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The applause, the shouting, the celebrating, the confetti cannons still pumping every few seconds, the loud music. Everything's overwhelming, but so, so good.

Blaine turns to Kurt and finds him beaming, tears in his eyes, hands splayed against flushed cheeks. He laughs, completely unable to contain his happiness, his thrill, his excitement. The adrenaline rushing through his blood is making everything happen three times faster.


Kurt sees him just as he jumps off the train onto the platform. "BLAINE!" He shouts and waves his arms frantically. Blaine's head turns towards him and a giant grin appears at once. They crash against each other, halfway, arms tight around shoulders and feet leaving the ground for full minutes. Blaine's giggles are clear and bright as he breathes, "Put me down, put me down!"

Kurt complies, but hugs him again "Let's not forget your bag again, shall we?" Kurt cocks an eyebrow as he walks around Blaine to a few feet behind him where he'd unceremoniously dropped his bags in his haste hug Kurt.

Blaine chuckles and rubs the back of his neck, accepting the bag and Kurt's hand.

"So…" Kurt says with a smile "Tell your proud little boyfriend about that A you got on your essay?"

Blaine beams at once and actually squeals.


A text conversation from 12/05/2014

A guy hit on me. – B

Oh. ? – K

He just added me on Facebook and invited me over. – B

Why are you telling me this? – K

I almost said yes. – B

Blaine. Fuck. I'm in class. I can't call you right now. This isn't a conversation to have via text – K

It's better than no conversation at all, and at least I know you're reading this, instead of ignoring my calls. – B

That's usually what happens when I'm mad at you, though. Of course I'm not taking your calls. – K

Because I cancelled? – B


I need to STUDY! You've cancelled before, because there were parties you needed to go to and I pretended to be ok with that. The least you could do is understand that I have to study as well. And besides you're the one being stubborn about coming over. I have no problems with you coming over this weekend, cuz I'd still be able to study w you here. But I cannot go to NY. – B

But it's your turn to come here! – K

Seriously, Kurt?! – B

Well, I'm not the one considering cheating, am I? – K

I'M NOT EITHER! Of course I'm not considering cheating on you, Kurt. But it's kind of hard to hang on to this if you hardly ever make an effort to see me. I can't be the only flexible one in this relationship! – B

I'm trying to build a life in NY! This internship is important, connections are important, these things are important. I'm not just blowing you off to be with my shiny new friends! I need to get my name out there. I can't sit on my ass and expect opportunities to fall on my lap. – K

Shit, I know that Kurt but you can't honestly expect me to be ok with the way things are right now. I saw you a month ago and we spent the whole weekend out with your friends. Last night I called you because I just wanted to hear your voice. I had a long day and I needed you, and you wouldn't even pick up the phone. – B

I'm sorry. – K

I want to be with you. Forever. I do. I really, really do. But you can't just ignore problems until they go away. If you're mad at me then call me and we'll talk it out, don't shut me out. If you do, there's no way this can survive. – B

I love you. – K

I love you, too – B

Can I call in half an hour? – K

Of course. – B

Talk to you then. – K


Blaine climbs into bed, snuggles against Kurt who laughs at the mistletoe hanging on their headboard before giving into a kiss. "You've been stealing ideas from my dad, haven't you? Nerd." He mumbles once they pull back, and Blaine just grins and shrugs.

"If I carried this thing around all year would it count, or is it only valid for Christmas?" Blaine mumbles.

"I think it would die, at some point."

"What if I got fake mistletoe?"

"That's tacky." Kurt shakes his head and Blaine laughs "And you don't need mistletoe to get me to kiss you, silly."

They kiss again, slow and long, before Blaine pulls back and takes Kurt's hand, lifting it up to his lips for a kiss to his palm. He sighs and then says "I got a package…"

"Blaine… that's… we've talked about dirty talking… that's not"

Blaine's laughter cuts him off "No!" he pants "I… Not dirty talking!" he throws his head back again with a chuckle before calming back down "I meant a real package. I got one in the mail… just before I left Boston." He explains "It's… it's from my parents."

"Oh…" Kurt gasps, sitting up at once "What was it?"

