You cool your bedwarm hands down

On the broken radiator

Horace awoke to the mattress shifting as another body left it. Knowing it was Will, he didn't bother opening his eyes. Instead, he just breathed deeply and listened as bare feet padded quietly across the floor. He heard the groan of winter cold wood accompanied by the creak of old hinges as the shutters were pushed open and nearly groaned himself. Will, not the window. . . .

When you lay them freezing on me

I mumble can you wake me later

But I don't really want you to stop

And you know it so it doesn't stop you

The quiet padding of feet returned to the the bed and the mattress groaned as it took on the extra weight. Cold fingers lightly brushed his cheek as the weight settled across his hips. The freezing appendages trailed lower, slower along his jaw and down his neck, the palms of the hands finally smoothing over his pectoral muscles.

Now he did allow himself to groan. "Will, it's too early," he grumbled, though really, he didn't mind as the cold hands ran along his abdomen and tucked themselves under his lower back in an attempt to warm up a little. He supposed the other boy knew this, if the soft chuckle was anything to go by. With a sigh, he opened his eyes as a cold wind ghosted across them.

Crack the shutters open wide

I want to bathe you in the light of day

And just watch you as the rays

Tangle up around your face and body

And the sight nearly left him breathless.

Will was straddling his hips, leaning over him, his hair sleep tousled and the east facing window behind him casting rays of dawn sunlight over and around him. The cold air from the winter morning caused goosebumps to rise along the boy's skin, making the hairs stand on end. Coupled together, the effects cast a golden aura around the smaller, naked body.

Horace knew that he could lay there for hours, just watching him, untiring of the sight and likely to find new aspects to awe at. Like the lean, defined muscle that chorded through that body. Or the way the corners of his mouth turned upward naturally.

Deciding he wanted to experience the other's body, he spurred himself into action and threaded his cooling fingers into warm hair, pulling Will down for a kiss.

Happy lost in your hair

And the cold side of the pillow

It was a wonderful mix of sensations, cold wind wrapping around them, warm lips moving together and ghosted with warm breaths, a slightly shivering body pressing against him.

Your hills and valleys

Are mapped by my intrepid fingers

Feeling bold (and this time without the help of something alcoholic), Horace untangled his fingers from Will's hair and trailed them along the lean body; from the valley created by his collarbone to the flat plain of his stomach and around to dip into the dimples in his lower back before resting over the curve his ass.

This, of course, led to more, and a little while later found them both curled sleepily under a thick quilt, basking in the warm after glow of their activity. The winter air curled around them harmlessly, unable and yet not trying to break through the pair's intimacy, leaving them to doze a while before the day's duties would call them away.

And in a naked slumber

I dream all this again