Titans Reimagined #1: Starfall

Chapter 7: A Lost Soul

Robin dodged a baseball bat and lashed out with a kick that knocked the weapon from the hands of the clown masked thug that he faced. Another one lashed out with a punch that he dodged before Robin slammed him in the stomach with a fist. The thug doubled over and wretched into his mask.

"Watch it!" The familiar voice of Barbara Gordon shouted in his ear and Robin dove as a crowbar from behind nearly caught him. The creak of leather was followed by the crunch of a pair of snap kicks striking flesh. He glanced up as Batgirl backed away from another thug.

From the end of the hall a familiar white faced form with blackened eyes and red makeup covering a pair of scarred cheeks stepped from the gloom. He looked greasy and worn, with stringy hair, and an amused smirk on his face. He pulled a gleaming magnum revolver from his tattered purple suit pocket and lifted it up. The clown aimed for Batgirl's exposed back.

"Babs!" Richard shouted leaping between her and the Joker. The clown pulled the trigger on his magnum at that moment and a lance of pain shot through his shoulder. He grunted and spun for a moment before dropping onto the ground.

"Great shot puddin'!" A woman clad in a dirty and frayed looking jester's outfit stepped into view, a smirk playing across her face and twisting her scarred cheeks into a demonic visage. She had a baseball bat tapping against her shoulder before her smirk turned truly predatory, "Batter up!"

The metallic clink of the baseball bat echoed in the alley and Dick bit his lip to keep from screaming in pain. Harley danced back from him for a moment as the Joker clapped in admiration of the strike. "You want a turn puddin'?"

"Certainly…" The Joker stepped into view once more, this time with a crowbar in hand and adjusted his dusty purple suit. "I'm sure this will hurt you a lot more than it hurts me, sonny boy!"

A black form dove between the two of them and kicked the crowbar from his hand. Richard gasped as the bar clattered to the street just beside his feet. "Oh yes… the pretty BAT." Joker sneered.

"Leave him alone!" The figure snarled and Richard's dazed mind swam for a moment. It didn't sound like Babs… but the voice was familiar, female…

"No." The Joker lifted the magnum again and fired. A shriek of pain echoed in the alley.

With a jolt, Richard Grayson snapped out of the nightmare, sweat pouring down his brow, the scream still echoing in the room. He swallowed, and glanced over toward the door to the bedroom where Babs had crashed. He'd been a gentleman, taking the sleeping bag and camping out in the living room to watch the alien girl, worried that some unforeseen side effect of her transference would crop up. He was just about to lay back down when a second scream echoed in the room. Dick glanced toward the couch and gasped.

Starfire was aglow, her whole body flaring with green bioluminescent light and struggling under the blanket. Her mouth was open in a silent scream and she shook in what looked almost like a convulsion.

"Star!" Robin scrambled out of the sleeping bag and knelt beside the couch, his arms grabbing her shoulders and giving them a quick shake. "Wake up!"

Another scream of pain tore from her lips as Babs stumbled into the room, her face grave. "Dick?"

"Starfire!" He snapped again and suddenly her eyes wrenched open. For a moment, they stared up at him in confusion and then she sat up, tears and sweat rolling down her cheeks. Her hand lit up with a green light filling the room and her glowing eyes flicked around the room. Then she let out a sigh of relief.

Richard stared at her. "Star?"

"I apologize, Robin, it was the mare of the nights… I did not mean to disturb your rest." She shuddered involuntarily before looking up to meet his gaze. "Robin?"

"It's okay… I had one too… Kind of glad you woke me." Robin said quietly as he gripped her shoulders. "It's okay…"

Babs stared as Starfire suddenly wrapped her arms around Robin and hugged him, burying her head in his shoulder and shaking. Slowly Robin stroked her back. He whispered quietly to her. "It's okay. No one here will hurt you."

A shuddering breath slipped from Starfire before she clutched him again and pulled Dick into a tight hug. Tears streamed down her face and she rubbed her eyes against his t-shirt. "Robin… I am not the making you uncomfortable am I?" She asked.

"No, it's okay… Babs woke up to… do you want to talk about it?" Robin asked.

"No." She whispered. "I just would like to continue with the cuddling."

He couldn't help but laugh at that.