Blaine shrugs "I don't know." He says as he reaches into his bag, by the door – practically falling off the bed in the process – and pulls out a wrapped package "I haven't opened it, yet. The wrapping screams Christmas, so… I figured… I'd wait."

"Do you want to open it now?"

Blaine nods and peels off the first patches of wrapping paper.

It's a framed photograph. A flushed mother holding a newborn baby, beaming as she tilts the baby towards a young boy, scrunching his nose in distaste, while over the mother's shoulder the father beams to the camera, holding a thumbs up.

Blaine's hands shake as he holds it.

"There's a card." Kurt mutters, picking it up and holding it out for Blaine.

We're sorry and we miss you. Let's try again?

- Mom, Dad


North Yorkshire, UK, August 5th, 2015

Dear Kurt,

You would not believe this place. I need to see this place with you next to me. I need to see your eyes light up the way they do when you're witnessing something magical. Wes is threatening to kill me if I say "I wish Kurt was here" one more time, but oh my god… I know you wanted Paris for the honeymoon… but I might have to fight you on that!

Other than that, I have now purchased new jeans, so I'm no longer limited to embarrassing short shorts – which is always good news. And Wes's skin tone has finally returned to something resembling a human and not a lobster.

I miss you and I love you and I wish you were here.

Forever yours,


P.S.: Hey Kurt! Blaine's being annoying! Please make it stop. :) Love, Wes.


"So Blaine, how're things with your dad? He's doing better?"

"I think so." Blaine nods, sipping his beer as Burt cringes at a particularly bad pass. Kurt's setting the table behind them, going to and fro, singing under his breath "I talked to my mom last week and she said the doctors were hopeful he'd make a full recovery."

"You haven't been down to see him yet?"

"I'll go next weekend. Just bought the tickets, actually."

"So…" Burt says uneasily "You're still not… hum…"

"Close?" Blaine offers with a knowing smile "Not exactly. We talk at least once a week, though. It's… it's progress. But… I'm not… ready for more, right now. You know?"

"Of course." Burt nods.

The game goes on, and the smell of dinner is starting to fill the whole house. There's a crash in the kitchen and Kurt's voice sounds out "FUCK!" a pause "Sorry dad!" he calls out, and both men on the couch try not to laugh too much.

"I think I'll go help him." Blaine says.

"You do that…" Burt says teasingly "But you might want to change your jeans, those look a little too nice to use for cleaning the counter with your butt." Blaine turns tomato red at the jab, remembering the moment Burt had walked in on Kurt and Blaine making out in the kitchen – Blaine sitting on the kitchen counter, Kurt between his legs, just about ready to climb after him.

"I… huh…"

There's another smaller crash "Oh, yes! Please! I love picking up salad off the floor!"

Blaine looks over his shoulder and back towards Burt "I'll… I'll go – huh- actually- something, I, huh, I meant to ask you…" he says nervously "While he's distracted…" he mutters under his breath "might as well now…"

"Spill it out."

"Oh… huh… I'm huh…"Pause. Deep breath. Exhale through nose. And then he says in the calmest voice he can "I'm thinking of proposing, actually."


"I don't have a ring, yet, I'm still looking, but…"

"Are you trying to ask for my permission?" Burt interrupts with an amused frown.

"Well, yes."

Burt chuckles "Ok." He shrugs.



Blaine beams, hesitates only a second before quickly throwing his arms around Burt in a fast, but tight hug and chokes out "Thanks!"

"No problem." Burt nods, trying to keep himself from laughing and doesn't tell Blaine about the ring Carole found last week in Kurt's sock drawer when she was spring cleaning (he also doesn't talk to him about the cherry flavored lube, or the handcuffs, or the oath to never spring clean Kurt's bedroom again).


"I'VE GRADUATED COLLEGE!" Kurt throws his head back, arms spread wide as he spins around, twilight already verging on dark, as more and more people disappear for the thousands of graduation after-parties.

Blaine barrels him down with a hug "YOU'VE GRADUATED COLLEGE!" He laughs; both of them sprawled on the green grass, Burt's laughter booming above them.

