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Sam frowned as he watched Dean dance like a teenager in the window of the hotel room, the chosen women for the night laying down on the bed. Now he knew why Skylar said she didn't want to sit out front of the hotel room, it was terrible. He really didn't want to have to watch his brother bounce around joyfully over getting to sleep with some random chick.

Skylar sat in the somewhat empty hotel room silently, the familiar burn of a hot needle on her skin enough to keep her sane long enough. "So...after this we..." Skylar held up her hand to the self-proclaimed best tattoo artist.

"Yeah, just finish it first. You sure it's UV ink?" Skylar asked as the man continued to work on the tattoo on her chest.

"Yeah, you'll be fine." The man assured as Skylar wished that she could just go fuck with Dean's date for the night, but decided two can play at the game of fucking complete strangers.

Sam shuddered as he waited outside the hotel room, waiting for Dean to get dress. He really didn't need to see what he saw, and he hoped that next time he could get Skylar to drag the man with one year left to live out of a hotel room. "Where's her royal bitchiness?" Dean asked as he finally came outside, pulling up the zipper on his jeans.

"Hotel room on the other side of the parking lot." Sam said as he indicated the only room that didn't have its lights on.

"Ugh, I'll get her. I wanna go after these demons." Dean said excitedly, in a good mood since not only did he get to sleep with a total babe, but now he gets to go and kill a bunch more demons.

Dean reached the door and frowned at the sound of some moaning, wondering where it was coming from before he used his lock pick on the door.

Dean back tracked once he was inside, face flushed red and jeans unbearably tight.

Skylar untangled herself from the spent man, running a hand over the fresh tattoo. "Thanks for the UV tattoo, man. Seems like my brothers wanna go though." Skylar said as she grabbed her old washed out jeans and pulled them on quickly, pulling on the wife beater she stole from Dean as she walked out the door. "Think you could have waited?" Skylar asked as she fixed her hair, putting it in a tie so it wouldn't get in her way.

Dean was silent before limping his way to the Impala, face flushing at Skylar's laughter over his walking.

"What's wrong? That women give you blue balls?" Skylar asked teasingly before the two climbed into the Impala, Dean not even waiting for Skylar to be seated before he took off.

"So, where's this new tattoo?" Sam asked as he looked back at Skylar, who was stretched out in the back seat comfortably, able to feel Dean's eyes on her in the rear view mirror.

"Didn't get it. Man was a complete waste of time...well not completely." Skylar said with a smirk as she stretched out a bit more, running a hand over the raw skin on her chest that seemed devoid of anything, but under the right light would glow like a damn lightning bug. "I mean, for a virgin he was good." Skylar said with a cocky smirk at Sam who only chuckled before turning his attention back to the road.

"You rode him like a freaking pony." Dean spoke up as Sam laughed at the fact that not only did Dean end up walking in on his little sister in a compromising situation, but he memorized a part of it.

"Well now, if I didn't know better I'd think you were jealous I get more action than you, magnus frater." Skylar commented with a cocky smirk before laying back down, folding her arms behind her head as she felt Dean's eyes on her again.

Dean laughed at Skylar as he kept his eyes on the road, aware she could probably see him watching her in the mirror. "Yeah, not really. I'm pretty sure I still get more. I mean, look at me. I'm a handsome little devil." Dean said with a cocky smirk of his own now before both Sam and Skylar laughed at him.

By the time the three arrived at the house Bobby wanted to meet at Dean was about ready to take a swing at one of the two.

"Ugh, you know, this job has it's fun sides, but this isn't one of them." Skylar commented after they all found the dead bodies.

"Fun will come when we start kicking Demon butt." Dean reminded as Skylar nodded in agreement before turning her attention back to the job at hand.

"Best call the coroner then, or should I?" Skylar asked as she pulled a phone out of her pocket, clearing her throat before going into the next room to let the others talk over the sight.

" that a country girl accent?" Dean asked as he turned to Sam, indicating their sister who was still on the phone.

"Dean, focus." Sam reminded before the older man rolled his eyes, going back to business.

