The showerhead rushed hot all over my body, I put my left arm in the way of the water second, and it has been so sore the last day or so. So many vampires to kill using my bow, it did a number on my arms making them entirely too sore to move. I stood there, thinking of Zoe being here now, how Blade was teaching her basic brawling skills and being well at it.

I'm twenty-five and Zoe is eighteen, big seven year difference there. I just am surprised she doesn't have that much hatred towards me, leaving her back home with our aunt, not letting her come with me. I think when she got older she understood more and more why, I hope anyways. I turned off the shower and got out.

I looked out my windows that looked over the shooting range. I watched Zoe draw the crossbow back and shoot several times while I was lying on my bed. My mind raced, wondering what to do about Zoe, keep her from it all or let her go. I let out a huge sigh, relaxing my body, my mind finally let go and letting me drift into a peaceful sleep state.

The next day I went down to the garage and started fixing on my bike, putting new pieces of motor on and cleaning the extra ash crud from vampires. I had my music blaring Linkin Park, tapping my foot to the music while screwing a bolt on. Then there she was, I woman, short in height with dirty blonde long hair in curls. "Is this the Night stalkers place?" The woman spoke; she also had a big bag on her back and in her right hand what looked like a bow carrying case.

"Who want's to know?" This is really a surprise, I mean we just put up a flyer the other day for more assistance here; we only have two others that guard the place while we're gone, but that's it. "Emily." She said and stuck her hand out. I took it and did a firm hand shake, "So I supposing you found a flyer?" Emily nodded, "Yeah, I figured I could help a lot around here, vampires and all right?" I gave her a funny look, "How did you know?" She took her bag off her back sat it down along with her bow bag, "I used to be one of them." She pulled her tank up a little to show a vamp marking on her hip. " It didn't happen in a good way and I want revenge, plain and simple."

I was shocked at this, this is all so random but with great timing I think. "Let's see what you got." Her face went to plain to confused. "Show me you fighting skills, if we're going to be killing them, I need to know if you got my back or not." Emily nodded in agreement. I really liked her outfit, black jeans and a tank top suits her, I may end up being good friends with this girl. "You read.." Is all I could get out before she threw a punch to my face knocking me back. I blocked the next and kicked her in the stomach, "Not bad!" I yelled through blocking punches and taking some.

"Thanks! My mom taught me when I was younger." She spoke and jumped on top of a metal box and tackling me to the ground. I landed with a big oomf and a fist inches away from my face, "I think you passed." Emily smirked and jumped up, helping me up at the same time. "Where did you learn to fight like that?" She picked her bag back up and her bow, "I learned from my dad way back, he died recently though." I got a sad look, "I'm sorry, what was his name?" Emily shrugged her shoulders, "You wouldn't know em, he went by Whistler." My mouth dropped and from there on out nothing would be the same around here.