His day had started out like any other after the near world annihilation. 5am wake up – sleep was for chumps, a quick indoor workout regimen until the clock chimed 6am, and a shower to get ready for what the day would throw at him.

Unfortunately, due to the aforementioned annihilation and near apocalypse thing, Director Nick Fury had demanded his impromptu team of heroes take a long and much deserved break. There were no loopholes. No matter of an emergency would get him to call upon the Avengers, not yet, at least – vacation time was "scheduled" for two months.

Steve secretly hoped that something drastic would happen so as to have something exciting grace his life once more. Born into Depression, lived and fought during a war, woke up in an entirely new era, saved the world (once more), and his vacation time wasn't being used up to its full potential. Steve was, quite simple, bored.

A shower would normally do nothing to alleviate his nerves – a stir crazy attitude had started developing recently, and he needed to get out.

Do something. Anything.

He decided that today was the day for something exciting to occur. He got dressed once more in a plaid, button-up shirt. Stark would make fun of him every single day for the never-ending supply of plaid or button-ups, or both, but Steve didn't really care what he thought, or what anyone else thought, for that matter.

He laced up a pair of Italian dress shoes. That was one of his favorite things about this loud and unpredictable future – he could wear nice dress shoes and no one would judge him for it. However, those shoes had been the only recent splurge he'd spent money provided by Shield.

Despite the many efforts of Stark or Clint to push him into modern technology, Steve was still reluctant. Thor had recently gotten himself a cell phone, and had snapped the measly thing in two within the first hour in his haste. He often saw people on the streets nearly getting run over or driving haphazardly whilst on the "convenient" technology, but Steve had no use for it.

Besides, if there was ever to be a true emergency, there were few places where Steve would be hiding out.

Looking at the clock, Steve realized that it was barely, almost 7am. There was probably nothing worthwhile in the city to do – at least, nothing both worthwhile and wholesome. He sighed. Regardless, he got up and did the final patting of pockets to make sure he had everything. Keys? Check. Wallet? Check.

He opened his wallet to make sure everything was in its place, even though it always was. Inside was an identification card, issued by Shield and the government with his name and photo on it. If something terrible were to happen, at least someone could possible identify him or know who they were dealing with.

Another slim black card was slipped inside the mostly empty wallet. Fury had explained how the card worked – "like a credit card" his words were at first, until confusion marked Steve's features did Fury realize that he had to further explain things. "It takes money out of an account. It's accepted everywhere, even internationally. Don't worry about how much money or where it comes from. Just know that you can use it as much as you want."

Steve didn't use it much either way. He was traditional, liked using cash, which was why therein his wallet a few twenties were stashed. Just in case.

Stepping outside, Steve always had a small panic attack – a leftover from his asthmatic and sickly days, he presumed. It was all so chaotic out in the world. People rushing to work, cars honking their horns, joggers, dog walkers, miscellaneous kinds with arbitrary looks and objects and….Steve took a deep breath to calm down.

The New York City he had grown up in wasn't small by anyone's standards (except, maybe, modern New Yorkers nowadays), and it had been chaotic, but not this kind of chaos. It always seemed like Steve was in danger of someone or something…

Sure enough, a teenager on a skateboard whizzed by him, and muttered something about "slow people blocking his way". Steve frowned. He had yet to become accustomed to today's attitudes.

At this hour, Steve could figure only one place to go – coffee haven. Or, more specifically, his coffee haven. Bean Me Up Espresso was local (Steve appreciated local) and Banner had managed to drag the entire team on a trip there. Although Stark kept making jokes about "Star Trek" and Banner's pure nerdiness, Steve had enjoyed the small shop, and made it one of his weekly spots to relax.

Truthfully, he didn't understand the joke until he asked Clint, who didn't get a chance to answer before Natasha cut in. "Don't worry about it – it's this show about the future and some ship and stuff. Really nerdy, and right up Bruce's alley. I don't think you'd like it much…"

With that answer, Steve figured it'd be better to trust Natasha – she was a good judge on people – than to question her explanation.

Sure enough, Bean Me Up was open and ready for a busy morning as the line entailed. Steve sighed, and found a small pathway inside to find a seat. He had time – plenty of it, and he could wait until this rush hour slowed down.

One of his favorite things to do was people watch. Even back in the old days when staring was considered taboo, Steve couldn't particularly help himself. It was a force of nature. His mind would start wondering, and then he'd start looking at people and wondering about them too.

However, with so many people and so much noise, his concentration was wavering, so he thought it best to focus on something. Looking down at his table for two, there was a newspaper someone had left on the table over. Reaching, he grabbed it and focused his attention on that, instead of the chaos around him.

Half an hour later, Steve shut the newspaper, having completely read it front and back (with the exclusion of some areas that didn't hold his interest). Looking up, the shop had quieted significantly. There was only one person in line, and he figured that if he didn't hurry, somehow the shop would fill up again.

Ordering a large coffee, black, no sugar, no room, Steve went back to his chosen table and sat, deciding then that this was his opportunity to watch people, albeit carefully.

Then and there, a pixie-like redhead entered the shop, having a conversation on a cell phone. Steve paused mid-sip, and stared at her. She wasn't paying attention to him, or to anyone, but rather the person on the other side of the phone.

Something stirred in Steve, and he knew that all he wanted to do was keep this stranger safe. It was a strange feeling, and one that he could easily blame the following events on.

Sure enough, as soon as she stepped out of the shop, Steve followed, at a distance.

He was captivated, and he just wanted to know one thing – her name.

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