Barbara Gordon watched the two of them for a long moment before she closed the microwave and started it up. While she waited, Barbara thought about how the whole day had gone sideways, she'd hoped to find Dick cooled off and alone. Instead she found him with this girl, a beautiful naïve and alien girl. Part of her wondered at it, she and Dick had shared their own intimate moments but… whatever it was that was developing between the girl and Dick was something else. Whatever it was, Starfire was now dependent on Dick for his protection and knowledge of the world.

That thought actually frightened her, the 'Boy Blunder' taking care of an alien girl and introducing her to Earth life. An attractive red-headed alien girl… Babs shook her head at those thoughts and snorted. Only someone that naïve would fall for Dick.

She froze and let out a long sigh, who was she kidding… his good nature was part of the damn attraction.

She sighed, Dick hadn't been the same since they'd gambled on a relationship and gotten burned. Part of her wondered if it wasn't Batman that drove Dick from Gotham but herself.

The microwave beeped and Barbara pulled out the three cups of steaming hot water, set them down and quickly mixed the cocoa in. Dick was still comforting the girl, and Babs felt a pang of jealousy. She squashed it immediately and walked over to the two of them. "Here."

"Thanks." Dick said as he took a mug and settled it into her hands. "Star… this is hot chocolate, it's a drink that I always liked because it helped calm me down a bit… come on, try some."

"It might be a bit hot." Barbara said just as Star took a long drink from the mug, her eyes widening.

"It is good… I feel a little better." She said. "But it is not as good as the cuddles."

Dick laughed again and took the second mug from Barbara's hands. "Well it's nice to be appreciated."

"It is one of the only things you're good at Dick," Barbara said as she took a sip from her mug. "Maybe it's a good thing you woke up Star… we need to get you some clothes."

"Clothes?" Starfire looked bewildered.

"Umm… do Tamaranians have clothes?" Dick asked.

"We have armors and some… garments to hide away the sexual organs, but not nearly as covering garments as humans." Starfire said quietly. "Is the clothes a requisite part of your society?"

"Yes, it's considered extremely rude or even criminal to be nude in public." Barbara said.

"Oh… then I must have clothes. Surely there are clothes that do not cover so much? My body needs the sun to recharge." Starfire said.

"We'll think of something, first though I'll have to figure out what your size is." Babs said and shrugged. "You have a tape-measure Dick?"

"Utility belt… kind of need it for investigations sometimes." Dick said after taking a sip of cocoa. "Anything I can do?"

"Not right now." Barbara said as she grabbed the tape measure from the belt. "Come on Star, I need to figure out your measurements."

"Oh… so the clothes would fit properly?" Star asked and stood up gingerly. Babs pulled her into the bedroom and closed the door. She bit her lip for a moment before unrolling the tape measure. "Should I remain clothed?" Starfire asked.

"For now… I'll tell you if I need to take them off." Babs said as she quickly measured her height, bust, underbust, hip, and waist circumference. "Hmm… You're pretty tall but so slender…"

"Is that bad?" Starfire asked quietly.

"No… you've got a model figure." Babs said and laughed as Starfire scrunched up her face as if trying to decipher her statement. "Never mind… I think I can figure your sizes from that." She looked up at Starfire and pursed her lips. "Are you… umm… were you unusually tall for a Tamaranian?"

"Yes… all members of the royal family are of considerably greater height, I do not know why. Perhaps it is the genes?" Starfire blushed. "Did my height translate to my human body as well?"

Babs looked up at her and grinned. "I'm slightly taller than average… five foot eight, and you're a full two inches taller than me, and I'm not even sure you're done growing."

"Inches?" Starfire asked. Babs merely held up the tape measure and pointed to the numbers. Starfire nodded. "I see… so I am very tall?"

"Yeah, it's nothing to worry about though Starfire." Babs said. She's about a 10 or a large… damn I feel short next to her. "Umm… how old are you?"

Starfire looked confused for a moment. "I do not know the conversion from our year to yours… but I am two and a third Tamaranian years…"

Babs rubbed her forehead and sighed, this was quickly getting nowhere. "Umm… are you considered an adult?"

"No I shall not be an adult until my third day of birth." Starfire said. "Or… I would if I was Tamarian, I have no idea when my… new form is… mature."

