Summary: "I've lost everything to drugs, do you know that?" Sakura told him with tears in her eyes. "The funny thing is I've never even touched a drug in my life and yet it destroyed me. It took everything." She turned to face him then. "Please, don't let it take you away from me. I won't be able to handle it, not this time, not again." S x S.

Author's Note: How many of you remember reading the original Tattooed? Well, it's back. And this time, I'm taking a different path to the point of the story. There will be short, probably 400-500 word chapters with all the usual characters eventually playing their role.

The point of this story? Just Say No.

Disclaimer: I intend to use Syaoran's hotness, Sakura's sweetness, and probably Touya's protectiveness, and I promise you that none of it is mine. Not even the drugs.


What'll you do when you get lonely
And nobody's waiting by your side?

- Layla/Eric Clapton

Sakura stopped short at the sight of the young boy before her, sitting in the middle of the road during a rainstorm like it was the normal thing to do.

"Hey," she called out. The boy didn't move. Sakura sighed softly before kneeling to see the boy's face. He looked up at her in a complete daze. Sakura could have known that look on anyone. She slapped him once, and then another time.

"Snap out of it," she told him. He merely smiled.

"How'd you know?" he asked in a slur.

Sakura scowled, disgusted for the first time. She stood and walked away to the entrance of her apartment. She was halfway up the stairs before she stopped to think and then realized there was no fighting it. Before she knew it, she was back where she started.

"Hey!" she screamed. The boy looked up at her through half closed eyes. They were a deep brown, Sakura noted. What a waste.

She dropped her umbrella, instantly getting wet in the rain. She trembled as she stood with the boy under her arms, leading him to her apartment entrance.

This was a bad idea and yet, she couldn't help herself. Coming into situations like these seemed like the thing Sakura was meant for.


Sakura forced the boy into the tub and switched the shower on. She stepped away just in time to avoid the cold impact of the water and watched the boy turn around and face the showerhead. He ran his hands through his hair and looked to be having a good time. With a sigh she switched the water to hot and left the bathroom.

After showering in her bathroom and dressed in dry clothes, with hair still wet Sakura came back to where she'd left the boy. There he was, still standing in the tub with his hands on the wall, his face down.

Wordlessly, she turned off the water and helped him out of the tub.

"Here," she said, pulling clothes and a towel out of the closet. "Change into these,"

Sakura left the room after that, combing through her long, knotted hair with her fingers.


The boy drank some water, snuggled into her father's bed and covers and fell into a fidgety sleep. Sakura knew, she checked on him many times that night. He woke up sometime during the night and simply sat, pointing at the mirror in front of him. Sakura sighed as she patted him on the head and relaxed him into sleep.

His wet clothes were on the floor, begging to be picked up. Shoes, watch and wallet lay there with them. Sakura eyed the watch for a considerable amount of time. She then noted the brand of his shoes.

It was an endless night.


Sakura sat drinking her coffee, dressed for work. That was when the door opened. Sakura turned around to find him staring at her.

"Who are you?"

Sakura wanted to laugh.

"Just someone who picked you off the street,"

"Oh," he felt his cheeks and blinked several times. Sakura noted how his eyes looked fine, his skin a good colour.

"What're you taking?"


"I'm guessing it's Meth?" Sakura considered it the night before. The boy's silence confirmed it.

"Look," she said as she picked up her bag and water bottle. "I've got to get to work. Your clothes are in the dryer, the rest of your things are on the table in the room."

Sakura left without another word.

Let's make the best of the situation
Before I finally go insane.

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