"What're you up to?" Bobby questioned his daughter who was moving towards the door to head outside, still on her phone.

"Important call, hold on." Skylar said as she held up her hand before walking past Bobby, waiting until she was outside and out of sight to shut her phone off.

"Hey darling." Gabriel greeted with his signature smile as Skylar turned to see the archangel a few feet away.

"What's so important you had to interrupt us?" Skylar asked as the man's smile grew wider.

"Nothing, cant a guy drop in to check on his girl." Gabriel said as Skylar rolled her eyes at him, knowing full well where he was going.

"What's it now? We're already doing demon gigs at the moment, Gabriel. If you've got more for us, it'll have to wait." Skylar reminded as she looked back at the house and noticed that the others were getting ready to leave.

"We're getting ready to go, you coming?" Sam called over before seeing the Trickster that he thought he and Dean had killed.

"Ah, she's riding with me. Us Trickster's have some things to discuss." Gabriel said as he wrapped an arm around the girl's shoulder for emphasis, the Firebird appearing a few feet behind them.

"Oh, my Firebird! Oh how I missed you babe." Skylar mused as she ran over to the car, hopping in with a grin that a child could dawn on Christmas morning.

"Alright, looks like she's happy then." Sam commented before getting into the Impala, unaware of the death glare Dean held for the Trickster who was shooting him a mocking smirk before going over and getting into the passenger seat of the Firebird, making a suggestive movement at the Norse god's daughter which just sparked Dean's temper more.

"Alright, you want something more interesting than this job then?" Gabriel asked as Skylar sped off away from the house, seeing the way her eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"What could be more interesting than destroying a demon?" Skylar asked as she glanced at the Trickster wannabe.

"Let's see...oh yeah. How's about that little boy in Indiana. You remember, oh yeah you remember." Gabriel said knowingly as Skylar's features went from playful to dead serious.

"What happened?" Skylar questioned as she pulled over to the side of the road.

"Oh, now I can't tell you everything. Just that you need to get to Indiana." Gabriel said with a shrug, smiling as he pulled a lollipop from his pocket and popped it into his mouth.

Dean had just gotten off the phone with the Coroner when Skylar and her little Trickster buddy arrived at Issac and Tamara's. "What took you so long, girl?" Bobby asked as the Trickster walked inside, noticing how she wasn't in such a good mood as she was when she left.

"Nothing, just had a talk with my friend here." Skylar said as she felt Gabriel wrap an arm around her shoulder, taking the beer Sam offered her and chugging half of it quickly.

Dean scowled at Gabriel as he hung up with the Coroner, aware of the fact that the Trickster had his hands all over his Theo.

"So, you ready to hunt down those demons then girl?" Bobby asked as he watched the way the Trickster wannabe handled his daughter, going against his better instincts on trying to maim the man and keeping his mind on the fact that there was a job to be done.

"Aren't I always?" Skylar asked in response, walking over to Sam since it seemed Gabriel was getting too clingy with the Winchester brother's around.

"Well we can start fresh in the morning then." Sam offered as he glanced to Dean and Skylar, the first making a pointed attempt of not looking to the Trickster's.

"We're gonna have our hands full on this one." Bobby commented as he looked over the three siblings, aware of the tension in the air.

By the time that the Winchesters got back to the motel Gabriel was gone. "Thank god, I thought he was going to play lost puppy." Dean commented when they saw Skylar pull in with no one else in the Firebird.

"Just enjoy the magic fingers bed. She's an adult too Dean, so she's going to do what she wants, remember." Sam reminded as he kept his eyes on his laptop, searching for more information on the demons.

Skylar came inside a few minutes later and sat down on the couch, pulling a laptop from her jacket before she took it off. "Where did you get that?" Dean asked curiously as Skylar looked up at him for a second.

"Do you really wanna know?" Skylar questioned in response before turning her attention back to the screen, aware of the fact that Dean had sat down beside her and offered a beer.

