The moment life stood still

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Being ushered into the operating room was a strange experience for Alec. He felt out of place even if he looked the part in the set of scrubs, covered shoes, face most and hair cap. Looking over he saw Logan laid out on a table with his rounded stomach exposed, but he had some weird divider up so Logan couldn't see over.

Getting the nod that it was okay to walk over, Alec made his way over to be at Logan's side. Bending down to sit in the chair, Alec wanted nothing more than to kiss Logan but was prevented from doing so by the face mask.

"Hey how are you doing Loge?" Alec all but whispered.

Logan looked over to Alec with a broad smile on his face, "I'm soo good! I can't wait, its finally here! Can you believe it we're going to be dads soon? This is just so crazy! We…" He was interrupted by Alec laughing. "What's so funny?" Logan's face and tone had changed to one of anger.

Crap, Alec thought to himself. He forgot all about Logan's crazy mood swings. "Nothing Babe, I just think it's so cute when you get to talking like that. And I agree I couldn't be happier. Just think we'll be taking our little ones home soon. Can you believe we, some of the most dysfunctional people, are going to be fathers to the most amazing babies ever?"

Smiling, Logan nodded, "Yea I know what you mean. But… we'll make good dads right?" the look of a dejected Logan was almost too much for Alec to bear.

Grabbing on to Logan's hand Alec looked straight into his eyes and spoke from the heart, "of course we will make great fathers. Who better to raise kids than two guys who have been through just about everything in life? So don't you worry that pretty little head of yours about anything like that, okay? They will love us and we will be the best parents in the world. We have each other what more could we need?"

"Thank you, for everything. For always being there for me through everything and sticking with me when you could have just disappeared in the night. I love you so much."

"I love you too," Alec replied giving Logan's hand a light squeeze.

The doctor soon walked over and began the procedure. Soon Logan was cut at the waist and the doctor went in for the fist baby. Small but powerful wails filled the room.

"Okay here comes the first baby… and it's one of the boys. Congratulations on your first son," the doctor said before handing the baby over to one of the nurses to clean.

"Babe he's so beautiful. Our own little baby Lucas Dylan." Trying to keep the tears at bay Alec brushed Logan's hair out of his face.

"Alright here is baby number two… and it's a… baby girl." Soon a set of light wails filled the room in companion with the previous.

"Little Baylynn Marie. She's perfect," Logan's smile was absolutely glowing when Alec continued to fill him in on the progress.

"Just one more then you two can relax and see your babies," the doctor informed them. "Here is the last little boy who looks like the smallest."

"Our little Michael Bo will be a ture heart breaker like his daddies I can tell. They are all just so amazing. I love you so much." Alec told Logan. Alec couldn't stop smiling just thinking about his amazing little family.

Life was amazing for Alec better than it ever had been in his life. Who knew that he of all people could have a life like this after being born and trained to be a monster? It couldn't get any better than this, he thought to himself as he held his children one by one for the first time. Looking over to Logan who held one of their precious babies his heart swelled with so much love. He couldn't wait to bring them home and start their lives.

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