Atsurekino Kurome: Okay guys this is a new one for me… I'm gunna try my hand at a Harry Potter fanfic. Like my normal fanfics it will be terribly AU. HAHA! I've been reading a bunch of fem!Harry or slash fics where Harry ends up with Sirius or Remus. It was awkward at first I have to admit, but I actually started to like the idea. It was like when I started with yaoi. It just slowly grew on me. I would REALY REALLY REALLY appreciate any comments ANY of you have. But PLEASE keep them CONSTRUCIVE! You guys know the drill. I will admit that I didn't finish the series… I just couldn't get passed Harry's attitude in the 5th book… and yes I do know the whole reasoning behind it. I dare say I would act the same way. But I've read enough fanfics and looked up enough info that I think I could write something passable. I do plan on reading the books again. Because I did love the books much more than the movies. And please… don't even get me started on the whole Harry/Ginny thing and Hermione/Ron thing… I have nothing against Ginny… and Ron had his good moments… but why the FUCK did J.K. put those pairings together? It's my honest opinion that she just got too famous and began writing what she thought people wanted and not what she wanted. Whoops got off on a rant there LOL. If you're willing to get into a debate with me about it PM me LOL. I'll give you my whole point of view on it.

Another thing I'm sure bothers many people is that it is stated the Harry and Sirius are cousins. I actually believe it is something along the lines of second cousins. I have pushed that to the back of my mind in order to enjoy these fanfics. But I wonder if anyone realizes that Harry and Ginny are related also. I believe I read somewhere that either the Potters or the Blacks married into Ginny's family tree. So there. Anyways on with the fic!

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Delphinia stared out her window dully at the rain, the book on Occlumency left forgotten in her lap. It had helped her greatly this past year. When Dumbledore had suggested that Snape teach her occlumency Sirius had put his foot down. He had refused to let Snivellus of all people near his goddaughter to teach her anything involving her mind. She had sat there, green eyes wide, as Sirius had threatened to bring down the wrath of Mordred on the Headmaster's head if he ignored what he said. Of course the hole that Sirius blasted into the wall behind the Headmaster's head might have been a deterrent as well.


"No the bloody hell he will NOT be teaching her Occlumency! I will not allow Snivellus anywhere NEAR Bambi's mind!" Sirius slammed his hands down on the table.
"Sirius my dear boy-" Sirius throwing a reducto at the wall behind his head interrupted him.

"I WILL NOT let him near MY Bambi!" his growl sounded dangerously like his animagus form. "If you ignore what I'm telling you Dumbledore… I will make Mordred look like a SAINT." *

"Sirius Black!" Mrs. Weasley screeched. Before she could even begin her tirade said man had whirled on her. Things had been tense between the two of them since Mrs. Weasley had found them both curled up together on the couch asleep. Delphi had never cried so hard in her life. It was just a nap with her godfather... What was so wrong about being curled up with him? He even said that she used to do it when she was little. And then the Weasley matriarch had kept her away from her Siri.

"You DO NOT get a say in this Molly. This is MY house! She is MY goddaughter. I WILL NOT let that man near her like that!" Delphi frowned. Siri was having a moment again. He often got possessive of her and even Remus because of everything that had happened. He paused and took a breath. "How would you feel if he was near Ginny like that? In such an intimate manner. Because that's what it is!" Because of the earlier incident that was like a slap to the face. It made her sit down and shut up.

"And you know as well as I do that he hated James. And for some Merlin forsaken reason he see's James in Delphi! You really think he would be gentle about it?! My answer is NO!" Here he put his arm around her and led her out of the kitchen.

+end flashback+

Sirius had given her a book out of the Black family library as an late birthday gift, telling her to use it and that they would find someone to gently test her. She had been practicing all year long and had gotten good enough to keep even the Headmaster out. One night however she had forgotten to clear her mind before bed and had received the most horrible dream ever. Voldemort had Sirius.* She had panicked and shaken Hermione awake frantic about Sirius being tortured.

Hermione had managed to convince her to try and contact him before she ran out and tried to get herself killed. She had been so convinced that Sirius had been captured that she had passed out as soon as he had answered his mirror. When he arrived in the Headmaster's office they had both met in a fierce hug, and he had snatched her up and didn't let go. That night Dumbledore had to explain what the room she had seen was and why Ol Moldyshorts had sent her a vision of it. There was a prophecy.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark her as his equal, but she will have power the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies ..

To say that she had destroyed the Headmasters' office was an understatement. She had obliterated it and still didn't feel an ounce of guilt for it either. He had kept it from her. For YEARS. She had asked on more than one occasion what Voldemort's fixation on her was about. And the old man had given her a load of bull about wanting her to have a childhood. What childhood? Looking around her room she frowned. If this was a childhood she couldn't wait to grow up. She had slept in a cupboard under the stairs for eleven years! And Sirius had been locked away in Azkaban in his own hell for twelve! She felt her face heat up at the thought of Sirius. Oh Merlin she needed to stop these thoughts. Not only was he old enough to be her father, he was her father's best friend and her godfather! Or as Dobby lovingly said it, dogfather. She shouldn't be having these thoughts about him! It was wrong. She was fifteen about to be sixteen, and the man was in his thirties! Thirty-six to be exact. A thirty-six year old that looked quite…well… hot now that he had time to actually heal from his time in Azkaban. And those blue eyes… the color of ice… but so warm. They way he looked at her sometimes just made her shiver. Maybe she was just reading it wrong... he would never look at her like that. Looking down at herself she frowned. She was so tiny... Years of sleeping in the cupboard and malnutrition had made her small. He had called her pixie like once. Unlike the other girls in her year she didn't have really any curves until just recently. Maybe she should let Ginny give her that make over after all...would he like it? He said he liked her the way she was... Told her it didn't matter because tomboys always made the prettiest girls.