"Who's "Christopher L. Holley"?" Dean asked as he looked at the laptop screen, seeing Skylar searching person databases.

"Stop looking over my shoulder." Skylar chastised simply as she kept working, aware of the fact that Sam glanced at them when Dean read off the name.

"Isn't that the guy you met in Indiana seven years ago?" Sam asked as Skylar kept silent, shutting the laptop instead since it seemed she wasn't going to get any privacy.

"Yes, and after this hunt I've got to go to Indiana." Skylar announced as Dean smiled widely, unaware of the confused look on both his siblings faces.

"We'll all go to Indiana then. I've got someone I want to see too anyways." Dean said as the idea of hooking up with an old flame excited him even though the hunt hadn't even truly started.

"Fine, but you'll be nowhere near me when I meet up with Christopher." Skylar said before watching as Dean put a few coins in the magic fingers box on his bed, laying down with a thump.

"Fine by me." Dean agreed as his voice vibrated, a big smile on his face at how good the bed felt as Sam sighed at how Dean could be.

"You see what I had to deal with until you decided to start hunting with us again?" Sam asked as he indicated the oldest Winchester in the room.

"I'm so sorry for you." Skylar said with a forced smirk before Dean threw a pillow at her.

The morning Bobby woke the three by banging on their door loudly. "Ugh, is that Bobby?" Dean asked as he opened one eye slowly, catching a glimpse of Skylar getting out of the shower.

"Come on in Bobby." Skylar called to her father as she wrapped her towel tightly around her, grabbing her clothes off the table and unaware of a pair of eyes following her. "Oh, and get up." Skylar said as she walked past Dean, smacking his leg for emphasis as Sam laughed at the fact that Skylar could just walk around in a towel and not care.

"Put some clothes on first." Dean replied as Skylar scoffed at the older man, picking up the nearest thing and throwing it at him.

"I never thought I would hear you say those words to a women." Skylar stated as Bobby opened the door, glancing at the man still in bed and his daughter parading around in a towel.

"Yeah, well sometimes I don't want to see a girl parading around in a towel." Dean grumbled before rolling over onto his stomach, then noticing Bobby in the doorway.

"I sure hope my daughter is one of those girls you don't want to see like that." Bobby said in a warning tone before Skylar went into the bathroom, coming back out a few minutes later fully dressed.

"Alright, get up indisposition." Skylar said as she walked over and hit a button on the alarm clock, laughing when it started blaring country and Dean leaped from the bed just to turn it to something good. "What? Don't like country?" Skylar asked with a smirk as Bobby sighed at how the two had to pester one another all the time.

"You know I don't." Dean grumbled as he stretched, glancing to Sam who was sitting on the couch watching the two.

"Yeah, okay. Go to the bathroom, I don't feel like being rubbed up against." Skylar said as she bumped her leg against Dean's for emphasis about what was touching her, the older man scurrying into the bathroom a second later.

"Dear god, you two just never stop with one another." Bobby commented as Skylar smiled at how Bobby had to deal with them together for twelve years and now was going to have to deal with it again for who knows how long.

"He starts it." Skylar said with a childish tone just to make her father mad, laughing when he threatened to go after her.

Later that night Skylar's cheerful mood had vanished after being attacked by one of the possessed men when they were shoving him into the trunk of the Impala. "Oh quit pouting." Dean stated as he glanced in the rear view mirror at the Trickster who had a claw mark running diagonally from her forehead to her chin.

"You try having your face clawed at when you have to meet with an important person in a few days." Skylar growled back as the sounds of the possessed man in the trunk fighting to get free continued.

"You act like you have a date or something." Sam commented as Skylar leaned forward a bit in her seat.

"That's because I do." Skylar said with a warning glare at Sam, since she knew that he knew what had gone down with the man in Indiana, well most of what went down.

"Alright, let's focus on the demon in the trunk of my baby." Dean said as they pulled up at Tamara's house, getting out to go get the demon out of his trunk.