"I don't know either…" She pursed her lips and looked up at Starfire. Babs did a quick bit of mental arithmetic based on what she had said, her body should be around the equivalent of a thirteen or fourteen year old, and yet she was already taller than her and with adult proportions. Perhaps they considered maturity to be a bit later then the end of growth… She did look to be about the same age as Dick, maybe a year or two younger at most. Babs finally just shrugged. "We'll figure it out sometime. Anyway, I'll see if Dick has anything else for you to wear… you really need to wear more than just that hoodie."

"It is not sufficient? But it covers most." Starfire asked glancing down at her body. "It is still sticky."

Babs chuckled and opened a drawer. She quickly pulled out a set of Dick's underwear and a t-shirt. "Put these on for now… it's what most people wear during the night. We can raid Dick's closet in the morning for clothes to wear while we go shopping."

"Oh…" Starfire picked up the underwear. "Umm… I am not certain where these clothes are meant to be worn."

Babs face-palmed and groaned then she took a deep breath and forced a smile. "Let me help."

Starfire closed her eyes as she finished pulling on the last of the garments that had been laid out before her. Slowly she looked down and tugged at the t-shirt she was certain was meant for Richard as Barbara adjusted the clothes slightly and slipped a belt around her waist.

"I am useless," Starfire murmured as Babs finished.

"Hmm?" Barbara asked quietly.

Starfire tugged at a piece of lint and whimpered. "I do not even know the basics of dressing my own self. It is most embarrassing." She glanced up at Barbara and swallowed. "I should have done more than absorb his languages. There is so much I do not know... You have been most kind and understanding."

"It's fine Starfire." Barbara said as the first rays of sunlight began to peek through the blinds of the room. "How are you feeling, anything odd or worrisome?"

"I... I do not know," Starfire said cautiously. "My throat feels raw, perhaps it was the screaming." She blinked her eyes and felt a bead of water run down her cheek. Cautiously she lifted a finger to it and wiped it away. "My eyes, they are leaking?"

"It's just tears, Starfire," Babs said quietly before tightening the belt and looking her over. "Do you want to talk about it?"

"I... Yes. I feel most strange now, you are most different then I. Many urges I once felt are gone and others exist in their place." Starfire said quietly. "Do you do the grooming?"

"Umm... I'm not sure what you mean."

"Do you do the cleaning of each other in a social setting?" Starfire asked.

"No, though we girls do occasionally help each other get ready for the day, socially." Barbara smiled faintly at her. "Your race is... err... was feline. I guess social grooming was common like it is with some of the felines on our world."

"Yes, but I do not have the urge for it any longer..." Starfire said quietly. "Friend Babs, is it because I am no longer complete Tamaranian?"

"Probably, do you think the social grooming was instinctive, something that came from your body instead of your mind?" Babs suggested.

"It is... possible," Starfire allowed. "There... there are other things." She felt heat fill her cheeks and touched them in confusion. Was she ill? "Umm... I feel strange at times, it is not necessarily unpleasant. The cuddles were most pleasant, but would not have been before." She swallowed and felt something like little winged insects fluttering in her stomach.

"They wouldn't have been?" Babs asked.

"No, as a people we are not the sort to engage in physical contact to comfort another, except for mates and parents," Starfire felt warm and scowled as she touched her skin experimentally. "I am not yet old enough to have a mate."

"Okay," Barbara chewed her lip as Starfire leaned back on the bed to catch the morning rays. "Is there anything else?"

"Well..." She flushed again and glanced down at herself. "I felt very warm when Richard was giving the cuddles. I was wondering if I was growing sick..."

Barbara ran a hand over Starfire's brow and pursed her lips. "You feel warm to the touch, but that might be your... hybrid biology. Do you feel warm now?"


"I'm not a Doctor. Maybe you could have Victor do some tests later." Barbara finally said.

"Who is Victor?" Starfire asked looking confused. "Is he a friend of Babs?"

"No, he's a friend of Robin's. He's a cyborg." Babs said and ran her hand over Starfire's shoulders. "What about your muscles? If what you said is true, I'd have thought they'd need a bit of development, as they are brand new. Do you feel achy or sore?"

"A little," Starfire admitted. "I had not considered that, it is probably also why I feel clumsy. I do not have the 'muscle memory' for their use any longer."

"After we get you some real clothes, we'll see Cyborg check you out. I guess I'll have to get my uniform out for that." Barbara sighed. "Come on. Let's show Dick how you look."

