Nothing Feels Worse than a Broken Heart

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Chapter 1: Drunken Sorrows

Tony sat at the bar and stared at the wall. He knew that he'd done it this time. Many people have told him to go to hell but this person had meant it. He just stared at the air while he sat and drank his liquor. Then he felt such an anger at himself and he picked up the bottle and threw it at one of the glass doors. They both shattered upon impact.

He put his hands on the counter and his grimace turned into a very sad face. He tried to get up from the bar stool but he fell off of the stool and onto the floor. He hit the floor and cried. He tried to stand up again but the alcohol pulled him down. He started to cry in a fetal position and thought about what happened just a few hours ago.

It was a beautiful night and that was Steve and Tony's one year anniversary. The booze and the women and men flirting with him had Tony in a very good mood. He was looking for Steve when he saw Clint standing there looking like a Greek god. Tony was so drunk he couldn't tell and didn't care. He walked up to him and began to flirt with a super-drunk Clint. After some flirting and some dirty talk, they were on their way up the steps to the living room.

When they got back, they immediately continued with the affair. They started in the Living Room and moved to the kitchen and finally hit the master bedroom. Steve himself had returned to get his gift for Tony. He saw clothes on the floor and his face hit confusion. "Tony" he called out. No answer. He walked toward the steps and heard moaning and instantly knew it was Tony. He ran up the steps three at a time and almost Kicked down the door. And what he saw broke his heart in two.

Tony and Clint were having drunken sex and Tony hadn't even noticed him. He just happened to turn around and saw Steve look at him with pure disgust on his face. "It's not what it looks like" was all Tony could say. Before Tony could even get out of the room, Steve was half way down Stark Tower and almost out of the door. He finally got inside and rode his bike away from the crime scene. He got to a hotel in New Jersey and stayed in there for the night. He lied on the bed and cried his eyes out. His phone continued to ring like crazy but he ignored it because he knew it was Tony. He called twice more before Steve decided to pick up. He had had enough of Tony's bullshit.

"Steve, Finally! I'm so glad you…" "Save it, Tony" Steve interupped. "You continue to think that everything is about you right. You're gonna go cheat on me with FUCKING CLINT but did you even realize what today was? It was our ONE-YEAR ANNI-FUCKING-VERSARY AND YOU RUINED IT FOR ME!" Steve was not holding back. He was actually crying at this point. "YOU REALLY DID IT THIS TIME, TONY!" "I HATE YOU TONY, I hope you ROT in hell" Steve finished. "Have a nice life Tony" he said. "And oh yeah, Happy anniversary" he said, is voice cracking. He hung up the phone on Tony and sat at the edge of the bed and stared at the wall before bursting into tears. "Nothing feels worse than a broken heart" he whispered.

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