grabbed his wrist and flipped him over her shoulder. Percy girl screamed with a loud, "IIIIIIEEEEEE!"

Annabeth bent down and glared at Percy. "If you ever leave me again," She said, her eyes looking as though they could scare a weeping angel. "I swear to the gods-"

Percy laughed.

I couldn't help but smile too.

"Consider me warned," Percy laughed, getting up. "I missed you too."

Annabeth rolled her eyes and grinned. Percy's eyes found me.

"Miranda!" He yelled. He rushed over and bear-hugged me.

I stayed stiff.

I grabbed his arms and stared at him.

Without warniny, I stamped on his foot as hard as I could. He winced, and fell to his knees. "That- is for getting kidnapped by that stupid goddess!"

Then I jumped down and hugged him as hard as I could.

"And this is for how much I missed you," I sobbed.

Not my best, but it'll grow! See ya Friday!