(Small warnings first: 1) ok, in this universe Burt started his way into politics much, much earlier – having attended night classes for law school when Kurt was a practically a baby, and has been a senator since before Kurt was in high school. Kurt did, however, stay in lima, until now. Dalton is in Washington DC.

2) This is not particularly republican friendly, or at least not conservative-republican friendly. It's not just that I'm biased against it – which, I'll admit, I am – it's also that I feel like both Kurt and Blaine would be democrats, or independents at the very least.

3) I'm not American and I only know the basics of your election system, but I hope its enough, and whatever's 'wrong' maybe we could write off as artistic license.

4) I do know, however, that the timing of the elections in this fic would be wrong. But, for narrative purposes…. Bear with me?)

Playing With Fire

"Kurt…" Burt lays his fork down and dabs at his mouth with his napkin "There's something I need to talk to you about."

Kurt lowers his glass, licks the remaining drops of water from his lip and raises an eyebrow "Sounds important."

"It is." Burt nods.

Kurt looks at his father expectantly, and when Burt doesn't say anything for a while Kurt sighs "Am I supposed to guess?"

Burt cracks a weak smile before taking a deep breath "So." he begins "How would you feel about me…" he speaks slowly, every word punctuated "running… for President?"

"I… you… huh… what?"


"Blaine, join us in your father's study for a second, please." His mother knocks gently on his door.

Blaine takes his eyes off his laptop, where he'd been typing out a slightly overdue essay "Hmm?"

"Your father and I need to talk to you for a minute, Blaine." She smiles in a warm, motherly way that has long since stopped feeling all that warm to Blaine. He saves his essay and moves to follow her.

His father is sitting at his desk and Cooper's voice is coming out of his phone. Family conference, Blaine thinks, must be important.

"Your brother's here, Coop." John Anderson says, and Cooper shuts up "Now, your mother and I have something we want to tell you both. We were going to do it over family dinner, but since Cooper says he can't make it for the next month…" he trails off for a moment before gathering himself again, straightens his back again "I – We wanted you two to be the first to know that, for the next elections I am running for President."

Chapter 1

Kurt straightens his tie just as someone opens the doors. He hesitates only the smallest bit before entering the room. It's filled with politely smiling teenagers, like himself, dressed in navy blue uniform blazers and crisp white shirts. Everything looks so… self-important. He hopes this is just a wrong first impression, because Kurt had never thought he would meet someone he'd think should take a stick out of their asses, let alone a collective stick in a collective ass, but lo and behold.

Kurt used to think he was too formal, and many people often told them that they knew he was gay, not because he was fabulous, but because he seemed to enjoy the stick he had up his ass far too much. But here, he kind of feels like his stick is the smallest. At least figuratively speaking.

On the front of the room there's a table with three boys, gavel at its centre. Kurt nods shortly at them, smiling politely before saying "Hi. I'm Kurt Hummel, I'd like to audition."

The one in the middle looks at him with pleasant officiality "My name is Wes. It's a pleasure." He nods "We'd be very pleased and thrilled even to hear you, I'm sure, but you'll understand that only under very special circumstances would we let you perform with us right now, seeing as we're barely two weeks away from a competition date."

Kurt tries to look unaffected by this "Of course, I understand. But I would be willing to forego Sectionals. I understand there's not enough time to properly include a new voice to your arrangement. I'd still like to audition, though." Of course it'd be disappointing to sit sectionals out. "So long as I can still be part of the warblers and maybe sing with you afterwards, that would be great."

Wes raises his eyebrows and his smile never falters "Well, in that case, I don't see why you shouldn't audition right now."

Kurt had had a lot of time to think his song choice over – it'd been his entertainment on the way from Ohio do DC. He'd seen a few Warblers' performances online, so he knew their style. But he didn't exactly want to just start spewing off One Direction or anything top40-ish like that. He knew show tunes and big Diva ballads weren't exactly their thing, but this was an audition – it was supposed to be a solo, and it was supposed to showcase him. And, anyway, what better way to show his talent then his ever-surprising and jaw dropping performance of Defying Gravity?