Robin stared as Starfire stepped into the small living room. She was wearing his clothes, her slim but tall form making her look rather ragged, the belt she had around her hips was taunt and while the white t-shirt seemed to fit rather comfortably around her upper torso, it failed to even come close covering her midriff giving him a tantalizing glimpse of her navel as she spun once and smiled faintly at him.

"Looking good Star," Robin said with a smile. Her green eyes glimmered and Robin chuckled, "Just one thing to finish the effect." He pulled out his wrap around shades and stepped up to her. "Human eyes don't normally glow… so." He slipped them over her eyes and stepped back. "Awesome… no one would guess you're an alien."

Barbara snickered. "Yeah, and no one would guess your hair was natural."

"I do not understand, your hair is much like mine." Starfire said as she shrugged.

"Red hair usually accompanies a pale complexion." Barbara said. "You're really dark skinned for someone with red-hair. Most people will assume you color it."

"Am I acceptable now?" Starfire asked as she put her thumbs through the belt loops and smiled.

"Definitely." Robin said with a smile.

The three of them, in civilian clothes, took the subway to 33rd and 6th Avenue. Dick noticed that it didn't take long for Starfire to get a couple of odd looks from the other people in the subway car, but the number was far fewer then he'd thought. Then again, it was New York city after all, and strange sights were pretty close to the norm.

Barbara Gordon dragged the two of them into the closest coffee shop and promptly got a mocha double shot grande, while Dick and Starfire grabbed something akin to a breakfast of muffins. Starfire had spotted hot chocolate on the menu and promptly ordered it, making Dick wonder if she would ask for pizza again that night.

Awakened by the caffeine the Dick followed the two redheads into the Manhattan Mall, and was promptly embarrassed when Starfire stopped before Victoria's Secret and asked why if the garments were secret beautiful women were posing in them at the entrance. Then she asked what the purpose of the garments was and Dick promptly felt like he was going to die when Babs glanced at him and gave a devious smirk.

"They're designed to cover up the sexual organs in an erotic manner," Barbara said as Dick turned a bright red from embarrassment. "I don't think you'll need to worry about that... well, besides the covering up anyway. We need to get you a lot of stuff, Starfire."

There was no denying that. Dick thought as they drifted from store to store. He really wasn't comfortable moving amongst the racks of underwear, panties, and bras that were obviously required, and he really didn't need to hear Starfire's model like measurements either. They were putting images in his brain, and considering he'd seen her nude before... well, it was a bit much for a hormonal teenager to handle.

And did she really have to try on everything with him there? It was distracting, hell it was beyond distracting... The body she'd made for herself was downright hot, and then there was the red-hair and...

Damn it! Why did she get so bubbly and bouncy? He fretted to himself as Starfire giggled and pulled a top from the rack, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

Dick swore under his breath as he caught a flash of her midriff and shut his eyes. A moment later he could feel Barbara's glare and Dick let out a long sigh of exasperation. What was he supposed to do?

Barbara led Starfire to the changing room and whispered to her before turning to Dick and sending a glare at him. Then she stopped before him and her lips twitched. "I told her to change into what she liked, and we could pay for it at the register."

Dick nodded and Babs let out a sigh before sitting beside him on the bench.

Then she smacked him in the back of the head with her open hand, "Snap out of it, will you?"

"Fine!" Dick snapped. "You just had to explain to her about underwear and all that... and then she's bouncing around all giggly without... without..."

Barbara slowly smirked at him. "Without what Boy Blunder?"

"I'm not going to say it. You know it's distracting every single man who can see her, right?" Dick snapped. "Just glad she's not feeling cold, that would be even worse!"

Babs let out a burst of laughter and leaned forward holding her stomach. As she kept laughing, she started snorting and Dick felt a slow smile slide across his face. Then she gave him a predatory smile. "Dick, are you talking about... a bra?"

"Kill me now," Dick groaned. "I don't want to be thinking about what's beneath those clothes, alright?"

"Such a gentleman..." Babs said after another chuckle. "I've been thinking..."

"Really? I thought you were busy deciding what would be the best way to tease me about this," Dick murmured.

"Yes, and it's about her." Barbara slowly leaned back. "You know that report from the Green Lanterns didn't tell us all that much which would be useful, you know."

"What do you mean?" Dick muttered. "It had plenty on her."