"I have a son with a fashion degree!" he says, as he offers Kurt a hand. The graduate takes it and lets his father pull him into a hug "I'm proud of you, kiddo." Burt murmurs, face buried in his son's shoulder.

"Thank you, dad!" he breathes back "Thank you for everything!"

They're both crying when they pull back and Finn snickers – Carole clinging onto him and crying profusely too, though – punching their shoulders "For two grown men, you sure look like little girls!"

"Oh, please!" Kurt shoots back "Like you didn't cry at Rachel's!"

"T-that's… you promised you wouldn't tell!"

Kurt merely laughs and shrugs, then turns to Blaine, takes both his hands and twirls them around for a second or two "You're next, mon cher."

"I am!" Blaine nods happily.

"And then New York." Kurt says, pulling him closer.

"Then New York." Blaine confirms, letting Kurt slip his arms around his neck and wrapping his own around Kurt's waist.

"Can you believe it?" Kurt mutters.

"What?" Blaine brushes their noses together, his eyes bright.

"In just two weeks… we'll be packing up your things and you're moving to New York. We'll have a home, Blaine. Just us, just you and me."

Blaine bites his bottom lip before pressing their lips together and sighing, "That's how families start, you know…? Just two people and a home."

"I can't wait."


"Kurt! That box's too heavy!" Blaine warns.

"It's my magazines, my load." Kurt counters, "besides, I'm stronger than you and this has been established like… five times already… do you need more proof?" Kurt cocks an eyebrow before smirking and picking up the box with a grunt. There's no elevator.

"I was… just… we could've just done it together…." Blaine mutters under his breath as he picks up the last box, holding it against his hip with one arm and closing the trunk with the other. He locks the car and follows Kurt back inside, climbing the three flights of stairs and all the while thanking heavens for such a light last box.

Kurt's already cutting open boxes and taking out contents at random, surrounding himself in books, plates, ornaments, pillowcases, silverware, … "Shouldn't we figure out a system?" Blaine suggests, putting the box down on the still plastic wrapped table.

Kurt just shakes his head "I need to find my scrapbook!" he mumbles "Can you please look in that box, I think I lost it."

"It's too light." Blaine dismisses it, going for a different one.

"Just look in that box!"


"Blaine! I swear to god, I need that scrapbook, look in the damn box! Look into e-ve-ry box!"

"Jeez…" Blaine raises his hands in surrender "Fine… I'll look in the box."

He picks up the second razor and cuts open the box with his already patented 'Kurt's-being-unreasonable-but-there's-no-point-in -arguing' expression.

The box is full of balled up newspaper "I think this is breakables…" he says, as he starts taking out ball after ball, and as he finds no kind of glass or vase, or… really, any breakable, and things start looking a little fishy he notices Kurt has stopped moving altogether. He squints at his boyfriend who startles and pretends to look through an already empty box.


"Is it there?"

"Why do we have a box full of balled up newspaper?"

"We don't! That's stupid!"

"We do!" Blaine counters turning the box to the ground so all the paper falls down. There's a harder thump amongst it, though and Kurt's looking at Blaine with his patented 'you-are-such-an-idiot-Blaine-Anderson' expression.

"What did I just break?" Blaine cringes, trying to look sufficiently apologetic as he kneels on the floor and starts looking through the balls of paper.

There's a small blue velvet box there, right next the table's leg. Blaine's heart stops and he thinks Shit. "How did you find my-" he stops though, because Kurt's scrambled to kneel in front of Blaine and grabs the box and pops it open right in front of his face and it's not the same ring. It's not Kurt's ring. It's… it's a different ring. And Kurt's holding it, and smiling hopefully, trying to get Blaine to look at him and meet his eyes.

"I love you…" Kurt says.

"Are you… Is this… What…"

Kurt just smiles wider, nodding and blushing "Will you marry me, Blaine Anderson?"

Blaine lets out a choked laugh before shuffling forward and crashing their mouths together "Oh, my god!" he mumbles between kisses "Oh, my god! Yes! Yes!"

Their kisses are messy and they find themselves on the floor trying their very best to have sex without knocking over a stack of plates or hitting their heads against a pile of books. And once they're sweaty and panting against each other, naked except for Blaine's shirt and Kurt's socks Blaine rolls over and breathes "Wait… what do you mean there was no big speech?"