Warblers or not, it was his go-to. His signature. His identity. So in the end, he couldn't choose anything else.

He sings it as beautifully as ever, not a problem whatsoever. As he does it, he makes sure to survey his fellow students. The boys around the room seem terribly impressed, and Kurt's performance only gets better with his swelling pride. There is the chubby boy with tearing eyes, there is the blond, lanky boy continuously prodding the raven haired next to him, with wide eyes and disbelief.

And then there are big, bright, magnetic hazel eyes, admiringly smiling lips, and a strong chin resting on both hands, fingers curling softly against his cheeks.

He sits at the corner of the room, a book open, but now forgotten in front of him. Kurt isn't sure the boy even realizes he's leant that far forward into his table, or is staring so intently at Kurt, his smile growing into a grin every second that passes. More than the excited exchange of glances and the slack jaws, this quiet, unconscious and quite unabashed admiration from the boy in the corner is what makes Kurt blush violently as he draws to a close.

There is enthusiastic applause (well, as enthusiastic as it's going to get in a room full of private school preppy boys with the aforementioned collective stick up their collective ass). And Kurt chances just one glance at the corner boy (he's grinning, shaking his head a little, barely even clapping) before turning back to the council.

"Well, huh, thank you, Kurt, for that. That was quite great. If you'd wait until tomorrow."

Kurt returns his smile "Of course. I'll see you." He waves shortly and maybe a little awkwardly before grabbing his bag and leaving.


Blaine can't help it. He'd promised himself he would stop doing it, once school started, but day after day he couldn't stop it. He chews on his lip as he googles Senator John Anderson. The hits are basically the same as the day before. There are some new posts on some forums, a new article where his dad is mentioned. But mostly it's the same. Of course he knows it hasn't been announced yet. Blaine's pretty sure his parents will want him standing there, smiling in the background, as the grateful, dutiful and charming son that he is, when they finally do announce John's candidacy. But he still can't help it.

Maybe there are rumors and whispers, maybe someone leaked the information, somehow. Maybe, there are lists of possible candidates being made and his dad will be mentioned.

But today there is nothing. He sighs and clicks his laptop shut, moves to his bed.

You think Blaine's waiting for the announcement so he can feel proud to be Blaine Anderson, son of presidential candidate Sen John Anderson?

No. Blaine Anderson is dreading the announcement that will:

Make him Blaine Anderson, son of presidential candidate Senator John Anderson.

Make him Blaine Anderson, son of republican presidential candidate Senator John Anderson.

Make him Blaine Anderson, son of republican presidential candidate Senator John Anderson, advocate for traditional family values and… too many things Blaine disagrees with.

Make him Blaine Anderson, the boy who will have to ignore his own feelings, his own opinions, himself, because he's the son of republican presidential candidate Senator John Anderson, a man he believes would never be fit to be President of the United States.

It makes him feel lousy. Mainly because he's pretty sure he might be the worst son ever, but also because he knows there's a good chance his father will win. At least the primaries. Blaine's pretty sure his dad will have the primaries in the bag.

Just as sure as he is that he's gonna be creating a tumblr blog just so he can reblog every single quote of his dad attached to a "Are you fucking serious?" gif.


Kurt lays quietly on his bed, fiddling with his iPhone, when the picture of Burt Hummel and the customized ring tone (Pink Houses) rings.

"Hey!" he answers at once.

"Hey, bud. How's first day?"

"Ok, I guess. Everyone seems a little stiff…" he says "But maybe I'm just used to too much chaos."

"Yes, well, it's for the best, bud." Burt sounds a little tired.

"How's everything over there? The announcement coming up soon?" He asks in a half sigh.

"We're looking for the best time, but yes. It'll be soon."

"God, the suspense!" Kurt whines, mostly joking and he hears his father's chuckles."I miss you dad."

"I miss you, too, kid. I'll be there soon."

After a moment of silence Kurt can't help it. The question has been bugging him for two months now. "Dad…" he mutters, the atmosphere entirely different at once "do you think… do you think there's a good chance you'll win?"

He hears Burt's slow and tired intake of breath "I hope so, most of all."