"Yeah, but think about this... She's an alien trapped inside a human body, right? Do we know how emotionally driven was her species? Would she even have the same emotional range as she normally would? I mean, she's obviously emotional, but is that her or is it her body chemistry throwing her off..."

"Okay... and how would we be able to tell?" Dick said.

"She was an alien, and I'm pretty sure the pleasure centers and biochemistry wasn't the same... Plus, the file said her species was uplifted! Would that mean she'd be more instinctively programmed for things? Hell, there's only two species on this planet whose sex drive has been proven to be pleasure based."

Dick just stared at her as those words caused his normally intelligent brain to shut down. "What?"

Barbara sighed, "Dick, you're not just going to have to deal with her learning earth culture, morals, and laws, but learning about her human emotions if they're different."

"She certainly seems emotional to me, like she's pretty intact anyway," Dick said cautiously. "Are you worried I'd take advantage? What do you mean about sex drive anyway?"

Babs shook her head. "No, but Dick... I don't want you getting hurt." She ruffled his hair after a moment and smirked.

"Thanks Babs."

"As for the comment about sex drive…" Barbara bit her lip before letting out a long breath. "Only humans and apparently the Chimpanzee have been proven to derive pleasure from sex. If her species didn't have that, what about physical attraction? Her species may have been programmed in stuff like that, instinctively… This… It's making my brain hurt."

Dick swallowed trying to get his shocked brain to start working again. "I… I have no idea, we don't know if it even matters do we?"

"She's also afraid she might be getting sick. You should Victor check her out in detail… Start medical records and so forth. We just don't know anything about her yet," Barbara said.

"Now you're making my brain hurt," Dick muttered before rubbing his temple.

The door to the changing room slid open and Dick froze as Starfire stepped out with the small selection of clothes that he'd given her over an arm. She wore a purple halter top that clung to her slim form but didn't quite reach the short equally purple skirt she'd chosen. A set of socks and purple Converse completed the outfit. His breath caught in his throat as she spun around once and giggled to herself. "Wow..." He breathed.

Barbara smiled. "Nice, it looks like it fits."

"Yes, it is most comfortable..." Starfire said with a giggle and spun again. Dick stared at her back as she spun and swallowed. "I believe it reveals enough for me to recharge, as well."

"That's great," Dick said with a faint smile.

Starfire smiled back at him, and he felt his guts tighten. He could imagine her eyes glimmering beneath the wrap around glasses and glanced over at Babs to find her studying him with a smirk on her face.

Twenty-four light years from Earth, the Green Lanterns had long ago setup a picket line of monitoring devices, surrounding the massive Vegan Star System. The artificial intelligence each satellite contained studied each ship which left the system. The Psions had long been able to bypass the Oan technology with stealth suites and various other means. Fortunately, they had not elected to transfer that technology to the species which fell under their de facto domain.

It was for this reason that the Psion ship had managed to slip past the sensors around the system. The Watchtower, fitted with technologies from other sources had been able to detect the ship, but only just as it streaked to earth.

This time, the Green Lantern Corps knew that a ship had left the Vegan System within twenty minutes of its departure. The lanterns on Earth had been alerted the night before of the launch. Now, the monitoring system was tracking two more Gordanian ships exiting the system as well.

In the station that orbited beyond the picket line, Alt Mad'chen, the Green Lantern assigned monitoring of the border with the Vegan system studied the displays, his lined face crunched up in concentration as he ran one long finger over the visual record of the three ships. The computer chimed and relayed the spectral line readings from each of the ship's drive cores.

"Confirmed, two Chrga-class Scout Ships and one Grsa-class Transport," The computer stated.

Alt Mad'chen nodded to himself before encoding a data-burst destined for the Guardians and Earth itself.

"God damn it, BB! I told you to stop muckin' up my kitchen with that stuff. It stinks, man! I'll never get the smell out now!" Victor Stone snapped as he pushed Garfield away from the small stove top which the younger kid was using to make tofu. Victor gagged at the smell of the stuff and stepped away from the stove top, holding his nose. "What the hell, I thought tofu was suppos' to be smell-less!"

"It's stinky tofu, Cy!" Beast Boy answered as he plated his lunch and glared at Cyborg. "Don't you start making bacon! That makes me stick to my stomach!"