Kurt just laughs "There are no words to describe you or my love for you." Kurt rolls his eyes, as if trying to cover up just exactly how true those words were.

Blaine laughs "Nice save." He nods and then laughs again "I was going to wait until your birthday. I had the dinner all planned out… candlelight, moonlight stroll through the city, maybe some ice cream… roses…"

"Oh…" Kurt gasps "You were going to propose?!"

"Well, duh…" Blaine chuckles "I have the ring in my jacket… I keep it with me all the time."

"Oh…" Kurt turns to look at Blaine "D-did you want that? A fancy dinner and…?"

"No!" Blaine says at once, propping himself up on his elbow and leaning closer to Kurt "No! This was perfect and great and beautiful! I…"

"I just… I just thought… if we're going to start a home… we might as well make it… you know…"


"Exactly." Kurt says and tilts his head up for a soft, smiling kiss "Did you have a big speech prepared?" he teases.

Blaine blushes "Well, I can't very well say yes, can I? Mr. there-are-no-words-to-describe-our-love."

Kurt throws his head back with laughter.


"Where's Kurt? Have you seen Kurt? How is he?" Blaine asks, trying not to fidget too much while his mother fixes his bowtie.

Wes rolls his eyes "I've just seen him, he's a vision in white."

"What?!" Blaine gasps "He's wearing white? But-"

"Hey, I'm kidding. I haven't seen him." Wes says "But I'm sure he's somewhere around here stressing over flower arrangements or something."

"Don't make fun of my fiancé!" Blaine says, still getting a thrill out of the word even if it is the last day he's going to use it, because… then it'll be the word husband.

Wes just shoots him a smile "I'll go see if he's alive."

There's a moment of silence between the three people left in the dressing room. His mother's still trying her best at fixing the bowtie, his dad's calmly sipping scotch, and Blaine's about to have an aneurism or something like that.

"I'm sweating." Blaine gasps once he notices the stain under his arm "Oh no! I forgot the deodorant!"

His mother sighs "Relax, Blaine, everything will be fine. I'll go get the deodorant." She smiles as she slips out of the room and Blaine's left there staring at his armpit in horror.

"Oh my god…" he sighs "This is a disaster."

"That is not a disaster." His father says, sounding slightly bored "Your aunt Jeanie getting left at the altar was a disaster." He adds with a chuckle.

"Oh my god, what if Kurt leaves me at the altar?!"

"Oh Blaine, please!" The man rolls his eyes "As if!"

Blaine looks at himself in the mirror and tries to put at least two straight thoughts together, but he can't. "This is ridiculous! Why am I so nervous?! We've been together for five years… we've always assumed we'd get married. I've never even had cold toes, and I certainly don't now… but… why does my heart feel like it's about to explode?!"

His dad smiles a little and shrugs "Cuz you're getting married."

"That's not all that helpful dad, but thanks."

"Ok. Listen, when I married your mother I'd never been more sure of anything in my life. She was it for me – still is. I loved her like she was my own personal sun and yet, come our wedding day, I was sweating like a pig and nearly fainted at the altar."


"Really. It's something about the fact that marriage is it. It's… a declaration of devotion for eternity, and… you just feel like... I felt like I needed to be everything your mother would ever need out of life."


"And that's a huge responsibility to take on. Hence the nerves. Doesn't mean you don't want it, but it's still nerve wracking."


"But – and this is the best advice I'm going to give you here, son – you're not ever going to be everything Kurt needs out of life, just like I'm not everything your mother needs. Sometimes she needs you, or Cooper, sometimes she needs her girlfriends, sometimes she needs your Uncle Rob, sometimes – to my horror – she needs her mother, sometimes she just needs to be alone, and sometimes, yes, she needs me. I just have to make sure I'm there, each and every time she needs me."


"Don't think you'll have to be his everything and the task won't seem so scary after all." His father smiles "Just promise him love, friendship, devotion and hard work, and that's all there is to it."


"Oh god Blaine, what if she hates me?"

Blaine shoots him a sympathetic smile "She won't hate you or me."