"Yeah… but… hope aside. What are the chances?" he presses.

"I think… there's a chance."

"A good chance?"

"An ok chance."

Kurt lets out a long breath "I… I hope I can be a good First Son."

"You're my son, Kurt, and I love you and I'm proud of you. Being the President of the United States would never change that for me."




There's a hand on his shoulder and Blaine turns to find nervous blue eyes and a blush. He recognizes him at once, and grins.

"Hi, excuse me, can I ask you a question?" Kurt grimaces slightly "I'm new here…"

"Blaine." He offers his hand and Kurt takes it with a soft smile.


"I know." Blaine nods "You auditioned for the warblers yesterday."

Kurt's eyebrows raise and his smile grows "You remember…!"

Blaine snorts. Boy, does he remember! That was something Blaine wasn't likely to forget anytime soon "Of course I do." He rolls his eyes, in good nature "I'm looking forward to rehearsal today…"

"Huh…" Kurt frowns. "Ok…?"

"O…k?" Why does Blaine suddenly feel like Kurt thinks he's being a jerk? It hits him "Oh, Wes hasn't talked to you, yet?"

"Huh, no."

"Oh!" Blaine gasps and then laughs "I'm sorry, I thought you knew! You're in!" He beams "You're in the Warblers."

"Oh…" Kurt doesn't seem all that excited "But… I'm still not supposed to go, right? Not until after sectionals."

"No!" He almost grabs the other boys arm caught up in his own enthusiasm "You're in, in! Like, in for sectionals, in."

Kurt stares at him, confused for a second, before his face splits in a grin and he gasps out "Really?"

"Really!" Blaine laughs "We were gonna play it a little safe, but not with you in the mix, we're not. Do you think two weeks is enough to prepare for a solo? Personally, I th- Oh! I'm sorry, you needed help…?"

"Oh…" Kurt waves his hand dismissively "I heard you say something about a solo there, so the fact that I needed to find the cafeteria is literally gone from my list of priorities. Poof. Gone. Vanished!" Kurt waved his hands for effect, before snapping back towards Blaine, with an eyebrow quirked "Now, you were saying?"

Blaine laughs, loud and clear "Come on, I was heading towards the cafeteria, too."

"Focus, - huh, Blaine, was it? – the solo. Talk to me about the solo." Kurt follows Blaine in a quick, excited step, and Blaine chuckles and has a fleeting feeling of familiarity and comfort – like he's known Kurt for… a lot more than five minutes.

"Alright…" he sighs with a smile "We were gonna do three songs, two solos and one duet. The two solos were mine, and the duet was between Nick and Dom, who, of course, you have no clue who they are…" he chuckles at Kurt's agreeing eye-roll "I suggested, you have my second solo."

Kurt's eyes are wide and his mouth opens in a little 'o' shape. It's adorable.

"Your solo. Like, an entire song? You'd just give that to me? Just like that…?!"

Blaine smiles "Just like that."

Kurt seems to preen at that. He's smiling, biting his lips in excitement and closing his eyes. Blaine struggles, trying not to think it's the single most cutest and yet gorgeous thing he's ever seen. Then Kurt lets out a long sigh and turns back to Blaine "Ok, alright… I can't believe I'm going to say this… but… That's not really fair."


"I'm sure Nick and Dom were really excited to sing their duet, but how are they supposed to feel when the new kid comes along and kind of steals the show?" Kurt deflates "My old glee club was pure chaos and madness. I was part of it since the beginning and I never once got a competition solo, not even a line. And it felt terrible!"

"You never got a solo?!" Blaine gasps "With your voice?!" Either that was one hell of a glee club with members like Barbra Streisand and Whitney Houston, or there really wasn't an excuse.

"I know right?" Kurt laughs, somewhere between bitter and genuinely amused "My point is, I remember how it felt, watching other people come along and take the solos, even if they were in the club for two weeks and me two years."

