Once upon a time, in a far away city, called Gotham, there was a prince. His parents, the king and queen of Gotham, had passed away when he was very young. Since their death, the prince had traveled all over the world, seeking solace. But nowhere in the world compared with the city that had taken their lives, Gotham.

And so the prince returned to Gotham, and there he lived, alone save for a single, loyal butler, for several years.

Until one day the circus came to town. The stars of this circus were 3 acrobats, a father, a mother and a son. They were never happier than when they were flying together. Then the mother and father fell, and the son was left all alone. And the prince of Gotham felt sorry for the boy, knowing how it felt to be all alone.

And so the prince took the circus boy in, to be hisson. And they were happy together.

Then the circus boy grew up, and no longer wanted to be anyone's son. They fought, and it ended with the boy - now a man - leaving the prince.

And the prince was alone once more.

Then one day the prince found another young boy on the street with no parents, and the prince rejoiced. He had a son once more! It would be just like it was.

But the street boy was not the circus boy. He was not the young innocent that the prince had taken in years before. And so, in less time than the circus boy, the street boy ran away to find his mother.

He found his mother, but he also found an evil man, who beat him. And the prince was too late to save him. So the street boy died.

The prince grieved, until it seemed that no one could rescue him from his sadness. But then a young boy from another noble family came to him, to pull him free of the darkness he had sunken into. The noble boy had parents, but they were never there, and so the prince had a third son.

The noble boy helped the prince reunite with the circus boy, and they were a happy family. The prince helped the noble boy grow, and when his parents died, he helped the boy grieve.

But then something happened. It seemed that a princess from another land had brought back the street boy to life, but had hidden the boy from the prince. But now, no longer a boy, the street man had come back to Gotham.

The prince and the street man fought, and the noble boy was nearly killed, but in the end, the street man and the prince made up.

And so, for a few more years, all was right with the family. But then the princess that had hidden the street boy came to Gotham with a son of the prince - a true son. And she left the son, intending for him to kill his adopted brothers. And so the son might have, but then something terrible happened.

The prince of Gotham died, leaving the circus man to pick up his legacy. And so the son became the son of the circus man, and he left his mother behind, becoming the true son of the prince.

This is the story of the prince of Gotham and his sons. It spans many years, and who knows how it may end. Perhaps we will find out.