The world was saved. Giygas was defeated and the hero's had returned home. No one knew of the struggles and danger these four children had suffered yet without them the world would be cast into darkness and ruled by the personification of evil. It had been two years since then and much had changed for the once inseparable Chosen Four and the world once more.

Ness was at bat for the Onett Junior High baseball team at the championship game. Both teams were tied and as the player at bat, the whole game depended on Ness. The pitcher wound up and Ness tensed, ready for the pitch. The ball left the pitchers hand. "Wait for it", Ness thought. As it approached he waited for just the right moment, then SMACK! He hit it dead on and it sailed high into the air and out of the park, it was an easy home run and Ness rounded the bases easily to the joyous sound of the cheering crowd. He got back to home and his team mobbed him and carried him off the field celebrating. Suddenly he noticed a familiar figure and his heart sunk. He separated himself from the happy crowd and ran toward the face. He got close enough to smell the sickening scent of candy that was all too familiar to him. The person was walking away now but Ness was close. He grabbed the shoulder and found himself face to face with a stranger. "What the hell man?" shouted the angry man but Ness was already gone. This wasn't the first time he'd thought he saw his former neighbor and enemy Pokey Minch. It was becoming more common though. He couldn't think straight and needed to rest, so he headed home.

As he walked he couldn't help remembering the amazing adventure he'd had more than two years ago. It was both the most exciting and the most trying time of his life. It was when he'd met three powerful friends and saved the world. He hadn't heard from them for a year now, they'd lost contact with each other as their lives went back to normal after returning. Then his mind flashed on her as it always did and as he always did he shoved the thought aside but today he couldn't fight it. Paula. The first friend he'd met back in Happy Happy village when he saved her from an evil cult. She was the reason they survived in the end when all hope seemed to be lost and she was the reason Ness's life could never go back to normal. After Giygas was defeated her family had moved to Canada. He entered his home and made a sandwich. The house was dark and lonely since his mom started going back to school. He went to his home and started some homework. Suddenly he heard a door shut downstairs, Tracy was spending the night at a friends and his mom was still at school. Nervously he grabbed his bat and descended into the darkness of the first floor. "Hello?" There was no response. He gripped the bat tighter and went further. "Hello? Mom? Tracy?" There was movement in the kitchen, "Who are you?" asked Ness. The light turned on and Ness recognized the tall, bearded man in the kitchen. "Dad!" Ness ran over and hugged his father, "I didn't know you were coming!" His dad laughed and straightened his tie, "I had time off from work and decided to visit. Where are the others?" Ness told him and he nodded, "That's right; your mom had mentioned that. Where's King?" Ness didn't answer, his dad been gone when King died last year and no one had thought to tell him. "Well, goodnight sport" said his dad as he went upstairs. After a minute Ness joined him thrilled to have him back.