After having a few gauze pressed to the parts of her face that were cut open Skylar sat back and watched as Tamara exorcised the man. "So, if we're dealing with the seven deadly sins...I call lust!" Skylar announced with a grin before Bobby smacked her over the back of the head, aware of her intentions.

By the time that all the demons had arrived, and Lust had Skylar trapped upstairs in one of the bedrooms, she was regretting her choice a bit. "Aw, you know, I'm not into girls. I'd prefer men." Skylar said as she inched her way backwards a bit, the demon coming a bit closer until it's form changed.

"Theo!" Dean called out before kicking the door in just in time to see the demon slip its tongue into his sister's mouth, grabbing the monster and shoving its head into a bathtub full of holy water.

"Thank you. I really didn't feel like frenching a demon." Skylar said as she watched Dean continue to viciously dunk the demon's face in the holy water.

"Next time, I've got Lust." Dean said once he was done, sending the demon downstairs to be exorcised.

"Aw, but you always do." Skylar teased with a sarcastic smirk before yelping as Dean smacked her ass to get her out of the room, turning back and swinging a fist at his jaw before running as he took after her for the punch.

By the time that dawn broke both Bobby and Skylar were exhausted from exorcising the remaining demons. "Dammit Skylar, look at the bruise you left on my jaw." Dean said as he walked outside, showing the Trickster the red and purple bruise left from her extra strength punch.

"God you're weak." Skylar commented as she continued helping Bobby with the dead bodies.

"You're the one who decked me just for smacking you." Dean said as he walked past Skylar, smacking her ass again before running as she went after him with the shovel she had been using to dig the ditches.

Skylar had been walking past the two brothers when she heard how Dean didn't want to have his soul saved from hell, frowning before getting in her Firebird and taking off for Indiana without so much as a goodbye.

"So, how was the demon hunt?" Gabriel asked as he appeared in the passenger seat with his signature smile at the Norse god's daughter.

"Look at my face and tell me how it was." Skylar said as she indicated the claw mark along her face, scowling when Gabriel burst into laughter at her appearance.

"Maybe she just left in a hurry." Sam offered to Dean as they got into the Impala, the older Winchester pissed that Skylar had left without telling them.

"I'm gonna kick her ass when we see her then." Dean grumbled before taking off down the road, ready to get to Indiana since it meant he might get laid again.

"Right address?" Skylar asked as she pulled up to some fancy neighborhood, looking around for the address Gabriel had given her.

"Yes, now hurry up. I can only sit in this car for so long." Gabriel reminded before Skylar pulled into one of the driveways.

"I really hope you're not just messing with me, otherwise I'm gonna put a stake through your neck." Skylar warned before getting out, slamming the car door behind her.

"Cicero, Indiana?" Sam asked curiously, even though he knew the real reason why Dean wanted to go to a city where there didn't seem to be any problems.

"Yes, now shut up. I'll be back later." Dean said as he dropped Sam off at the motel, looking at himself in the rear view mirror as he primped himself before taking off with a goofy grin as Sam just rolled his eyes at the fact that Dean would go across the US just to get laid.

What Dean hadn't been expecting though was that Lisa would have a child, and be in the middle of his birthday. "So, I met your sister." Lisa stated as she made small talk, causing Dean's attention to turn back to her.

"My sister?" Dean asked to make sure he had heard Lisa right, setting his drink down as he looked outside at the party.

"Yeah, Skylar." Lisa assured as she indicated a man outside. "My neighbor, Patrick, is here with her and her son." Lisa said before Dean, who had decided to take another sip of his drink, spat it out. He apologized quickly as he cleaned up his mess.

"I'm sorry. Did you say...son?" Dean asked before he glanced outside, catching a glimpse of a black-haired Trickster who was being dragged about by a seven-year old.

"Yeah, Max. Patrick said that the reason he lives with him and his wife is because Skylar is busy with her job. Sounds a lot like you." Lisa commented as Dean tried to fight the scowl that seemed to want to appear on his face.

Dean was about to go after the Trickster but his interest turned elsewhere when Lisa told him about her eight year old son, remembering that it was eight years ago that he had last seen the women.