"And that shit doesn't?" Cyborg said as he pulled a skillet from the rack over the stove. "Damn, that stuff stinks!"

There was a loud knock at the door and Cyborg froze as he reached for the refridgerator. After swearing under his breath, Cyborg walked over to the door and peered outside.

Three figures stood just outside the door, all three of them wore either wrap around sunglasses or simple shades. It took a moment for Cyborg's brain to connect the spikey haired kid and the bronze skinned redhead with the events of the previous night, then he tore open the door and smiled. "Hey... You didn't call ahead?"

"Been a bit busy." Robin said as he lugged a set of bulging shopping bags inside. "Starfire needs to be examined. I'm worried she might have some negative effects from the transference."

"I see you went shoppin' with her and, who are you?" Cyborg studied the second redhead for a moment. "Robin, you didn't pick up another teammate somewhere did you?"

A snicker came from the second redhead. "Nice to see you in person Cyborg," She said and Cyborg gaped.

"Babs, well hell! BB, get your little tofu eatin' ass over here." Cyborg called as he studied the girl.

"What? I was eating!" Beast Boy said before peeking from the dining area. "Hey, who is that?"

"Wow, so that's what Beast Boy looks like... he's kind of cute." Babs said as she stepped inside and pulled Starfire along. "Sorry to bother you two, but I really think we need to get Starfire that diagnostic."

Robin nodded. "Cyborg, you're pretty close to a full blown doctor and I really don't want to have to explain Starfire's situation to anybody."

"Alright, I've got a work area this way and we can get the girl looked at." Cyborg said with a huff and led the three of them to a side room filled with equipment of various types and an examining table. "Starfire, you can sit down and we'll get started."

The alien nodded nervously as she sat on the table while Cyborg activated a sensor suite. "So... what exactly has you guys concerned?"

"Well, she's a human alien hybrid that's been 'alive' for less than twenty-four hours, I'd like to know she'll stay that way." Robin said as he sat down beside Cyborg. "Plus, we need to start some sort of medical records for her, right?"

"Medical records?" Starfire asked in a confused tone.

"Health records, so we can make sure you're healthy." Robin said as Cyborg turned on a small light and removed her glasses to check her pupils, which left him puzzled until he made out the bare hint of them beneath the glow.

"Pupil dilation is normal, for a human anyway." A second later he glanced at the monitors and pursed his lips after scanning her with his infrared sensors. "Body temperature is... ten degrees above normal! Starfire... Have you been feeling dizzy or had a headache?"

"No... I do not think so," Starfire said quietly.

Cyborg frowned to himself. "Nothing? I guess that was the alien bit then, because a human's mind would be a bit cooked by that. Do you feel warm?"

"Yes, sometimes... it, does not stay always, but does the coming and the going." She said and Cyborg saw her cheeks darken slightly at those words. "I do not understand what I am feeling when it does the coming and the going."

Cyborg nodded and pulled out a sphygmomanometer and wrapped it around her arm to take her blood pressure. As it tightened, he saw Starfire flinch slightly and shift nervously on the seat. "Calm down, it'll just measure your blood pressure."

"Oh... do you not have scanners or monitors to do this?" She asked.

"Not yet, tech like that is in the works, but it isn't exactly easily available yet. I've got some scannin' systems, but blood pressure is so easy to measure it wasn't worth buyin'." Cyborg said as he touched her wrist and took her pulse. "Strong pulse, blood pressure seems a bit high, but then we don't know what's normal for you." He tapped the examination bed and a digital display lit up showing her weight. "One-hundred-ninety pounds... You don't look that heavy."

"She's certainly not fat," Babs muttered. "Could she have a higher bone density maybe?"

"Maybe, I can find out." Cyborg said as he pulled a device down and started to wave it over her body. "This is a magnetic resonance imager, Star... it'll let me see the internal structure and density of your body, okay?"

Starfire nodded nervously as Cyborg activated the scanner. "Been meanin' to add one to my systems, hmm... Bone density is a little higher than the human norm, but muscle fiber density is much higher, almost three times normal. Damn girl, you're strong."

The tests continued on for several more minutes and Cyborg took a meticulous record of the readings both on his system's hard drive and on a chart he could give to the others. Test after test showed a handful of anomalies. The total absence of scar tissue was one with an obvious cause, as Star's body was brand new. Her higher than normal body temperature, oxygenation, and odd neural scan results, were fairly easy to explain as being due to the autotroph that lived within her body. Other anomalies could be traced back to her alien heritage, like the higher muscle fiber and bone density.