"How do you know that?!"

"Kurt, we're two successful adults – a designer and a professor – and, we're both good people, we're kind, we're calm, we're responsible… we have a good house without sharp corners that could kill babies, and we're so in love it disgusts our friends." He chuckles "Come on, do you honestly think she could hate us?!"

"What if we're too old?"

"We're not even thirty."

"What if we're too young?!"

"Jesus Christ, Kurt!"

"Alright." Kurt sighs and they fall silent for a while, his leg shaking and his hand fidgeting with his coffee cup instead of drinking it. "But what if she says yes and then we get a baby and we're awful parents and our kid hates us forever."

"We're not going to be awful parents." Blaine says, making a visible effort at patience.

"What if the child's awful, though? What if the kid's just like the spawn of the devil… you know when we watched We Need To Talk About Kevin, what if it's like that?!"

"It's not going to be like that, Kurt!" Blaine laughs, and puts a steadying hand on his leg.

"You do realize we're never going to have a sex life again, don't you?"


"Hi!" A cheerful voice says from their right and tall blonde woman is extending them a hand "Are you the Anderson-Hummels?"

"Yes!" Blaine beams at once, taking her hand "You must be Sarah!"

"I am!" she nods with a brilliant smile "Do you mind if I just go grab a cup of coffee and come back?"

"No, no, please do!" Blaine answers and waits until she's turned her back to look at a scarlet colored Kurt.

"Oh my god, do you think she heard that?!"

Blaine laughs "Oh my god, Kurt, relax! Everything will be just fine!"



There's a knocking on the door.

"Keep going!" Kurt moans, clutching Blaine's ass tighter and making it slam back down.


"Keep going!" Kurt grits out "She'll leave, come on!"

Blaine just nods frantically and his hips fasten and harden their movements.


"The door's locked, the door's locked, the door's locked!" Blaine's chanting under his breath as he thrusts, trying not to make the headboard hit the wall.

The door bursts open.

"Daddies, Ton-" silence. Silence. Silence. "Daddy! Papa's jumping on the bed!" she gasps horrified "He can't do that! You can't do that, Papa! Daddy's always saying-"

"Lizzie!" Kurt breathes out "Just go to your room while I talk to Papa, and we'll be right there."

"But Tony's being mean and he's telling me scary stories again, and can't I sleep here with you tonight?"

"NO!" They both gasp at the same time.

"Just go to your room sweetie, and we'll be right there." Blaine sighs.


Blaine shrugs off his black coat, and helps Kurt get out of his own, not bothering to hang them properly. He isn't surprised when Kurt doesn't so much as blink at his lack of care. "Could we just… go to bed? I'm exhausted." Kurt sighs, holding onto Blaine's shoulder with one hand as he kicks off his shoes.

"Sure…" Blaine smiles sympathetically "Do you mind if I make some tea first? Do you want some?"

"No, I just really want to sleep…" His voice is so small.

"Ok…" Blaine nods, before leaning up to kiss Kurt's forehead, whispering "I'll just be a minute, ok?"

"'K… I'll just go ahead and get myself ready for bed…"

Blaine squeezes his hand before letting it go. He watches as Kurt made his way upstairs, only moving once he's out of sight. With a deep sigh he makes his way to the all too empty kitchen.

Carole and Finn are still at the church, and the kids are sleeping at Wes'. But Blaine just couldn't bear to make Kurt stay there for a single more minute – he just looked so worn out.

As he waits for the water to boil Blaine eyes his surroundings carefully for the first time since they got back. He's been in this house many, many times, but it's never seemed as unfittingly big or depressingly empty – it was like he was seeing the house for the first and thousandth time simultaneously. What shocked him most was the big chair, by the TV… - That was where he used to sit. Most afternoons that Blaine used to come over when they were kids that was where he sat, that was where he greeted Blaine, smiled and asked how he was doing, if he was sure he didn't want to stay for dinner, where he would congratulate Blaine on his school results (which for some reason he always knew) or comment on the last game.

