Hey everyone!

Sometime, over the past few years, I felt I needed to do Tattooed justice, in my own way, so I started rewriting it. If any of you out here has time to read, or would want to share their views on how the story's being rewritten, please join me at (because Fanfiction is such a bitch about putting in website links) triple w . watt (no space here) pad .com (backslash) story (backslash) 14710756 (hyphen) tattooed

Do replace the dots and backslashes and hyphens, along with the spaces, and I hope to see you there!

And thank you for all your support, reviews, love and time! It means absolutely everything to a writer that you come here and spend some quality time with my book and my characters.

Also, thanks to TaraRae89 (did I get this right?) for pointing out the link error!