"Ok…" Blaine nods as they round the door to the cafeteria "I hear you." He gestures for Kurt go first as they stand in line "I understand that. But the reason it wasn't even up for debate that you'd get in the warblers was because your voice is the biggest asset this club could have right now. Hear me out. We have the toughest competition we've ever had this year. And it was between playing it safe or taking a risk and having it blow up in our faces. We were going to go with safe. But the-no, Kurt, don't eat that, that's never good – anyway, like I was saying, with you, we have the opportunity to take a risk and be sure it won't go bad." Blaine smiles enthusiastically "It wouldn't even be taking a risk. It'd just be wowing the judges. With a countertenor!"

Kurt smiles smugly again, like it's so obvious that his talent is that good and compliments are simply stated facts, but there is the soft hint of a blush creeping up his neck, and that alone melts Blaine's heart in three seconds.

"Well…" Kurt says, picking up his tray at the end of the food court, and waiting for Blaine to join him "I understand that. But surely, there's a lot of talent in your room you're ignoring."

Blaine shoots him a funny look "Do you not want the solo?"

"I do!" Kurt rolls his eyes "It's everything I've ever dreamed of, trust me, but…" he shrugs halfheartedly "I don't want to be the douche that sweeps in and steals everybody's spotlight on his first week. As much as I like it, I should probably share."

Blaine lays his tray down on a table near the windows "Ok… fine, I get that." He bites his lip "but it's not like that. This isn't me giving you my solo. This is the whole room yesterday in an uproar that you needed to have a solo." He pauses to gather his words and thoughts when an idea struck him "Ok. How would you feel about a duet, then?"

Kurt eyes him, and chewed his food slowly, so Blaine continues.

"I'd have my solo, and then a duet with you, and then Thad could have a solo. And Dom would be ever so relieved that he wouldn't be featured." Kurt quirks an eyebrow and Blaine laughs "Dom's… a little nervous. Like all the time. He had a solo in the winter formal, last year, and it didn't go so well – he threw up halfway through it. But he's got a terrific voice. Mostly. During rehearsals. I guess."


"And the rest of the guys… they're good. But they're not… great. They're great for back up, and we're an a capella choir, so, lord knows we need good back up. Which they're all more than fine with doing."

"So, you're saying they would be ok with it…? Like, you're sure?"

"Come to rehearsal this afternoon, and we'll all discuss and vote on it."

"Vote on it?"

"We're very democratic!" Blaine smiles.

"I approve." Kurt nods "My old glee club wasn't all that democratic."

"I'm not sure if your old glee club was… well… any good, the way you talk about it."

"Hey!" Kurt flicks his (perfectly clean, thank you very much) napkin at Blaine "Only I get to talk dirt about the New Directions!"

"Ok…!" Blaine laughs "I'll be sure to keep that in mind." He lets his chuckles trail off before he turns back to look at Kurt, smiling "So, New Directions, then. Where's that?"

"Is that your very subtle way to talk about something else other than the warblers?" Kurt smirks.

"Well, I was going for subtlety…" Blaine shrugs "But, really, warblers aside. Where are you from?"

Kurt's smile seems smaller, and yet a lot more real when he answers "Ohio."

"Ohio? I lived there when I was kid…" Blaine comments lightly "For, like, three years."

"So you got out before it could scar you for life, huh?"

Blaine chuckles "I don't remember, is it that bad?" Kurt nods "That why you left?"

Kurt's smile falters only slightly "Partly. Dad works here in DC. I was going to finish high school back in Ohio, but…"

"Wait… dad… you're Kurt Hummel… Hummel. Why does… Your dad's Burt Hummel?"

"Huh… yeah…" he nods, suddenly blushing violently. Blaine gets himself in check. After all, how would he feel if someone were to just go up to him and start spewing off about his dad?

"Right, sorry. I'm easily excited." Blaine excuses himself "I've just… heard about him. A lot, lately." He says with a small smirk. There are rumors. They're still small, like his own father's, but there are rumors nonetheless.

Kurt lets his eyes fall to his food "Yeah, well…" he returns to look at Blaine, eyebrow quirked and playful smile back in place "Don't come asking for no favors. He's not that kind of politician!"

Blaine laughs "Wouldn't dream of it!" he refrains from saying he has his own father to ask favors from. "I've met him once or twice, anyway, and I do know he's very… honest." He pauses before turning the conversation back to where it was "So you were saying…?"