Blaine feels his chest tighten. For a house that looks so empty and so big, it suddenly feels a hell of a lot claustrophobic. There just isn't enough air. He just keeps seeing him smiling and laughing, that twinkle in his eyes as he teased Blaine "So when are you going to run for president, huh?" and "when are you two gonna give me some grandkids, huh?" He just can't deal with seeing that and knowing it's just a memory now. Blaine turns away from the couch because he just can't look at it. He grips the counter tight trying to keep the tears away, his whole body shaking.

With a few calming breaths he manages to get a grip on himself.

With one last trembling sigh he straightens himself up and rubs the bridge of his nose quietly. That's when he hears it – the loud thump upstairs, accompanied by a sob.


There's no response, only another shocked off cry.

"Kurt?" He repeats louder jogging up to the bottom of the stairs. "Kurt?… Sweetheart?" He runs up the stairs "Kurt?"

He finds the bathroom door ajar, light streaming out to the dark corridor – he can hear the quieter sobs coming from inside. He pushes the door open carefully. His heart drops to the pits of hell as he's faced with the sight of Kurt lying on the floor, curling in on himself, trying to hold his body together as he falls apart, tears pouring down his face, his sobs suddenly breaking free again, and coming out broken and uneven. "Oh, Kurt…" He sighs, crashing to his knees at once, wrapping his arms around Kurt, his own eyes flooding in a split second. Immediately Kurt's arms fly to wrap themselves around Blaine's torso, gripping him so tightly that in any other situation it would've hurt.

Blaine doesn't even so much as Shhhh Kurt… He can't. Kurt needs this. Hell, Blaine needs this.

"It smelled like him…" Kurt mutters after a while, like he actually needed a reason to break down on a day like this.

"The bathroom?"

"Yeah… I miss him already."

"I know, love, I know…" Blaine murmurs, holding him tighter.

"It h-h-hurts s-so much, Blaine… It j-just hurts."

"Fuck…!" Blaine lost it for a second there as his own sob came loud and clear and he held on to Kurt as for dear life.

"I want my dad back, Blaine! I need him! I need him back!"


"Shit!" Blaine gasps, and Kurt takes his head out of Blaine's lap to look. There in the middle of the playground is their daughter on hands and knees with the tell tale signs of erupting tears.

"Dammit!" he mutters as they both dash off the bench and go towards the little girl, her brother already at her side, clumsily patting her hair and saying "It's ok, Lizzie, you're ok…"

"Did you hurt yourself?" Blaine asks as soon as they reach her, kneeling right in front of her. She just nods as tears start streaming down her cheeks, and her shows her bleeding, scraped knee.

"Oh no…" Kurt gasps. Reaching into his bag for the small bottle of anti-septic and Band-Aids. He grabs a tissue and pours the brownish liquid onto it before dabbing at the flesh wound and blowing cool air on it. She still flinches and even as he's done her crying doesn't subside.

"Does it hurt, sweetie?" Kurt coos, brushing some hair off her face.

She nods between sobs.

"Do you want Papa to kiss it better?" Blaine smiles hopefully, and Kurt eyes him in half-amusement. She nods "Ok, I'll show you how to make it better." He says softly and Kurt watches him carefully, curious "Fist you have to clean it, like Daddy did or it won't work, ok?" she nods and hiccups a sob "Then you kiss it, like this…" Blaine bends down and presses a quick kiss to the scraped wound "Then you take your daddies favorite drawing pen…" Blaine half chuckles, snatching said pen out of Kurt's breast pocket "And you draw a heart around it, like so…" he sticks his tongue out a little as he draws "So it'll keep the love in there, you know?" she sniffles, already distracted from the pain "And then, just to make sure the kiss doesn't go anywhere, you put the Band-Aid on" he holds out his hand and Kurt nearly trips over himself, snapping out of his stupor to hand the Band-Aid over and Blaine shoots him a wink as he takes it and goes back to looking at their daughter "Like this."

"Is it better, Lizzie?" Tony squeezes his sister's little hand and she nods, giving him a small, shy smile.

Kurt stares at Blaine in disbelief before leaning over and pressing his lips to his husband's cheek and whispering "I love you."


Kurt's standing against the front door of their house, Blaine's briefcase in hand.

Blaine smiles as he reaches for it and collects a long kiss instead.

