So. I was walking back from school… and these 12 year olds kept calling everyone the word 'nigga'. Including me. You know, I wasn't happy with that. Not since they are white, but that word. I didn't think. I turned around, put my hoodie on so they couldn't see my face, walked up to them, kicked them in the crotch and ran to my house. No im not proud of it, but hey. This generation is jacked up. Lemme tell u wat I mean.

My P.O.V

I looked inside Glitch's window to see him playing video games, Call of Duty I think. I squint my eyes and smirk. This kid is mine. I'm not being a pedophile; I'm trying to get him somewhere, in the past specifically. Not really the past, maybe a couple years ago. Okay, since I'm a confusing chick, I'll tell you what I mean.

I was born in the 90's, a time with nice rap music, awesome clothing, and regular teens and kids. I was four and I still remember all of that. I was in my house, watching T.V, talking to the high school kids, (I thought they were cool for some reason), and having fun. But when I turned sixteen, I realized everything has changed. When I was a child, if you got pregnant, you would get scared and talk to your parents. Now you just say "OH EM GEE! TIME FOR MTV!" or "Let's go to Maury, son!" or "FUCK YEA!". What is this bullshit? Tell me please, what the crap is this? Hmm, maybe I should give a couple more examples….

Number one- If I hung out with friends, I would go outside and play. Now, you talk on facebook. Yeah. I have one. But I actually hang out with people.

Number two- The word Nigga. Bitch please. When I was a child Nigga were black children calling each other the word playfully, and if they get offended they would stop. But now, different race call each other Nigga like it's a joke. For real people? You don't see me going around saying: "SUP NIGGA." "HOW YOU DOIN MA NIGGA" "NIGGA PLEASE". Shit.

Number three- PHONES. I MEAN PHONES. When I was twelve, I got my first phone. It was a flip phone, which was purple. AND NOW. All you see are big, black phones that are the same thing. COSTING LIKE 500 BUCKS MAN. MINE CAUSED TWENTY. Geez. Now enough of why I am stalking Glitch. Time to talk to the Bitch.

I opened up his window and sneaked inside. He was wearing Headphones so yea he couldn't hear me. I had a wrist watch on; a time machine one. I also had a small bag in my hand… hehe I'm so freaking creepy. "Bitch please! Bro I can whoop yo' ass!" Glitch yelled to his microphone. The fuck man. The. Fuck. I shook my head and opened the bag. I tiptoed to Glitch and put the bag over his head. "DAFUQ ARE YOU DOING!? WHO IS THIS?! MO!" he yelled. I didn't care. I heard Mo coming down and clicked a button on my watch. 1994 here we come.


Glitch and I were zoomed to my old house In 1994. I took off the bag from his head to see him sweating and crying. "WHO ARE YOU! WHERE IS MO! DAFUQ AM I AT!?" I slapped the little Asian across the face. "Can you STFU? Now. My name is Fatima Morson, you can call me F.M radio if you want. Just call me it. I like the name. ANYWHO… you know how your generation is like with all the fucking slut 12 year olds?"

He didn't say anything. I slapped him again. "BITCH. ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTION." I said.

"Yes…. I do…." He finally answered.

"So. Have you every kissed anyone?"


"WHO?" I said agitated.

"Well…" he said embarrassed.

"You wanna get slapped?" he shook his head. "THEN SPEAK CHILD."

"Okay, okay! I kissed…. Mo…. Okay!" he blushed so red he looked like a tomato.

I honestly didn't seem surprised, so what if the kids gay. But that's not what I'm peeved about. "So. Have you ever pleasured youself?" I asked.

Glitch blushed so mad; he was a fire truck with a green streak. "What type of question is that?!"

"Answer. IT." I got really upset. This dumb bitch; he Asian too.

"Kinda… I didn't know what I was doing." The little Asian said really fast. "So. You ever had sex?" Damn. he blushed so mad. I don't know what to say. "Oh ma god. No. I haven't had sex. Whats with these sexual questions?!" he pulled his jet black hair. I rubbed my chin, even though I don't have a beard. I sat down beside the little Asian. "Okay, last question. Are you gay or straight?"

"Just to get it over with, I'm gay okay. I'm fucking gay. Just laugh at me already." He sobbed a little and I rubbed the back of his back. "No problem." I answered calmly. The prodigy looked up at me confused.

"Why aren't you laughing at me? Everyone usually makes fun of homosexuality." What a dumb question.

"Glitch." I said sternly.

"How do you know my name? And where are we?"

"I stalk you. Right now where in the 90's, in my old home. And also, Glitch. I don't make fun of gay people or lesbians. I don't care what you are. When you grew up, people thought being gay was disgusting and wrong. If two guys where dating in the 90's everyone would wait for their wedding. I can't wait for yours too." We both smiled, then I continued. "If there are two lesbians, people will be like 'DAMN. She so fucking hot. I'd tap that.' And I don't understand. When I grew up, if you were a lesbian, you were a lesbian. No one cared. But now, since there are porn stars and pornography, I don't wanna live on this world anymore. So, since you're popular, I would like to help you change other people."

Glitch looked down to his feet. "It's so weird how you know all about the new millennium. How did you get there in the 90's again if you were born in the 90's?" he was very confused.

"Well, that's a secret but I can tell you of course. I was chosen to go to the future and change the world from the craziness it's in. A group of people called 'The ones' told me to go to you, because you're the one I should talk to. It was 2005 at the time, and now it's 2012. I'm twenty three right now, I was assigned the task at sixteen. I have been stalking you ever since. Now. Time to show you all about the nineties." I got up and grabbed Glitch's arm. I took him outside of my house and he fell in love.

There was this beautiful girl next to her house in a short skirt. This is where the 12 year old sluts come from. "Wow… she's beautiful… I think I have a crush on-" I slapped him so hard he fell. "ENOUGH! SIR. YOU ARE GAY. YOU ARE DATING MO. LOVE HIM AND LOVE HIM FOREVA. OK CHILD? Now. Stop falling in love with every hot person you see." I said.

"…. I didn't fall in love with you…"

"Fag." Ugh, this would be a long trip of traveling.

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