Whatever Happened, Happened


Did you remember? Juliet wondered, looking into the small, pale, sad face and the too-familiar big eyes hidden behind the glasses. Did you remember that I lived in your town for three years, that I avoided you like the plague, that I watched you every time I saw you, that I fought to save your life just as hard as I fought to take it? Someone once told me that I look just like someone in your past. Was that someone me? Did I condemn myself to life on this Island and as your prisoner because I saved your life?


Did you remember? Sawyer wondered as Richard took his small—but increasingly heavy—burden away into the Temple. Did you remember when you locked me in a cage, when you beat me with your little stick, when you made me think my heart was going to explode? Did you remember this moment when we met and you were a child? Did you remember how I kept your dad from beating you up once? Did you remember how I carried you through the jungle and saved your life and helped turn you into the wacked creepazoid we all know and love?