"I was saying…?"

"Why you moved from Ohio to DC two months into senior year."

"Oh, right!" Kurt gasps "well, hm, I just… had some troubles with a few people back in my old school, and the things keeping me there kind of stopped outweighing the things pulling me here. So… I just… moved."

Blaine feels the vagueness of the answer as an answer in itself. It's clear: 'it was hard, it was difficult, and I'm not ready to just talk about that with a stranger.'

"Anderson!" a voice bellows from behind him and Blaine turns to find Wes jogging up to him "Next time you want to leave your cell phone in the bedroom make sure either I'm not still sleeping or the alarm clock's off." He places Blaine's blackberry on the table "Jesus, it's bad enough having to listen to it when you wake up, I don't need to go on a scavenger's hunt first thing in the morning."

"Sorry Wes." Blaine smiles politely, just the smallest hint of amusement in his voice as he pockets the offending item.

Wes rolls his eyes before looking at Blaine's lunch company "Oh, hi there, Kurt!" he beams "I've been meaning to talk to you. You're in the warblers, practice today at five, ok?"

Kurt nods "Yeah, Blaine was telling me that."

"So that's where you both disappeared off into. Nick was wondering if you'd been kidnapped, Blaine." Wes rolls his eyes before turning on his heel and walking off.

"Oh, I didn't even think! I totally stole you!" Kurt gasps " I totally high jacked your lunch break!"

Blaine laughs "You totally did."

"I'm so sorry!"

"What are you even talking about, I'm kidding! You didn't steal or high jack anything. I came willingly." He assures Kurt, as he rests his fork "Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go talk to a friend before class. I'll see you at five?"

"Yeah, of course."

"Looking forward, see you then, Mr. Hummel." Blaine says with a wink, before turning on his heels, scrunching his face up and feeling the all consuming heat of shame and humiliation creep over his face.

He barely hears as Kurt calls back "Later, Anderson." He's too preoccupied with refraining from screaming at himself.

Relax Blaine, that was some lousy flirting, so maybe he didn't even notice at all!


Did he just wink? Was that a wink? Was he flirting? Is he even gay?

Kurt watches as Blaine walks away, wishing he would just turn around and tell him what exactly had just happened.


How is Kurt ever supposed to find someone if he can't even tell whether someone's flirting or not. But Kurt has always been a firm believer and supporter of 'Better safe than sorry'. As such, it is probably a lot safer to assume there had been nothing but friendly banter between the two of them. The cold humiliation of wrong assumptions is a feeling Kurt knows all too well, and can live without. Besides…

Blaine is…. so many adjectives that one could simply sum it up as 'too good to be true'.

It is, then, decided. Blaine Anderson has not just flirted with Kurt.

Blaine Anderson- wait.

Why did Blaine Anderson sound vaguely familiar?

Well, Blaine had apparently lived in Ohio, maybe they had acquaintances in common. Not that that was likely at all. Maybe it was just a common name.

He settled for typing Rachel a text 'Does the name Blaine Anderson mean anything to you?'

He picks up his tray and puts it away.

'No. Why?' came the reply.

'Just a new classmate. His name sounds familiar, is all. Can't place it, tho.'

'well, u're in dc. Maybe he's someone's son. Someone working w ur dad.'

'he did know who my dad was… anyway, not important. Just curious. How's everything back there?'

'not as much fun without you. Obviously.'

'I miss u, too! 3'

'how's the new school?'

'dalton is… different. Most people walk around like they got sticks up their asses. It's weird.'

'I thought you'd like that… :P'


'sorry. Had to say it.'

His afternoon classes are surprisingly interesting. The teachers here are actually interested in teaching, and most of them even know how to do it. He makes sure to write down practically everything, and by the end of the day his hand is sore. He massages his knuckles and his palm as he heads towards the Warbler's practice room.

Once he arrives there are grins and good natured pats on the shoulder, welcomes and slightly awkward high fives. Wes strikes his gavel an everyone quiets down turning towards the three seniors that make up the council.