"Ready for your first day at the office, Mr. Senator?"

Blaine's smile makes his eyes crinkle, now. "Well, yes, if I can just get past the front door."

"Only after another kiss. Because you have a very proud husband that can't really get enough of his smart, successful and ambitious man!"

"I'll give you as many kisses as you want." Blaine says, voice low and husky and he leans forward.

"Careful there…" Kurt mutters as they pull apart "I might just want a thousand, and not all on my mouth, and then I'm afraid you'd be late for work, dear"

"It'd be worth it…" Blaine sighs against Kurt's lips as they kiss again, losing themselves a little too much in it until a squeal breaks the moment.


"DAD! Stop macking on Papa and help me find my yellow cardigan! I'll be late for school!"

"Oh… I forgot those." Kurt groans and Blaine chuckles, taking the briefcase from Kurt's hand and kissing his cheek.

"I'll see you tonight." Blaine says meaningfully, to which Kurt smirks and grabs his tie, pulling him in for a last kiss "Until tonight, then, Senator Anderson."


"COMING! Jesus! Calm down! The world doesn't revolve around you and your cardigan, Lisa. There are other things to life."


"Oh the grey hairs…" Wes teases as he sips his cup of coffee.

Blaine gives him a week smile "I swear, I must get a new one each day."

"You work too much."

"I do."

"That was easy." Wes frowned "You usually come up with some kind of excuse and say 'no, but I have to…'"

"No, no… I…" Blaine can't help the prickle in his eyes and he wipes angrily as the first tear starts rolling down his cheek "I missed Tony's play last night. Wes, I missed his play. His high school play! He had the lead role, and I missed it! It's not… I've never thought – I… I don't want to be that father." He takes a sharp breath "And Lizzie's first boyfriend came over for dinner last week and I arrived in time for dessert. And when Tony finally managed to pass Algebra we were supposed to go out for dinner – to a nice place – we ended up orfering pizza in because I left the office so late we missed the reservation. I… can't even remember the last time I had breakfast with any of them! And… I… honestly think… I'm… I slept on the couch last night – I got home and the bedroom door was locked… and… Jesus… Kurt's – he's got every right to be mad, he does. I can't be this person who gets home after dinner and leaves before breakfast."

"You should set boundaries then. Get a new assistant! A second one!" Wes says "It's not like you can't afford it, and I'm sure there's plenty of teenaged yous begging for the chance to be your assistant… You have to delegate and learn to trust people will do a good enough job of it."

"It's not… What if it's a kid with a girlfriend or a boyfriend at home, waiting for him while dinner gets cold, and he only gets there at ten pm because I went to my family while he stayed there burning his eyes…?"

"Blaine?!" Wes sighs "Honestly? That's the stupidest thing to do. Delegating tasks is exactly about ensuring no one gets too much work. Right now, you're getting too much work. I think you're actually the only one in that building that does any of his work at all, let alone from scratch! So, get a damn assistant and have dinner with your family. And please, please don't let Kurt even contemplate divorce, because you two are it, and if you split I'll lose faith in humanity."

"I… yeah.. I…" Blaine sighs "I'll just go wash my face and then we can chat about the game last night." He offers with a sad smile, while Wes chuckles and rolls his eyes.

"You're going to call Kurt, aren't you?"


"I'll try to keep your coffee warm." Wes sighs "Don't mind me, really, take your time."

Blaine closes the bathroom door behind him and pulls his cell phone out, already dialing. It rings for almost a minute before Kurt's voice comes through.

"I'm only picking this up because we made a promise of never ignoring each other's calls, and unlike you I actually keep my promises, you asshole."

"Kurt… please!"

"He was devastated you weren't there, Blaine!"

"I'm devastated I wasn't there!" Blaine sobs "I don't want it to be like that, and I'm so, so sorry!"

"Well, too little too late, don't you think?!"

"I know, I know… I… Kurt. I'll change, I will, I promise! I've been thinking and I'm going to get a second assistant, and I'll keep my hours from nine to five and that's it. And weekends are for family only, and Friday nights are sacred! I promise! Please, please! I'm begging, please forgive me, please don't divorce me!"