His examination did answer some of the other questions that had risen, as a simple check for growth plates revealed the girl wasn't done growing despite hitting almost six feet already, and Cyborg guessed that she had at least two or three inches more of height to add before she was fully mature. Despite this, Cyborg found signs that puberty was well underway, and actually reaching its later stages. She was a teenager, of sorts, like the rest of them.

Guessing her age from that was a fool's errand, though Cyborg was amused by the shocked looks on Babs and Robin's face. Both were rather short compared to the girl already.

"Well, let's see... I'm not sure if any of this will even make sense to you, girl, but..." Cyborg said before questioning Starfire for ten minutes on both her own feelings, the traits of her species, and asking about any family history, but it became clear quite rapidly that any attempt to make a true medical history for her was all but impossible.

Then in a rather skittish voice she asked. "I... I am feeling rather tight in my... it is the stomach, perhaps? I believe I must umm..." She crossed her legs and chewed her lip. "I am not certain."

"Starfire, do you need to go to the bathroom?" Robin suggested.

"I do not need the bathing, Richard... I umm... I believe I must purge myself of bodily waste and..."

At that moment Babs choked and swore to herself as Cyborg gaped at the girl. At the same time Robin stared to say, "Umm... By bathroom I meant where the toilet is."

"Oh, the... device for depositing human waste and disposing it with water?" Starfire said before shifting nervously. "I... I did not assimilate the means of utilizing the device while assimilating your language, Richard. I require the assistance of one who kno—"

"I'll do it!" Babs said and grabbed Starfire's hand before dragging her toward the door, then she stopped. "Cyborg, where is it anyway?"

"Two doors to the right." Cyborg said before waving them off. As they left he turned backed to Robin and sighed. "Assimilated language?"

Richard chewed his lip. "She... apparently can link into the mind of others through the exchange of bodily fluids... like..."

"When she kissed you, man!" Cyborg chortled. "It sounds like you're having a lot of fun now... Eh Robin? So, did you call Babs in to help or what?"

"I am supposed to sit on it?" Starfire's muffled voice came from down the hall.

"No, but I'm glad she showed up when she did." Robin muttered before giving him a sad smile. "I don't know if I could have handled it."

"Maybe Raven would have help—"

A groan from the hall was followed by Starfire's voice, "Why is it that you are uncomfortable assisting me Friend Babs?"

Cyborg shook his head. "Maybe not, she's a handful, isn't she?"

"Yeah, there's so much we don't know about her too... this transference or whatever you want to call it is only making it more complicated." Robin muttered before rubbing his eyes. "She... Cyborg, she... I don't know how to say it, so I'll just say it... I got her file from the Green Lanterns and its bad Cyborg, really bad. She's a refugee, an escaped slave, a..."

Cyborg sighed. "A test subject, and now she's an alien learnin' how to live in a human or at least near-human body." He groaned and rubbed his face for a long moment. "You're takin' care of her, aren't you?"

"Yes... I'm doing the best I can, but last night... She had an awful nightmare, I don't even know what it was about but she woke up screaming and glowing a bright green..." Robin rubbed his face mask and sighed. "None of us could get back to sleep after it."

"You're doin' the right thing, and she's more comfortable with you I think," Cyborg sighed. "Unless you want to move her in with Raven..."

"I doubt Rachel would appreciate that." Robin muttered under his breath. "Babs is going to need to go back to Gotham too... or I might have Batman come knocking again."

"You can handle it, right? Takin' care of the little lost soul?" Cyborg asked.

Robin nodded. "Yeah, I can handle it."


A moment later a brightly brushing Babs led Starfire back into the room, looking thoroughly embarrassed. As Starfire sat down Babs let out a long sigh. "Well, that was fun... Oh, I forgot to tell you, I got that dock number you were looking for." She said before glancing at Starfire.

"We can check it out later... How soon do you have to be back in Gotham?" Robin asked.

Babs sighed. "I have to get back tonight. Dad doesn't like me crashing at friends' houses anyway."

"Alright," Robin let out a sigh.

Beast Boy scrambled into the room at that moment. "Hey, dudes! It's time for lunch!"