HELLO! This is my FIRST fanfiction ever! Hope you enjoy! :D

It was another long and dreary day at school. Just the usual, Tohru hanging out with that damn rat Yuki. I swear one day I WILL KILL HIM! That's one of my goals in life, but the one I'm focusing on now is much more important. What I really desire is to stay by Tohru forever. To love her. To protect her, But I can already tell that damn Yuki has beat me to it. She always looks so happy and comfortable around him and not me. I want to be the one that she wants to be around. When I got home, she was with him. The last thing that I wanted to see right now. So I ran straight to the roof. As I was running I could see Tohru's face ready to greet me. I had a bad enough day already, Uo and Hana bugging me and that damn rat. I can't stand it anymore, Maybe I should leave. I feel as if I am not loved or needed here. I'm just a third wheel.

I heard Tohru climbing up the ladder so I just looked at the side of the roof ready to say hi but she beat me to it. "Hi Kyo!" She cheered gleefully. "Oh hi Tohru, What's up?" I cooed. "The sky!" Damn she always gets me with that one!

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