"You can't tell anyone this, Maximilian. Alright?" Skylar said with a warm grin at the seven-year old, smiling wider when she saw the way his eyes lit up with amusement at the information.

"Yeah, sure. Uncle Patrick isn't going to be happy though." Max reminded as Skylar laughed at the notion of the man not being happy with her.

"When is he ever happy with me, hon." Skylar replied as Max laughed in the same manner as her, both unaware of the now horrified Hunter standing a few feet away.

"So...this belonged to my grandfather then?" Max asked as he looked down at the small case Skylar had given him that was endowed with Norse symbols.

"Yeah, but I don't think he needs to know you have it. I mean, I missed your birthday because of him, baby. He won't care." Skylar said with a small forced smile, not quiet happy with the fact she missed the child's seventh birthday.

Then again, maybe she still wasn't too comfortable with the idea that Lisa's son Ben seemed to act an awful lot like her brother. God, if that man had a child, she was going to put the stake through her heart then and there.

Skylar watched as Max ran off to go hang out with Ben, sighing before sitting down. "So, your son?" A man asked from behind the Trickster as Skylar's eyes followed the raven haired seven-year old.

"Yeah." Skylar said with a shrug before she felt a hand clamp down on her shoulder, natural instinct telling her to lash out and when she hit the man in the stomach was greeted with a familiar pair of angry green eyes. Skylar paled to the point where she might have been considered a ghost.

"Hey, I know you. You're the sister who keeps the secrets. Come on, let's talk." Dean said with a forced smile before grabbing Skylar by the arm and dragging her off.

"What in the world are you doing here?" Skylar questioned once Dean had pulled her behind the bounce house, watching as Max and Ben hit on some girls and shivering at how a seven-year old could act such a way.

"I think the better question is, WHY THE HELL DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU HAD A SON?!" Dean barked furiously, then noticing the many people staring at them as Skylar smiled sheepishly, waving before dragging Dean off somewhere more private.

"Could you cause a bigger scene at a kid's party Dean? This isn't the place to be starting stuff with me, oh and I should be asking why you followed me all the way to Cicero." Skylar growled as Dean got in her face, obviously still infuriated by the secret that had been hidden for seven years.

"I didn't. I came to see Lisa." Dean growled back as Skylar scoffed at him, folding her arms over her chest.

"Oh really? Because that one weekend stand eight years ago. Do you wanna know what I've been hearing when ladies think my back was turned. "Dean as in best weekend ever?" Nice Dean, so much for undercover." Skylar said before rolling her eyes at the cocky grin the older man dawned.

"Best weekend of her life huh?" Dean asked to make sure he heard right before shaking his head, going back to the important matter.

"So I take it you met Ben then? It's a bit creepy how he acts a lot like you. I haven't had the chance to ask Lisa yet if he's yours. Oh but don't worry, I will. When Max and I leave we will." Skylar said before the boy in question ran over.

"Is this man hurting you?" Max asked protectively as Skylar grinned at how her son, who she rarely got to see, was protective of her, a Trickster.

"No, it's alright Maxy. This is your Uncle Dean." Skylar said as she grabbed Dean's hand and forced him to hold it out for the younger boy who looked him over incredulously before reluctantly shaking Dean's much larger hand. "Go on back and play with Ben, hon. We're fine." Skylar assured before the boy walked away.

"Why're you here then?" Dean questioned the Trickster when Max was gone, causing her to turn back to him.

"Cant a Trickster check on her son?" Skylar asked before seeing the way Dean's temper sparked with her smart-mouth.

"Why didn't you tell any of us? You didn't tell me, Bobby, Sam, or even Loki." Dean growled as he got back in Skylar's face.

"Well I told Gabriel." Skylar said with a smirk that just sparked the man's temper even more at the mention of the other Trickster. "Besides, it's best not to tell everyone. Or else I'll have you trying to make sure I give him up for adoption." Skylar said before turning to go back to the party, feeling Dean's hand clamp down on her shoulder.

