Eternity Ring

"Hi, beautiful." Pete slipped his right arm around Jackie's waist, leaning in to kiss her as he lifted his other hand to her cheek.

She smiled, reaching up to kiss him a couple more times. "Hello, Pete."

He grinned, letting his fingers trail along her jaw to caress the skin behind her ear. "I bought you something today."

"Yeah?" She ran her hands up the front of his suit until they met at the back of his neck. "What?"

He pressed a kiss to her nose, maintaining the intimacy as she gazed up into his eyes. "I'm gonna love you forever, you know."

"I know." She drew him closer, her lips curling against his as she kissed him. He held a ring up between them. "And you already gave me an eternity ring."

A half smile on his face, he kissed her. "I know." He brushed his fingers through her hair. "But we've got money now and I can lavish it on you and buy you all the eternity rings you could ever want."

"I don't want any more; eternity means forever, I only need one." She shook her head slightly, laughing. "I don't need rings to know you love me, I love these three 'cause they symbolise our marriage and our love, but I don't love the money, it's you I love."

He gently kissed her forehead. "Still, have it."

She rolled her eyes, resting her head on his shoulder so she was facing away from him, towards the door. "Is that Tony?" She lifted her head. "I think I hear Tony. Is he crying?"

"Jacks." He shook his head, reaching to kiss the bridge of her nose. "Stop it, you know he's not. He doesn't cry for us anymore and you know it, he's too big for that; he's only playing, he'd just come and find us."

She grinned, planting a kiss on his lips. "No, no I can definitely hear him calling." She pulled away from him, a spring in her step as she walked out the room.

Pete shook his head, fixing his gaze on the ring as he turned it between his index finger and thumb. After a moment Rose spoke up, attracting his attention to where she was sitting at the table, a smile on her face as she shook her head, still looking down at her work. "Stop buying her things."

He nodded, weakly smiling. "Yeah."

Jackie walked back in with Tony in her arms, smiles on both their faces until she looked across at her husband. She kissed the top of their son's head and put him down, leaving him to run over to Rose, climb onto the seat next to her and ask if he could help. Jackie took the last couple of steps back to Pete, cupping his face in her hands and kissing him. She smiled, gently placing her left hand over the hand he held the ring with, rubbing her thumb across his knuckles. "Go on."

He carefully slid the ring on alongside her others, curling his fingers between hers and holding her closer to kiss her. "Thank you." He pressed a kiss to the corner of her mouth. "I love you."

"And I love you." She kissed him back. "Thank you, it's beautiful, just like you."