"Alright everyone. Let's first welcome our newest addition to the warblers – Kurt Hummel." There is a round of enthusiastic applause, and Kurt thinks the stick must've slipped out a little. "Now, on to more pressing matters. It was unanimous amongst the group that Kurt should be featured as soloist on our sectionals performance."

Kurt raises his hand "If I may?" Wes gestures that his has the floor "Blaine told me as much this afternoon. Honestly, I feel terribly uncomfortable about the whole deal. I mean, don't get me wrong, I will cherish any opportunity I have for a solo. But I know what it feels like to be neglected or forgotten, and I know most of you have probably been wishing for the opportunity to have a solo since you've been in the warblers. It just doesn't feel right to basically barge through that door and snatch your well deserved solos." He sighs "I just don't want to be the idiot who steals anyone's spotlight."

Wes chuckles and looks amused at Blaine before turning back to Kurt "It's not stealing if we give it to you." He says "Everyone in favor Kurt performing a duet with Blaine raise your hand."

The whole room has their hands raised.

"Alright, so that means either Nick or Dom would take over Blaine's second solo. As Dom has already made terribly clear several times, he's happy to just hand it over to Nick. All those in favor?"

Again the warblers raise their hand in perfect synchrony.

"The warblers are terribly democratic." Wes smiles "And you're still the least featured soloist, if it makes you any happy."

Kurt blushes and nods.

"On to song selection!" David, the ever-grinning, chocolate skinned senior next to Wes, perks up "For time economy reasons, Blaine's opening solo will stay the same, only we'll make it closing song instead. Nick, I've thought about it for a while now, and maybe you can handle Uptown Girl, right? No need to change that either…?"

Nick nods in earnest determination.

David scribbles something before looking around the room again and beaming brighter than ever before "As for the duet. Guys. I think it's time. I think this is our chance." Everyone's chuckling and exchanging amused glances "Mika!"

There are burst of laughter, there's even a whoop and a clap. Wes is laughing and slaps his the other councilman cheerfully "There, David, I know how happy you must be! I'm happy for you."

David nods excitedly and gasps out "You can't imagine how long it's been since I wanted to say that!"

"We do!" A few boys laugh out.

Kurt stands there smiling but still confused.

Finally a still chuckling Wes strikes his gavel for order and David speaks again. "Now that we've all celebrated the fulfillment of our life-long dream." A coughed out 'yours' interrupts him for just a second "I was thinking something cheerful. Now, Grace Kelly is a little 'been there, done that' – every show choir with a fairly good female singer has already attempted and debauched it. We Are Golden… it's not really our style, I don't think, and it would be a terribly obvious choice as far as acapella goes. So, I was thinking Touches You…?"

There's some debate, some excited ideas thrown here and there, but in the end it's voted and decided that Blaine and Kurt will duet with Touches You (duet, not do it, you perv!). Wes urges everyone to step up their game, and extraordinary practices are scheduled.


The meeting is winding down when Blaine saunters over to Kurt.

"So…" he says quietly "a few of us were getting together at the common room next to the dorms for a movie…"

Kurt raises his eyes and Blaine wants to stare at those forever "Am I invited?"

Blaine smirks "No." he shakes his head, still smirking "I'm just letting you know."

"Oh…" Kurt blushes slightly and drops his eyes.

Blaine has to laugh then, because how is it that he would actually think Blaine was being serious? "I'm kidding!" he hastens to explain "I'm kidding!" he lays a hand on Kurt's shoulder "You are most definitely invited."

"Oh!" Kurt perks up at once, blushing even more, and it's adorable "Ok! What movie?"

"It's Thad's choice today, so I'll guess something historical."

Kurt hums and nods "Exciting."

"Also." Blaine follows Kurt as he hoists his bag over his shoulders and starts towards the door "We should – huh – we should practice."

"Now?" Kurt quirks an eyebrow.

"No!" Blaine gasps, realizing how dumb he must've sounded "Not now. I mean, just in general. We should practice. The duet. I mean. So… maybe, like, after school… everyday… if you can…?"

"Well, other than Friday, which is family dinner day and absolutely mandatory, I'd love to."