But pretty enough for him though? Gah! She needed to stop these thoughts! He is supposed to be biased about her being pretty! He was her Godfather. He wasn't giving her heated looks. Looks that made her shiver even right now... She sighed and drifted off into a daydream that she really shouldn't be having about him. It was a crush... Yeah... A one sided one. She'd get over it. Suddenly a squeal of delight bubbled up in her chest. He was coming to see her! Well he had been visiting her every other night for the past few weeks since she had been home. After the Order Members had made their threats towards her Uncle they had found Sirius sitting on the staircase waiting for them. Her Aunt Petunia had automatically recognized him.

+Flashback again+

"Hello Dursley. Tuney darling! So nice to see you after that debacle of yours at the wedding!" Sirius grinned roguishly from his spot on the stairs.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Vernon blustered. The look on her Aunt Petunia's face said she knew exactly what was going on.

"Siri!" she dropped her trunk and Hedwig's empty cage and tackled the older man. Laughing he spun her around before setting her back down.

"Ello love."

"What are you doing here? Do the others know you're here?" She was hoping beyond hope that he had come to take her away. She didn't want to be here anymore. She didn't want to be away from him anymore.

"I just came for a little chat." His eyes sparkled mischievously meaning that no they didn't know he was there. He was so Machiavellian! "I know for a fact that the others have spoken to you Dursley." He growled over her shoulder. "I also am pretty sure what you had planned for after you got her home you fat pig." He pulled her close as she shivered. "So since I couldn't be there to give you my own message the first time, I'm here to give it to you now." His normally impish smile faded and showed that he wasn't afraid to be just as dark as his name implied. "You lay a hand on her Dursley and I will make your life a living hell. More than a living hell really. Hell will look like a Utopia by the time I'm done with you." Here he smiled again. "I will be visiting every other day to make sure that you keep the end of the bargin. And I will be staying the night as well."

"Now see here we will not have any more of this freakishness than we already have to put up with! It's bad enough that we've had to deal with this freak-" once again Sirius cut off a tirade with a reducto to a wall. Petunia had screamed and Dudley had whimpered.

"What did you call her?" He didn't yell. She had never seen Sirius so calm. It was deadly, and it scared her. But she loved the fact that the Dursley's were practically pissing themselves.

"Frea-" another reducto to another wall.

"Wrong answer. Try again." This time Vernon wisely kept his mouth shut. "Now like I said I will be staying each night that I visit. And since I'm here tonight I'll stay." A quick repairo and the walls were fixed. "Come on Bambi let's get your things to your room! Oh and Dursley… that cupboard is no longer useful." She caught a quick look at her old cupboard to see the door missing and the inside charred.

+end flashback+

With Sirius stopping by she hadn't had to do any chores and she could get up whenever she wanted. She had also already finished her homework and had it revised by both Remus and Hermione. And now she was bored. And waiting on Sirius. It had been somewhat awkward for her having him sleep in the same room after Mrs. Weasley's scolding. Everyone knew how the woman felt about scarlet women. And it didn't help that Mrs. Weasley didn't really like Sirius. But he had started off sleeping as Padfoot, then he spent more and more time asleep out of his animagus form. And BAM... She starts having these...thoughts... well really... Looking at pictures of him when he was younger and catching a glimpse of him shirtless had sent her, Hermione and Ginny into giggles. She frowned. He had smirked at them for the rest of the day. He had heard them! Oh dear Merlin he had heard them!

A tapping on her window brought her out of her thoughts. It was Pig! And he had The Daily Prophet. Opening the window she allowed the owl in and relieved it of its load. The tiny owl caught a break then zoomed out , leaving Hedwig shaking her head as if to say 'kids these days.'

Unrolling the newspaper she couldn't help but feel dread. Who died this time? What slander were the putting about her now?

Peter Pettigrew found alive! Sirius Black Innocent!

Oh My God. Oh My God!

"Oh Sweet Merlin!" She dropped the paper as she heard the sound of apparition from the open window. Looking up she saw a grinning Sirius waiting for her outside. Bolting towards her door she managed to knock her whale of cousin over. Jumping down the stairs she snatched the door open and bowled into the older Wizard.

"SIRI!" And like many times before he spun her around and they laughed. This was perfect! She could leave here now! She could go and stay with him now and never have to come back to Durzkaban ever again!

"I'm free Bambi! They even compensated me and I get my old job as an Auror back!" They must look like idiots dancing around in the rain. But she didn't care. And she knew he didn't either. After a while they stopped and just held each other. They were soaked and she was getting cold. As she pulled back to suggest that they go inside and dry off he did the most unexpected thing.

He kissed her.

Atsurekino Kurome: HAHAHA! I'm gunna be evil! I felt this had to be the best spot to do this. Next chapter is gunna be Sirius' POV. Anyways I hope you guys like it! I actually thought it turned out quite well! I realized that things DID NOT happen the way I put them. If I'm not mistaken Harry got the vision of Sirius during his OWL's. I might be wrong seeing as how I didn't look this up and I haven't finished the book yet or watched that movie :D

* Mordred is the daughter of Morgause who is Morgana's younger sister. Popculture normally has Morgana as the evil one when it was really Mordred. Not saying that Morgana was good or anything. LOL Don't believe me? Look it up!

* I know this wasn't how it happened but this is my story :)