"We're not done talking here Theophilia. You had a son a year after you left and you never told anyone. That's worse than anything you've kept from us." Dean growled as Skylar laughed at the notion.

"No, I think the worse I've done was fake my death, slaughter a nest of vamps and act like nothing happened." Skylar said with a cocky smirk as she turned back to her brother, winking at him before moving back into the party.

Dean couldn't find Skylar at all the rest of the night, instead talking to Ben where he realized what Skylar meant by he was a lot like him. He definitely needed to talk to Lisa now.

Sam watched in wonder as Skylar and her supposed son sat beside each other, both eating the same exact thing and both eating in the same mannerism. "Okay, this is just too weird." Sam stated as he pushed his plate away.

Skylar had called Sam up an hour after leaving the party, inviting him to dinner to have him meet her "friend". To say the least, Sam definitely wasn't expecting to meet Skylar's seven-year old son.

"What?" Skylar asked at the same time as Max, both talking with their mouth's full.

"'re living with your uncle then Max?" Sam asked as the boy leaned back in his seat, Skylar diverting his attention for a second before a plate of sweets appeared on the table.

"Yeah, he hasn't been letting me out much lately though since a few of my friends dad's have had accidents." Max revealed as Skylar glanced at Sam, trying to hint to him that one of her reason's for coming to Cicero was that.

"So, where did Dean go?" Sam asked once the two were finished eating, Skylar in the middle of paying the bill.

"He's probably still at Lisa's." Skylar said before watching as Max hurried outside to the Firebird, beyond loving the muscle car.

"So, you wanna explain to my why none of us knew about Max?" Sam asked once the kid was already in the back seat of the Firebird.

"In due time." Skylar said with a wave of her hand before following her son out.

Skylar turned back when she saw Sam wasn't following her. "I'll meet you at this supposed "house" that you own nearby." Sam said before Skylar shrugged and left, smiling at how Max was so in love with the Firebird.

Dean frowned angrily. He had been waiting forever for Sam and Skylar to get back, and it wasn't too comforting either that Skylar wasn't answering his calls. He needed to talk to both of them, since there seemed to be a job in town when none of them were planning on handling one. He picked up his cell when he heard the familiar funeral ring tone. "About damn time Skylar." Dean growled into the phone before hearing the sounds of a whooping child in the background.

"Hey, get your lazy butt over to...Gabriel what's this address again? Thanks. Come to the largest house in the Morning Hill community. See ya soon magnus frater." Skylar said and before Dean even had a chance to talk she hunt up.

By the time Dean finally arrived at the seemingly mansion of a house his temper was beyond worn thin. When he walked in the first thing he noticed was the distinct smell of sweet's, a kids and trickster's paradise. "Sammy, what did you guys do, bunker down in an abandoned house?" Dean asked when he found his younger brother in the living room, wondering how he got all his stuff and why he hadn't noticed it was gone.

"No, Skylar played home maker again. Well, her and her Trickster friend." Sam said before Dean set off to find the girl who was keeping so many secrets from him.

Dean found the Trickster in question upstairs, where there was a whole room made just for kids it seemed since it was a fully decked out child's playroom. "Skylar, what is this?" Dean questioned as the Trickster sucked on a lollipop, watching as Max and Gabriel played video games on the huge flat screen TV.

"Max is staying the night, since Patrick is still...mourning." Skylar said carefully before realizing Max wasn't even paying attention, more intent on destroying Gabriel at the video game they were playing.

"Mourning what? That he had a kid with you?" Dean asked with a cocky smirk at Skylar as she rolled her eyes at the weak attempt of an insult.

"I may have slept with the man, but he's not the father." Skylar advised as Dean cocked an eyebrow in confusion, since if Patrick wasn't the father it didn't make sense for Max to stay with him.

"Then why's Max staying with him?" Dean asked as the child in question let out a loud cheer, having taken down the archangel in disguise at the video game.

"Because the real father, who was a hunter, died and Patrick was his brother." Skylar advised as she glared at Dean for bringing something like this up in front of her son.

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