"Ok, ok!" Blaine beams "Cool! Great!" he swings his hands around, unsure what he should be doing with them. Unsure of what he should be doing with anything, really "So, I have to… do stuff. I'll see you in ten for that movie, then?"

"I guess."

"Cool!" Blaine smiles "I'll… stuff." He mumbles before turning on his heels, leaving a slightly confused Kurt behind.

He finds Wes at once – thank God – and falls into step right next to him "I'm in trouble. Like deep trouble."

"What?" Wes frowns, turning left.

"Boy trouble." Blaine whispers, checking that no one overhears.

"Kurt?" Wes smirks knowingly.

"He's so perfect!" Blaine sighs dejectedly. "He's just so cute, and adorable, and pretty, and… guh!"

Wes rolls his eyes "I think I saw him eyeing you up… I don't see the trouble."

"You know what's the trouble." Blaine says, suddenly a little more serious and a lot less 'schoolboy's got a crush and can't stop blushing'.

Wes sighs "I think you need to stand up for yourself, Blaine." He says "What's the worst thing that could happen? You cost him his career? Come on, you don't even believe in his career."

"That's n-" he sighs frustrated "I don't want my dad to lose his career because of me! I want him to lose his career because his ideas suck! And… I guess, it'd be nice if I didn't give him one more reason to hate me, you know?"

"Well, if he hates you because you're living your life he's not doing his job that well, is he?" Wes points out "At some point you just have to stop and think if it's the son who's disappointing the father, or the father who's disappointing the son."

Blaine gives him a weak smile.


"Movie!" David chants as he walks in, Blaine and Wes by his side.

Kurt's sitting at the edge of a couch. It's awkward.

His eyes catch Blaine's and the latter smiles at once. The word flirting has been at the back of Kurt's brain since lunch, and every once in a while it makes a solid appearance. But the truth is he's totally not sure if Blaine's gay or straight. Everyone he's talked to that mentioned Blaine never said anything, and there was that one person that mentioned a ex-girlfriend, but 1) Kurt, technically, had an ex-girlfriend too, so… and 2) he might have misunderstood whose ex it was.

Blaine's earlier guess was right as the DVD starts playing and it turns out to be Troy. Blaine somehow ends up sitting next to Kurt, and even though they're not even touching Kurt swears his skin is on fire. There are those times when Blaine leans over to comment or joke about something and nearly half of those time Kurt can't do anything except nod because Blaine's lips were so close to his ear that he felt his breath.

He turns to look at Blaine a few times, when he hears his easy chuckles and a couple of times their eyes meet and Kurt ends up blushing too much for his own sanity. By the end of the movie Kurt swears his can feel Blaine's hand right next to his leg, resting on the couch, dangerously close, and there's maybe a fraction of movement in the pinkie, the only finger that's actually touching Kurt – even if it's so light it's barely there – but Achilles is struck and Jeff, next to Blaine grunts and jumps in disappointment, jostles them and Blaine's hand goes up to rub his chin, and he's sighing.

Flirting is the word haunting Kurt right now.

The movie ends before Kurt can muster up the courage to make his hand rest where Blaine's was – between the two of them – or just move his leg so their knees would brush. But maybe that's a good thing because his face is already burning so much that if he actually had done any of those things it might've caught on fire.

There's a few minutes of stretching - some fell asleep – and chatting amicably about the movie. And then Thad stands "Oh!" he says "By the way, I just got back from the Principal's office, guys. The kissing booth is a go, again. Obviously."

"Kissing booth?" Kurt blanches slightly.

"It's for the fundraiser…?" Thad offers, but of course Kurt has no idea what's the fundraiser.

"We have a fundraiser every year so that the school can maintain a steady support of an educational program in southern Africa. It's like a huge preppy school version of a carnival" Blaine smiles "Every club has to come up with some sort of booth or diversion. And the Warblers usually get a Kissing booth."


"We usually raise a ton of money." Thad says proudly, and Jeff nods with a smirk.

"Oh…" Kurt attempts to smile.

"We might just make even more this year…" Blaine whispers nudging Kurt's knee with his own.