There was a pause, a sharp intake of breath "Of course I won't divorce you! I'd never divorce you, Blaine!" Kurt sighs "Jesus Christ, sweetie, I love you…. I just… I just… I want to see you, you know?"

"I know. I want to see you, too. I miss you all the time. And our kids… I miss them, too and whenever I'm not having dinner with you, all I can think about is how much I wish I was home."

"Just… Come home then, Blaine, and we'll… figure everything out."

"And you won't make me sleep on the couch?" he says hopefully "Because my back is killing me, Kurt. I'm not eighteen; I can't just crash on the couch."

"Oh, poor you." Kurt drawls out, but there's a hint of a smile "Listen, I'm leaving the office at three. I can drive by yours at three thirty…? The kids won't be home until four thirty, and I thought it'd be nice for Tony if you were there when he got home… with a cake… and a new car… and tickets to some concert… and a puppy… and… well… yourself."

"Of course, yeah, that sounds terrific. I'll cut lunch short."

There's a beat of silence and then "You're really getting an assistant?" Kurt's voice is both hopeful and incredulous.


"Ok." Kurt says and Blaine just knows he's smiling, and Blaine wants nothing more than to see it happen in front of him, because of him, again "Then I will see you at three thirty."

"I will see you then, sweetheart." He sighs.

"Cheezyness will get you everywhere…!" Kurt chuckles.

"Oh, my love, I can't wait to see your beautiful eyes again, baby."

Kurt's laugh is so bright and Blaine hasn't heard it like that in ages, it makes his throat burn and his eyes prickle. "Kurt…?"


"Was he amazing?"

"Yes!" he breathes "He was phenomenal!"

Blaine buries his face in his hand and chokes out a sob, sliding against the cold tiled wall towards the floor, before he pants "C-can you t-tell me all ab-bout it? P-please?"

"Of course, sweetie!"


"FIFTY!" Finn yells, practically in his ear "The big five-oh! God, you're old."

"Shut up, Finn, you're two months younger than me!" Kurt snaps back.

"Still, I'm younger." Finn snickers and Kurt sighs and tries to hold his head high with the dignity of a fifty year old world renowned menswear designer "Oh my god, Kurt, is that a hickey?!"

"What?" Kurt blanched, his hand flying up to exactly the spot he'd been assured there would be no hickey at.

"Oh. My. God." Finn gasps before bursting out with laughter and walking away and Kurt tries to find something he can throw at his head but there are only expensive vases near him, and he has to settle for a plastic fork.

"I'm going to kill Blaine…" he mutters under his breath and he makes his way to the bathroom, skillfully dodging people "'Don't worry, Kurt, I won't leave a mark, Kurt, shut up Kurt, relax, Kurt, just enjoy it, Kurt, I promise I'm not overdoing it, Kurt…'" he mumbles "Fuckhead."


Everything is happening three times faster and he wants to say so many things to Kurt but can't really find all the words – it reminds him of Kurt's proposal and he laughs again, before taking Kurt's face in his hands and pressing their lips together. He knows there are cameras everywhere, recording, taking pictures, probably even livestreaming, he doesn't care. "Thank you!" he gaps as he pulls back, keeping their foreheads together "Thank you so much for giving me the world and beyond!"

Kurt just beams, tears pouring out of his eyes "I'm so proud of you."

Blaine tries not to cry because, well, it'd be a pretty embarrassing look for the cameras "You are my light. You're my… everything Kurt, I couldn't have done this without you." He says before turning to Lizzie and Tony, who are still hugging and jumping "Any of you!" he reaches for them and the four embrace with strength and barely contained excitement. "I love you all so much!" he breathes "Congratulations, Papa!" Lizzie squeals into the embrace, her baby bump making it only a little awkward "YEAHHHH!" Tony whoops as he puts his hand in "Show circle!"

Kurt and Blaine burst out laughing as they put their hands in the center "Three, two, one, TEAM ANDERSON!"

They disperse and Kurt nudges Blaine on to the stage, to that little podium. Both hands on his shoulders he squeezes a little and smiles "Go on, Mr. President, make your speech. We're right behind you!"